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Black Rough-Necked Monitor

Varanus rudicollis

  • Family: Varanidae
  • Adult Size: Moderately sized with adults ranging between 3 and 4 feet.
  • Range: Natives of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Habitat: Rainforests and swamps.
  • Captive Lifespan: 12 to 20 Years
  • Dangerous:
  • Care Level: Advanced


Black rough-necked monitors are extremely arboreal and will benefit from a tall cage and numerous branches mounted both horizontally and vertically. Hide boxes and retreats are also needed.

Newly imported black rough-necked monitors are usually dehydrated and heavily loaded with parasites, therefore the administration of fluids and a fecal analysis by a vet are definitely in order.

Captive black rough-necked monitors will accept earthworms, lizards, birds, eggs and mice.

Monitors require temperatures ranging between 82 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with a warmer basking spot (up to about 95 or 97 degrees Fahrenheit). Nighttime temperatures can be lowered to around 70 or 75 degrees Fahrenheit. A thermal gradient is recommended.

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