Mixing Species With Fire-Bellied Toads

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In larger terrariums (standard 55-gallon or larger), you can include other species with fire-bellied toads, as long as at least half the surface area is dedicated to a land area and planted with a variety of plants rising near the top of the tank. Because fire-bellied toads can be secretive in planted terraria, adding other species can make the habitat a more interesting display. Green anoles, small day geckos, and treefrogs can be kept with fire-bellied toads because they occupy a different ecological niche in the terrarium. Species active during the day, such as anoles and day geckos, are a good balance with these frogs. However, animal density should be small. Always quarantine new animals for thirty to sixty days before introducing them to the terrarium.

Excerpt from Popular Amphibians, part of the Advanced Vivarium Systems series with permission from its publisher, BowTie Press, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Popular Amphibians here.

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