Pet Vacation Script

Hi, I’m ______ (your name) and this is _______ (your animal’s name, if you include him/her in video) from _______ (your city and state).

August is a popular month to take a family vacation. But, have you thought about what to do with your animal while you’re away?

In the event you can’t take your animal companion along for the trip, here’s a friendly reminder to hire a pet sitter or admit your animal to a boarding facility. Remember, a boarding facility should only board animals that have up-to-date health records and are in good health.

To ensure your animal is in the hands of a responsible sitter or a reputable facility, we offer the following tips:

  • Make sure the sitter has credentials and references and be sure to verify them;
  • Find out if the sitter is a member of a national pet-sitters association;
  • Meet a potential sitter in person to see how he or she interacts with your animals;
  • Consider leaving a signed release for veterinary care, in case your animal needs treatment while you’re away;
  • Ask if the boarding facility has separate boarding rooms for all animals;
  • If your animal has special medical needs, choose a facility accordingly, and,
  • Board your animal at the selected facility for a trial run prior to an extended stay.

Your summer vacation will be worry-free, knowing your animal is safely being cared for.

Happy Travels!

This message is brought to you by AnimalNetwork.com, ­­­_________ and ­­­­_________ (repeat your name and names of animals in the video).

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