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Spearpoint Leaf-tailed Gecko

Uroplatus ebenaui

  • Family: Gekkonidae
  • Adult Size: 3 to 4½ inches
  • Range: Northern Madagascar
  • Habitat: Forests
  • Captive Lifespan: 5 to 8 Years
  • Dangerous:
  • Care Level: Intermediate


The spearpoint leaf-tailed gecko is essentially the northern version of the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, and its care is identical. In some portions of the range, it occurs in dryer areas than the satanic leaf-tailed gecko, but it still has high humidity requirements compared to many geckos.

Small insects – smaller than half-grown crickets – are a necessity for these tiny creatures. Juvenile mealworms work too, but should wiggle well to attract their attention. Spearpoint leaf-tailed geckos are very nocturnal, and like cooler temperatures despite their ‘tropical’ range. The mid-70s Fahrenheit are a perfect temperature for them to be active and perform their normal activity, and don’t worry if they get down into the 50s overnight.

Place a few twiggy plants in the cage that have their upper limbs near the top, so the spearpoint leaf-tailed gecko has the full height of the cage to exercise across. Daylight hours are spent dormant clinging to leaves or in crotches of branches. These dead leaf mimics can be exceedingly difficult to spot when resting, sometimes leading owners to believe they’ve escaped until a careful scan of the cage is made.

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