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Footage Shows Dead Blind Snake Stuck In The Nostril Of A Cobra

September 22, 2017

A snake rescuer in India got a two for one deal when he was called to remove a venomous cobra from an area near Belagavi, India. But the rescue wasn’t something the rescuer, Anand Chitti, had ever experienced in 14,000 snake captures.

When Chitti was able to coax the reptile out from between some concrete slabs, the cobra had a dead snake stuck in its nostril.

While Chitti worked to subdue the cobra, it is seen struggling to get the dead snake, what may be a blind snake, according to National Geographic, out of its nose, without success. Chitti was able to capture the cobra and remove the snake that was protruding from the cobra.

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Blind Snakes

Did You Know that Blind Snakes Decapitate Their Prey?

“The dead snake would have begun to decompose soon attracting ants and led to life-threatening infections in the cobra,” Chitti said. “I have caught 14,000 snakes. . . and had never seen anything strange like that.”

Blind snakes can be found throughout much of the world. There are more than 300 species of blind snake, and in fact, the smallest snake in the world, Leptotyphlops carlae is a blind snake. It grows to about three inches in length and hails from Barbados.

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