Ball Python Found In Lake Dallas, Texas Looking For Its Owner

November 14, 2017

Two women in Lake Dallas, TX spotted a snake under a car and in the interest of the snake's safety, called 911. When police arrived on the scene, they called the city’s director of animal services, telling them a snake had gotten loose and to come retrieve it.

Are you missing your pet snake? This slithering snake was found on a late night walk at the Lake Shore Apartments. We believed her to be a Female Ball Python. If you know her owners, please contact the shelter.

Posted by Lake Dallas Animal Shelter on Monday, November 13, 2017

"The police officers called me around midnight and let me know that the snake was out, and I thought he was joking," Julien Peralta, director of Animal Services for Lake Dallas told WFAA. “They told me it was a three-foot snake. It was more like an eight-foot snake, and he was just hanging out under a car, going for a midnight walk," Peralta said. 

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Ball Python Morph History

The snake is a ball python (Python regius) and the city thinks that it is an escaped pet. A WFAA news reporter stuck his GoPro in the snake’s face, and it did what any snake would do when it felt threatened, it made a strike at the camera, which sent the reporter scurrying away.

“This is a domesticated animal,” Peralta told WFAA. “This isn't one that is going to be found out at the park or anything.” If you live in the Lake Dallas, Texas area and know someone who is missing a beautiful normal ball python, contact the city’s animal shelter at (940) 497-7090.


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