Australian Veterinarian Performs Successful Eye Surgery On Blue-Tongued Skink

October 3, 2014

The same Australian veterinary hospital that successfully performed brain surgery on a goldfish (read that article here on FishChannel.com) last month has successfully performed an enucleation on a blue-tongued skink. 

Sam, a blue tongue skink living in Australia had an encounter with a cat four months ago in which the cat scratched Sam’s eye. The didn’t heal and was very painful so Sam’s owner took him to Lort Smith veterinarians, the same facility that performed brain surgery on a goldfish last month. 

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Blue-Tongue Skink Care Sheet

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Blue-Tongued Skink Sexing

Veterinarian Dr. Paul Ramos performed a procedure called an enucleation, which is essentially the removal of the eye. Sam was given anesthetic to put her to sleep and Ramos went to work.

blue tongued skink

lort smith

Sam will wear this cool pirate eye patch until the wound fully heals.

Because reptiles don’t breath on their own after the anesthetic wears off, Ramos and staff had to get Sam’s cold-blooded heart going again. Lort Smith reports on its Facebook page that the surgery went very well, and Sam is now wearing a stylish pirate eye patch as her wound heals. ARRRRGH. 



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