Have You Seen This Video of Terry Phillip Feeding Monocled Cobras?

March 11, 2016

Shot at the Reptile Gardens in South Dakota, this video shows venomous snake expert Terry Phillip is feeding dead rats to a whole lot of monocled cobras. Phillip makes it look all too easy as he whistles a tune while avoiding some crazy strikes by the venomous snakes.

Published on YouTube last year, the video is trending again and we can see why. Phillip does a very dangerous job with skill and professionalism as he feeds these snakes. He is totally calm and collected even when one of the snakes comes completely out of its enclosure (at the 4:58 mark) and Phillip has to coax it back into the cage.

Terry Phillip

Terry Phillip

Terry Phillip knows how to feed monocled cobras.

"This video was to demonstrate that snakes are interesting all by themselves, without the need for my personality to accentuate them...(as in the presenters on TV today). Just the animals being themselves. Also, to demonstrate what it looks like when an experienced professional works with dangerous species of snakes - in this video the majority are Asiatic Monocled Cobras." - Terry Phillip

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