Aussie Snake Wrangler Rescues Copperhead Stuck In Soda Can

December 8, 2017

A snake wrangler in Australia came across a venomous Australian copperhead (Austrelaps sp.) with its head stuck in a can, and managed to remove the snake from the can. The snake, unrelated to the American copperhead,  Agkistrodon contortrix, was rescued by Reptile Rescue Incorporated - Tasmania, who was called to help the reptile out of its predicament.

“Rescued this lovely Copperhead up north during my lunch break day. Unfortunately for the snake he had his head well and truly stuck. We humans need to stop littering,” the rescue wrote on its Facebook page.

“All too often we come across snakes with their heads stuck in cans that have been discarded by lazy uncaring people. He is recuperating with a much needed drink at the moment. Thank you to the business that called us out to rescue this snake. It makes us really happy when people put their fears aside to help an animal in need.”

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The snake was placed in an enclosure, and fed a mouse, and is seemingly doing well, according to Reptile Rescue Incorporated.

“Here’s a positive update on the Copperhead rescued yesterday with his head stuck in the can. He’s been doing very well and unbelievably ate a mouse today,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Copperheads are usually very shy, easily stressed and hard to get eating - this guy however seems very relaxed and completely recovered from his ordeal which is great to see.”

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