Jonathan, A 186-Year-Old Male Tortoise Has Spent 26 Years Trying To Mate With Another Male

October 20, 2017

Jonathan and Frederic(a) are inseparable, even though they are both males.

Edwin Butter/Shutterstock

Jonathan, a 186-year-old giant tortoise has been trying to mate with another tortoise for the last 26 years until their keepers made the discovery that Frederica, Jonathan’s amor for since 1991, is actually a Frederic. Frederica, er Frederic came to St. Helena island as a gift from the French Consul, as a mate to Jonathan, who arrived on St. Helena from the Seychelles in 1882.

The duo have been lovers ever since, with Jonathan visiting Frederica every sunday morning for the proverbial romp in the hay, but to no avail. No babies were born of the union and it wasn’t until recently that their keepers discovered that Frederica was really Frederic. Frederica went into a treatment for a lesion on her shell and emerged as Frederic, as the veterinarian made a closer inspection and determined that she was indeed a he.

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The two chelonians do everything together, such as eating, sleeping, and mating at prearranged times, Catherine Man, the resident veterinarian on the island, told The Sun.

Jonathan, at 186, is the world’s oldest confirmed living animal, and given his stature on St. Helena, he can be given a pass for his unknowing indiscretions.

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