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Herp Photographer Matthijs Kuijpers To Release Cold Instinct Reptile Book

April 24, 2019

Dutch photographer Matthijs Kuijpers, one of the most popular reptile and amphibian photographers in the world, is releasing "Cold Instinct," a photographic nature book that showcases Kuijpers' photographs of some of the most interesting herps. 

Cold Instinct

Matthijs Kuijpers

Matthijs Kuijpers spent the last 30 years photographing these reptiles.

Kuijpers spent nearly 30 years photographing the 72 species showcased in the book. He set out to counteract some of the stereotypes often associated with reptiles and amphibians and just showcase the raw beauty of these animals.

The book is designed and printed in Italy and consists of 152 edge printed pages. 

Cold Instinct

Matthijs Kuijpers

"Cold Instinct" is designed and printed in Italy.

The Kickstarter has already met its $12,000 goal, but if you wish to back the project and receive the book, you can pledge $59 and receive a copy. The book is slated for an October 2019 release date.  

For more information, visit The Most Beautiful, Bizarre Reptiles and Amphibians on Earth Kickstarter page

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