Australian Man Shows Off His Snake on Train and Gets it Confiscated by Police

July 20, 2016

Some people just might not want to see a snake, as a man in Australia found out after he took his pet jungle carpet python (Morelia spilota cheynei) on the NSW Central Coast Train and showed it off to passengers. Someone called the police, who met up with the man and confiscated it, according to ABC News Australia.

The unidentified 20-year-old man didn’t have a permit to keep the snake, and is probably going to be charged with possessing and displaying protected fauna, which ABC News Australia says comes with a $300 fine. 

Jungle carpet python

Kyle Zimmerman/wikipedia

Police seized a healthy jungle carpet python from a man who was showing it off on an Australian train.

The snake was taken to the Australian Reptile Park for examination. Staff at the park told the police that the snake was in good condition.

"One of the things we've been told by the Australian Reptile Park is the snake is actually in good condition," Brisbane Water Police commander Superintendent Danny Sullivan told ABC News Australia.

"There's absolutely no issue of animal cruelty in this case, it's more about having a snake in public transport then bringing it out to the fear of those that are on the transport."

The snake will apparently be rehomed, according to ABC News Australia.

Jungle carpet python are native to the rain forests of Queensland, Australia. They grow to about 5-7 feet in length, with some females reaching more than 8 feet in length. 

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