Bearded Dragon Won’t Drink

Question: I am worried about my bearded dragon. She is the best lizard ever, except she refuses to drink by herself. Whenever she is thirsty, she comes over to the side of the cage, stares at me, and sticks her tongue out. Then I get her a little cup of water and she will drink out of the cup, as long as I am holding it. I am fine with helping her drink, but I am worried how she will drink when we go on vacation. How can I teach her to drink?

bearded dragon

Gina Cioli/i-5 Studio

Bearded dragons prefer to lick droplets off the walls of their enclosure rather than drink from a bowl.


Emma Bergey

Answer: Many lizards, including bearded dragons, prefer to lick droplets of water off the walls and decor of their enclosures, rather than drink from a bowl. This is often the case for herps found in dry habitats in nature, where they lick droplets off plants. Try lightly misting your dragon’s enclosure once a day (not to the point that you soak it), and ask the person taking care of your pets to do so, as well.

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