Aussie Snake Catcher Interrupts An Eastern Brown Snake Eating Another Snake

February 18, 2016

Australian snake catchers seem to get more coverage on social media than those in the United States. Could it be because they have more interesting species than we do here in the United States? Nah. They just have good social media PR. 


Something a little different. This Eastern Brown snake just caught in Clarendon seemed to be acting a little bizarre, upon closer inspection it is seen eating another brown snake. 2 for 1!

Posted by Snake Catchers Adelaide on Sunday, February 14, 2016

In this clip posted to Facebook, Snake Catchers Adelaide were called out to a home reporting a snake in the backyard. The homeowner came across an eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) that was described as acting a bit bizarre. Taking a closer look, the snake catcher noticed that there wasn't one eastern brown snake, but two of the venomous species, and one was trying to eat the other. The snake catcher proceeded to disrupt the snake with a hook.

The predator drops the prey, and the snake catcher bags the first snake and picks up the second, which appears to be dead. Sand for the snake that lost its meal, but a question that was asked on the Facebook page was does the snake catcher get to charge double for catching two snakes? 

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