Adventure Aquarium to Host "Frogs: Nature's Messengers" Exhibit

January 15, 2014

The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ is set to open a new exhibit dedicated to frogs that will be open from January 17 to April 27. The exhibit, "Frogs: Nature's Messengers" will feature more than 20 species of frogs, including red-eyed tree frogs (Agalychnis callidryas), golden poison dart frogs (Phyllobates terribilis), and cane toads (Bufo Marinus) to the African bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus), one of the largest frog species in the world that is also known as the pyxie frog.

red eyed treefrog

Photo courtesy the Adventure Aquarium

The red-eyed treefrog is just one of more than 20 frog species that will be on display at the Adventure Aquarium's "Frogs: Nature's Messengers" exhibit.

The exhibit will feature a range of interactive activities that are geared toward teaching visitors about the biology, evolution and habitats of frogs and other characteristics. Visitors will also be able to view a live frog up close and personal; participate in the many Frog Talks that will be hosted by frog specialists and biologists who will help to educate visitors about these amphibians; view a collection of hand painted frogs from students of the Camden City School District; learn to listen for specific frog calls via the exhibits Frog Sound Interactive; and even play Frogger, a classic arcade game from the early 1980s. 

Want to Learn More?

Red-eyed Treefrog

Golden Poison Dartfrog

Cane Toad

African Bullfrog

For more information on the "Frogs: Nature's Messengers" exhibit, visit the aquarium's website at http://www.adventureaquarium.com.

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