New Species of Treefrog Named after Ozzy Osbourne

November 10, 2014

A new species of treefrog that was discovered in 2009 during a biodiversity survey in the Amazon rainforest has been named after rocker Ozzy Osbourne. That’s right, Ozzy was bestowed the honor of having a treefrog named after him. And the kicker? When the male trills, it sounds like a bat!

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Ozzy frog

marcelo sturaro

Dendropsophus ozzyi is less than an inch in length and has long fingers and toes and is brown and orange in coloration.

The frog, Dendropsophus ozzyi, is less than an inch in length and has long fingers and toes and is brown and orange in coloration. During the course of their survey, the team, led by Pedro Peloso,  postdoctoral fellow at Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Brazil, located 21 specimens in three different locations of the Brazilian region of the Amazon, and because of this, the researchers believe that the frog is widely distributed. 

After Ozzy Osbourne was fired by Black Sabbath, he went solo and during his Blizzard of Ozz Tour in 1981, the singer bit the head off a bat that was thrown onto the stage. 

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