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Man Attaches Wheels to Help Tortoise Hatchling With Spinal Deformity Move About

Helix is now moving about thanks to Techdeck toy skateboard wheels.

Stray Russian Tortoise Gets Damaged Shell Fixed By San Diego Veterinarian

Teddy is now up for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society.

Reptile Dentition: The Details on Reptile Teeth

Reptile Anatomy and Physiology is an important part of Herpetology and captive care!

Massachusetts Students Get Involved In Blanding’s Turtle Conservation

Students at Weston High School in Massachusetts captive breed and then release Blanding's turtles.

The Angulate Tortoise Of South Africa

Meet “Rooipens skilpad,” otherwise known as the angulate tortoise, also known as the bowsprit tortoise.

A Unique Snapping Turtle Rescue

These snapping turtle eggs were rescued from a dead turtle that had been hit by a car.

Hermann's Tortoise Care And Information

The Hermann’s tortoise has remained a heavyweight champion in the reptile community for decades.

Charles Darwin University’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility Reopens

Injured sea turtles need to time before they are released back into the ocean and sea turtle rehabilitation center at Australia's Charles Darwin University provides that time.

REPTILES Magazine Contributor Takes In Elderly Woman’s Desert Tortoise

Judith Patience has kept Tommy for 35 years and was worried about his welfare when she passes.

What Aquatic Turtle Can Live In A Tropical Fish Aquarium?

The razorback musk turtle can be kept in a tropical fish aquarium of an appropriate size, but be prepared to lose fish.

Minnesota Woman Celebrates 56 Years With Her Gopher Tortoise

George the gopher tortoise and Jeanna Smith have been together more than 50 years.

The Leopard Tortoise Of Africa

Awesome beauty, a calm demeanor and a hefty size— what’s not to love about the leopard tortoise?

An Examination Of Tortoise Health Conditions

Find out what ails your tortoise and potential remedies.

Tortoise Who Almost Died After He Was Hit By Car Doing Much Better

Spike was ran over by a car in June 2016. He has since healed and can walk more than three hours a day.

Elongated Tortoise Information And Care

Though not a common species in tortoise collections, more and more herpetoculturists are discovering the elongated tortoise and inviting them into their lives.

Common Musk Turtle Care And Information

These highly aquatic turtles are found in both slow-flowing sections of stream and river habitats, as well as lakes and ponds. They move clumsily on land.

Keeping The Kwangtung Turtle

The Kwangtung turtle is critically endangered and in need of conservation efforts.

Indian Star Tortoise Care And Breeding Tips

Tips for keeping one of the world’s most attractive tortoises—the Indian star tortoise.

Map Turtle Care And Information

Map turtles are as remarkable in their diversity as they are in their behavior.

Endangered Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle Gets 3-D Printed Face

Patches is part of the breeding program at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee.

Red-Eared Slider Care Tips And Information

Due to demanding long-term needs, keeping this beautiful turtle can be a double-edged sword.

Sulcata Tortoise Run Over By Car Gets 3-D Printed Shell

George the sulcata tortoise will need a new prosthetic shell every three years as he grows.

Common Diseases Of Aquatic Turtles

Annual vet exams will help ensure pet turtles’ long-term health.

Herp Queries: How Often Should I Let My Red-Footed Tortoise Soak?

A red-footed tortoise living in a dry climate needs plenty of hydration.

How To Brumate A Tortoise

Brumating captive tortoises is a matter of choice, so choose wisely.

Diamondback Terrapin Natural History And Captive Care

Terrapins are unique among North American turtles because they live exclusively in saltwater-influenced habitats.

The Burmese Star Tortoise

Captive breeding may be the last chance of survival for the Burmese star tortoise.

Marginated Tortoise Information and Care

T. marginata is hardy, and its small to medium adult size (12 to 15 inches) is manageable for most enthusiasts.

The Vietnamese Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

One look into its distinctive eyes and you’ll be charmed by Geoemyda spengleri.

Veterinarian Removes Massive Bladder Stone from Sulcata Tortoise

The bladder stone was about the size of a softball.

Keeping And Breeding Red-Footed Tortoises

Red-footed tortoises remain a favorite tortoise.

Information About Snapping Turtles

Captive-Bred Spider Tortoise Care

Tortoise That Lost Legs To Rat Bites Gets Wheels

Does Your Tortoise Have Herpesvirus Of Tortoises, Chelonid Herpesvirus?

Three-toed Box Turtle

Radiated Tortoise

Like other tortoises, radiateds need a high fiber diet with as much variety as possible.

Reptile Medicine: It’s Not Always Fun

Leopard Tortoise With Severe Pyramiding Outfitted With 3-D Shell

A Peek Inside The Turtle Conservancy

Top 20 Popular Herps

Which one of these reptiles and amphibians is right for you?

Soft-Shelled Turtle Information And Care

With a nose like a snorkel and the ability to breathe underwater like a fish, the soft-shelled turtle is in a league of its own and requires unique care

Keeping The Radiated Tortoise

Keeping the African Spurred Tortoise

West African Mud Turtle Information And Care

Russian Tortoise Care Tips

The Vet Report: Sulcata Tortoise Spine Abnormality

West African Mud Turtle

Expert Tips On Keeping The Narrow-Bridged Musk Turtle

Egyptian Tortoise Care Tips

The Egyptian tortoise is a challenging tortoise to keep, and it is not for the inexperienced keeper.

Golden Thread Turtle Care Tips

Although Ocadia sinensis is endangered in the wild, it is available in the hobby. Captive-bred turtles are your best bet.

The Endangered Forsten’s Tortoise

Expert care for this Indonesian tortoise.

Bog Turtle Information

The bog turtle is one of North America’s smallest turtle species is also one of its rarest.

Pancake Tortoise Information

Pancake tortoises are unlike any other tortoise in the world.

Get The Most Out Of Your Next Reptile Vet Visit

No matter what brings you into a vet’s office, ask questions, and be comfortable with the choices you make.

Keeping a Turtle? Here are Some Tips All New Turtlekeepers Need To Know

By purchasing a turtle, you are making a commitment to their care — and doing so for the long haul.

Golden Greek Tortoises

If properly cared for, golden greek tortoises make a long-lived and rewarding companion animal.

Keeping And Caring For Red- and Yellow- Footed Tortoises

Your guide to keeping this interesting South American tortoise.

Eastern Box Turtle

Smart and fun to watch, box turtles make fantastic pets.

Asian Box Turtle Care Tips And Breeding Notes

Cuora amboinensis is not shy, and this turtle typically makes a very entertaining and active pet.

Build The Ultimate Turtle Pond

Construct a healthy, attractive habitat for your turtles.

Three-toed Box Turtle Care and Information

Kept properly in an outdoor pen, the three-toed box turtle can thrive.

Burmese Mountain Tortoise Care

Manouria emys emys and M.e. phayeri can make placid, but very large pets.

Quick-Care Video-African Spur-Thigh Tortoise

Pyramiding in Tortoises

Pyramiding is one of the biggest problems associated with raising tortoises.

Greek Tortoise

Care sheet for the Greek tortoise.

Expert Leopard Tortoise Care Tips

Learn how to care for the leopard tortoise

Reptile Lighting Information

Information on how natural and artificial lighting affects reptiles.

How To Care For Soft-shelled Turtles

Soft-shelled turtles are fairly easy to care for, but they get big and can be aggressive.

Three-Toed Box Turtle Brumation

Indoor Tortoise and Turtle Table Housing

Make your indoor tortoise or turtle table housing stand out.

Five Top Aquatic Turtle Tips

Expert tips on keeping aquatic turtles.

Captive Care and Breeding of the Central American Ornate Wood Turtle

Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima manni is a great turtle to keep if you can find one.

Pink-Bellied Side-Necked Turtle

Care sheet for the pink-bellied side-necked turtle Emydura subglobosa

Keeping Your Turtle Healthy

Valuable Tips For a Happy and Healthy Turtle

Cooter Turtles

Captive care for cooter turtles of ponds and rivers.

A History of the Pet Hatchling Aquatic Turtle Trade in the United States

Popular in the 1960s, the red eared slider was the poster animal for the mail order/dime store reptile

Indoor Turtle and Tortoise Table Housing

Make your indoor turtle or tortoise table housing stand out.

Albino Sulcata Tortoise

Are my sulcata tortoises albino?

Sulcata Tortoise Vitamin Deficiency

My sulcata tortoise does not move much, its eyes are always closed and its shell is soft.

Egg-Bound Turtle

What can you do for an egg-bound turtle?

Deworming Tortoises

What medications should I use when deworming my tortoises?

Sonoran Desert Tortoise Feeding and Diet

My Sonoran desert tortoises don't eat much.

Tortoise Safe Pesticides

Are there any pesticides or chemicals that can be used around tortoises?

Trimming Tortoise Beaks

How do you trim a tortoise beak?

Tortoise With Goiter

How do you treat a tortoise with a goiter?

Box Turtle Not Eating

My box turtle won't eat, please help.

Turtle Age by Shell Markings

Is it possible to tell a turtle’s age by its shell markings?

Box Turtle Care and Hibernation

Box turtle care and hibernation information.

The Spotted Turtles

The spotted turtles (Clemmys guttata) are small, beautiful and semiaquatic emydid turtles found from Maine to Florida along the Atlantic coastal plain.

Indoor Turtle Hibernation

Do indoor turtles still need to hibernate like outdoor turtles?

Turtle Shedding Skin

Why is my turtle shedding skin on its legs?

Turtle Shell Rot and Shell Problems

What is the best way to treat a turtle with shell rot or shell problems at home?
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