Frogs Jump Differently Based on Their Environment

July 7, 2014

Not all frogs can jump as far as the "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." It just not that simple, especially considering the vast number of species of frog. Some can't jump hardly at all. The video below demonstrates treefrog jumping abilities.

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How Frogs Leap Amazing Distances


Lead researcher Marta Vidal-Garcia, a Ph.D candidate at Australian National University studied treefrogs and found that they can jump quite high but don't cover very much distance. She also found that aquatic frogs can jump long distances but stay close to the ground as they hop. Burrowing frogs, she found were low jumpers and didn't jump very far.



Treefrogs can jump high but not very far, lengthwise.

Vidal-Garcia and her team employed two high speed video cameras to capture the jumps of 30 different species of frogs. In all, they recorded the jumps of 230 frogs. The frogs were captured by hand and videotaped in their native environments to get a three dimensional view of the jumps. They then analyzed the video on a frame by frame basis using computer software, looking at such parameters as height, distance, and speed.

What they found was not that surprising. Frogs jump differently based on their environment and species, which is not surprising. The video below shows a burrowing frog's jumping capabilities.


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