Beardie Missing from Ionia County, MI Family

May 4, 2016

If you live in Ionia County, MI, be on the lookout for a bearded dragon as one family has lost track of it, according to the Ionia County Central Dispatch E911 Facebook page. The service posted the following on its page: 

In the area of Jones St & Johnson St in Ionia, a bearded dragon has run off. His name is Lou and is apparently very friendly. He's brown and about 2 feet long. He doesn't bite. If located, please keep Lou entertained and call central dispatch. Here is a pic of a bearded dragon.... - Dispatcher John.
The picture is not of Lou, but is a representative image of a beardie.

Most of the comments on the Ionia County Central Dispatch E911 Facebook are words of encouragement in hopes that the reptile will be found soon. And remember, please ensure that your enclosures are secure so you won't go through the agony of an escaped pet. 

If you locate the lizard, please call Central Dispatch at (616) 527-0400.

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