Hikari to Bring Its Popular Hikari Herptile Foods To US Market

June 24, 2019

Hikari announced that it is going to debut its Hikari Herptile line of prepared reptile foods to the U.S. market at SuperZoo, August 20-22 in Las Vegas. Already available in Japan, the company tested some of these products in the growing Philippine reptile hobbyist market last year before putting them out to other countries.

Hikari herptile foods


Hikari's Herptile line of prepared foods offer complete nutrition requirements, the company says.

The products include:

  • LeopaGel, ideal for leopard geckos and other insect eating lizards
  • CrestGel, made for the crested gecko and other fruit and insect eating lizards
  • DragonGel, designed for bearded dragons and lizards that eat vegetables
  • DragonDelite, a larger pellet-based food that has a unique texture akin to live food, according to the company. It is designed for larger bearded dragons and other lizards that consume vegetables and insects

What Foods To Feed Your Reptiles

According to the company, each of the four products are designed to make it easier to feed your reptiles. The foods are well balanced and more nutritious for pets and come in a 30-day supply for each product. The company also says that no additional supplements are required as the formulations provide the nutrients and minerals required for good health. Pricing for the products are not yet set and most likely will be announced at SuperZoo.

For more information, visit http://hikariusa.com/

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