Frilled Lizard Chases Australian Man With Camera

June 2, 2016

Frilled lizards are reptiles that you don’t mess with. Australian Ricky Mackenzie was out herping in Western Australia’s Kimberley region when he had a close encounter with Chlamydosaurus kingii.

The lizard at first tries to jump out to attack Mackenzie, frills out and mouth agape. When that doesn’t work, the frilly starts running after Mackenzie as Mackenzie walks backward fairly quickly, with the lizard in pursuit until Mackenzie stops and the lizard catches up to him. The lizard leaps onto Mackenzie’s leg and starts walking up his leg and stops at Mackenzie’s waist. The video then ends.

These little guys are all business and this one apparently didn't like a human sticking a camera in its face. He was persistent in his pursuit of Mackenzie. Now Mackenzie knows how Wayne Knight’s character Dennis Nedry must’ve felt when he got chased by an extinct dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

Frilled lizards are native to southern New Guinea and north coastal Australia. The Australian lizards reach about 3 feet in length while the New Guinea males can grow slightly larger than 2 feet in length. Although they are not very popular in the hobby, they are captive bred and can occasionally be found at reptile shows. For more information on the Frilled lizard, read the Frilled Lizard Care Sheet.

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