Corn Snake Is Now Longest Staying Resident At Scottish Animal Shelter

December 29, 2017

If you live in Scotland (or know someone who does and is into reptiles), a beautiful corn snake has just become the longest staying resident at a Scottish animal welfare center there and the staff are hopeful that she will be adopted soon.

Snowflake, as of December 29, 2017, has been at the Scottish SPCA Aberdeenshire Drumoak centre for 1,476 days, that is more than four years she has been in the care of staff at the center.

“Snakes, particularly corn snakes, tend to stay in our care longer than any other animal, Scottish SPCA centre manager Graeme Innes told the Evening Express.

“However, four years is an incredibly long time to be waiting for a loving home. Snowflake was found as a stray and was lucky to survive the cold weather.

Snowflake the cornsnake has been with us for over 1,462 days, that's over 4 years. Can you give her the forever home...

Posted by Scottish SPCA on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

“She was a hugely nervous snake when she came into our care, but with lots of attention and patience she’s become comfortable being handled, but sudden movements still spook her.”

“When she first arrived she was absolutely tiny, now she’s a fully-grown corn snake and we’d love to see her go to an experienced home with a new owner who would be able to give her all the care and attention she deserves.”

The welfare center is no stranger to reptiles. It currently has 17 corn snakes in its care and is hoping they all find homes.

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“Snowflake has been with our Aberdeenshire centre for almost half of her life and we would be delighted if she could find her forever home soon,” Sharon Comrie, the centre’s superintendent told the Evening Express.

“As she came into us as a stray, her new owner will need to be aware that snakes are notorious escape artists. They’re very clever and can figure out how to manipulate locks, so owners have to be careful to ensure their vivariums are secure.”

If you are interested in adopting Snowflake, contact the Scottish SPCA via its website at https://www.scottishspca.org/, via email at info@scottishspca.org or via telephone at 03000 999 999. Let’s help get Snowflake adopted!


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