Check Out This Video of a Rat Protecting Its Baby Against a Hungry Snake

July 5, 2016

Do you feed your snake frozen/thawed or live rats? There are proponents on both sides of that question, but in the case of this particular wild snake. . . well it just picked the wrong baby rat to try and eat. This video of a rat protecting one of its babies has been going around on social media. It has been seen more than 17 million times. It was posted by Rojas Montecinos Evy onto Facebook.


The rat is seen attacking the tail of a snake while it tries to escape with a baby rat in its mouth. The big rat is relentless in its attack until finally, the snake drops the baby rat and tries to make an escape. The big rat continues its chase into the brush on the side of the road until it is sure that the snake has left the area.

The rat then returns to the baby rat and picks it up and takes off back into the brush. The video is a pretty good reflection of nature, as well as the dedication of the rat to its baby. The snake just got really unlucky with a rat who didn’t give up.

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