Beautiful New Species Of Rhabdops Snake Discovered In India

September 13, 2017

A new species of snake hailing from the Western Ghats of India is described in the ResearchGate journal and it is probably one of the more striking reptiles to be discovered in India in the last few years.

Rhabdops aquaticus

 Giri, Deepak, Captain & Gower

Adult Rhabdops aquaticus.

The reptile was initially thought to have been  Rhabdops olivaceus, but based on analysis of new DNA sequence data of two nuclear and three mitochondrial genes it was determined that the snake is indeed a new species, named Rhabdops aquaticus

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The Water Rhabdops (Rhabdops aquaticus) is found in the Northern Western Ghats of India, in upland laterite plateaus and the streams that flow through them. The scientist say that the habitat in which the snakes can be found is threatened.

Rhabdops aquaticus


Juvenile Rhabdops aquaticus.

Adult Rhabdops aquaticus are an olive brown in coloration with vertical black spots and a beige-yellowish belly. The juveniles of the species are green in coloration with the same vertical spots running the length of the snake, and a yellow belly. 

The scientific name of the snake is derived from Latin and related to water because the snake has been observed in freshwater bodies of water. 


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