9 Species Of Frogs Discovered In India, 13 In Sulawesi

Bio-diversity researchers led by Dr. Anil Zachariah have discovered nine new species of frogs in the Western Ghats mountain range, one of three watersheds in India, according to a report published in The Deccan Chronicle. The discovery of the 10 frog species culminates an effort comprised of volunteer researchers and naturalists along with the Zoological Survey of India. The nine frogs included six bush frogs, two species found in bamboo reeds, and a canopy bush frog. They have been classified as belonging to the Raorchestes genus. "These findings show that Western Ghats, a biodiversity hotspot of the world still has many new species of amphibians," Dr.Zachariah told Deccan Chronicle.

In other amphibian related news, Science Daily reports that a team of scientists led by Ben Evans of McMasters University have discovered a total of 13 species of fanged frogs on Sulawesi Island, part of the Indonesian Archipelago. Nine of the species had not yet been described and are newly discovered, each with differing body sizes, type and amount of webbing on their feet, and how they raise their young, the report said.

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