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Expert Care Of The Japanese Fire-Bellied Newt

With proper care, the Japanese fire-bellied newt can live more than 25 years.

Solomon Island Leaf Frog Care And Breeding

This species of frog is now widely available as healthy, captive-bred specimens.

Malaysian Horned Frog Care And Breeding Tips

Get hooked on these awesome anurans.

Painted Frogs Of Madagascar

Mantellas may be tiny in stature, but their appeal is enormous.

Poison Frogs: How Dangerous?

Wild poison frogs are poisonous due to the insects they eat.

Malayan Horned Frog Care And Breeding

Essential tips for successful Malayan horned frog husbandry and reproduction.

Tiger-Leg Monkey Frog Information And Care

If you have the basics of tree frog husbandry down and are looking for a new project, give tiger-legs some serious consideration.

Spanish Ribbed Newt Care Information

Pleurodeles waltl is a large species with interesting behaviors.

Pac-Man Frog Care And Information

The Pac-Man frog looks forward to an exciting future of new species and color morphs.

Care And Breeding Africa’s Colorful Reed Frogs

Reed frogs are well known for the diversity of their appearance.

California Red-legged Frog Breaks Leg, Vet Inserts Metal Pin And It Is Later Released

The metal pin that was inserted into the broken leg of the frog was eventually removed.

Care and Breeding The Yellow-Spotted Climbing Toad

These toads are hardy when captive bred, and as easy to keep as a White’s tree frog.

Mandarin Newt Care and Breeding Information

The Mandarin newt originates from the western part of Yunnan Province in southcentral China.

Care and Breeding the Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Exotic Insect Feeders for your Herps

Silkworm larvae, tomato hornworms, Phoenix worms, locusts, fruit flies, cock roaches--your lizards and frogs will eat them

Check Out This Modular Reptile Enclosure Concept

Tommy Leong has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the build of this herp enclosure.

Natural History And Captive Care Of The American Bullfrog

The American bullfrog is an icon in the hobby.

The Argentine "Pac Man" Horned Frog – Natural History And Captive Care

The horned frog is a favorite among amphibian keepers primarily due to their small size and compact stature

Toads Of The United States

If you want to keep any of the common North American toads as pets, keep in mind that they hide most of the time.

Natural History And Captive Care Of The Colorado River Toad

The Fire-Bellied Toad

Top 20 Popular Herps

Which one of these reptiles and amphibians is right for you?

White's Treefrog Enclosure Information and Care

Northern Leopard Frog Care Sheet

Green Treefrog

How To Recognize And Prevent Medical Ailments In Amphibians

Expert Newt Care Tips

What Foods To Feed Your Reptiles

There are a variety of food items for your herps ranging from crickets to mice to bananas.

Poison Frogs Of The Genus Mantella

How to identify and care for mantella frogs.

Strawberry Poison Frog Care Tips

The strawberry poison frog (Oophaga [Dendrobates] pumilio) is a member of the family Dendrobatidae. They are variable in color and pattern, and many morphs appear in the hobby.

Eastern Newt Information And Care

The eastern newt can live 12 to 15 years.

African Clawed Frog Husbandry

Clawed frogs in the Silurana genus are smaller alternatives to the much larger African clawed frog.

Caring For The Surinam Underwater Toad

Pipa pipa is one of the strangest looking amphibians.

Amazon Milk Frog Housing and Care

If you are searching for a new amphibian pet or project, take some time to consider milk frogs

The European Green Toad

Keeping Alpine Newts

Colorful and elegant, the alpine newt (Ichthyosaura [Mesotriton] alpestris) is one of the most fascinating species among European newts.

The Tiger Salamander

Expert tiger salamander care and information.

How To Build A Poison Frog Terrarium

Create a beautiful poison frog habitat in these 10 easy steps.

Blessed Dart Frog Care Tips

Expert care tips for the blessed dart frog

Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

Expert care tips for Kaloula pulchra aka the chubby frog

Glass Frog Care and Information

Everything you want to know about the glass frog.

Amphibian Diseases: Fungal Infections

If your amphibian has white, fuzzy patches on its skin, it probably has a fungal infection.

Amphibian Drug Dosage

The greatest difficulty in treating small amphibians comes from properly determining and administering the amount of drug required for treatment.

Amphibian Diseases: Toxing Out

Identify the signs of toxicity in your amphibians and tips on keeping the toxicity levels of their water low.

Amphibian Diseases: Crash Syndrome

How to prevent your amphibian from falling victim to crash syndrome.

Sick Frogs and Salamanders

To recognize illness in frogs, toads, newts, or salamanders, look for the following symptoms outlined in this article.

Mixing Species with Fire-Bellied Toads

In larger terrariums, you can add a different species that occupies a separate area than Bombina orientalis.

Handling the Fire-Bellied Toad

Like many frogs, Bombina orientalis produces skin toxins that could be harmful and should be handled with care.

Feed Your Fire-Bellied Toads the Right Foods

The oriental fire bellied toad can eat a diet of crickets and waxworms.

Choosing the Right Terrarium For Your Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad

Tips on selecting the right enclosure for Bombina orientalis.

Care Tips for the Golden Dart Frog

Habitat, feeding and breeding tips for Phyllobates terribilis.

Tankmates for the Surinam Underwater Toad

All things considered, there are no good tankmates for the SUT.

Amphibian Diseases: Parasites

If a frog or salamander eats but loses weight, has watery feces, or is active but eats poorly, parasites are a possible cause of disease.

Amphibian Diseases: Velvet Disease

Velvet disease, a type of skin infection better known in fish, also infects aquatic amphibians.

Amphibian Diseases: Bacterial and Viral Infections

When seeking treatment, veterinarians specialized in treating reptiles have the general background to effectively treat amphibians if they have the relevant references handy.

Care tips for the Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Theloderma corticale are easy to keep, trouble free, and make great display animals.

Care For The Spotted Salamander

Expert care tips for the spotted salamander

Idaho Giant Salamander

Care tips for the Idaho giant salamander (Dicamptodon aterrimus).

Budgett’s Frogs

Care for the hefty, large-mouthed Budgett’s frog.

Malaysian Horned Frogs

Information and care for Malaysian horned frogs (Megophrys nasuta).

Malaysian Horned Frogs

Information and care for Malaysian horned frogs (Megophrys nasuta).

White’s Treefrogs

Although dumpy, White’s treefrogs are also hardy, comical and popular.

Clown Treefrog Care and Breeding

Techniques for keeping and breeding clown treefrogs (Dendropsophus leucophyllatus, formerly Hyla leucophyllata).

Reptiles and Amphibians Living Together

Can I keep reptile and amphibians together?

Testing Dart Frog Fecal Matter

How do you test dart frog fecal matter?

Creating Microhabitats For Frogs

An amphibian enthusiast finds success breeding frogs with a frog microhabitat.

American Toad Care and Husbandry

Can you give us information on feeding and care for our American toads?

Pacman Frog Not Eating

Pacman frog not eating, could be a result of hibernation or estivation.
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