Colombia Kicks Out a New Species of Frog and it is Golden

March 18, 2016

Researchers in Colombia have discovered a new species of frog near the country’s Chingaza National Park. The frog, named Pristimantis dorado is gold in coloration and is tiny by frog standards at just 7/10 of an inch in length. It was named after the legendary Colombian city of El Dorado, the city of gold. 

Pristimantis dorado

Santiago Castroviejo-Fisher

Pristimantis dorado was discovered in Colombia's Chingaza National Park.

The frog lacks vocal sacs or slits that are common in other Pristimantis species yet can still vocalize via an irregular series of clicks, according to Australia Network. 

Pristimantis dorado


Colombia's golden frog is tiny at just 7/10 of an inch in length.

“With this new species, Colombia now hosts 800 species of amphibians, second only to Brazil in total diversity,” said Andrew Crawford, a research associate at STRI (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) and a faculty member at the Universidad de Los Andes. “Every year there are increasing numbers of new species of amphibians discovered and described. At this point, we still can’t even estimate what the final diversity of amphibians will be.”

There are currently 465 known species of frogs in the Pristamantis group of frogs, with 205 of those frogs hailing from Colombia. 

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