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Breeding Snakes

Reptile Dentition: The Details on Reptile Teeth

Reptile Anatomy and Physiology is an important part of Herpetology and captive care!

10 Popular Snakes For Reptile Keepers

With good research and proper care, any of these snakes would make for a great captive.

Yellow Anaconda Care Sheet

The yellow anaconda is a very large snake for expert reptile keepers only.

False Water Cobra Captive Care And Breeding

Hydrodynastes gigas are cobras in name only.

Rat Snakes Of The United States

Rat snakes make great captives. The red rat snake, also known as the corn snake is probably the most popular snake kept as a pet.

Hog Island Boa Constrictors

The wild Hog Island boa population has taken some hits, but surveys indicate it’s rebounding.

Green Tree Python Information And Care

The green tree python is an exquisite snake that never fails to fascinate.

Sand Boa Substrate: Soil Or Sand?

Sand boas are most comfortable on a loamy, slightly moist soil mixture.

Gopher Snake Care And Breeding Information

With more captive-bred color mutations, the gopher snake enjoys newfound popularity.

Keeping The Boa Constrictor

This article will focus on how to keep B. c. imperator.

Is The Tricolor Hognose Snake The Next Big Thing?

Xenodon pulcher’s size and shape, color, personality, feeding response, and upturned hog nose, should contribute to a huge rise in popularity.

Keeping And Breeding Black-Headed Pythons

The black-headed python is costly, but its fans consider this majestic snake more than worth the investment.

California Kingsnake Care, Breeding and Morphs

Captive breeding and new morphs keep this favorite pet snake fresh and exciting.

How To Choose And Care For A Corn Snake

Corn snakes are still one of the most popular snakes in the hobby.

Pine Snake Care And Natural History

Despite the fact that some can be feisty, pine snakes have increased in popularity.

Rubber Boa Care Tips

This native North American differs from other snakes in some interesting ways.

IBD – The Twisted Tale of Inclusion Body Disease

Inclusion Body Disease is devastating to the snakes that are infected by it.

Herp Queries With Bill Love: Prey Debate

Should you feed your snake rodents that are dead or alive?

Honduran Milksnake History And Care Tips

Found throughout Central America and northwestern South America, Honduran milksnakes are large and powerful constrictors.

The Natural History And Captive Care Of The Northern Water Snake

Maintaining northern water snakes in captivity can be a rewarding experience.

The Natural History and Captive Care of the Eastern Hognose Snake

A wide spread snake, the Eastern hognose snake is found throughout the eastern United States

Kenyan Sand Boa Information and Care

Kenyan sand boas can make great first reptiles.

Is Diet Diversity Important To Your Snake?

Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Snake Mites, Acariasis

Stimson's Python Care And Breeding Information

Expert Care For Amazon Tree Boas

Top 20 Popular Herps

Which one of these reptiles and amphibians is right for you?

The Ever-Popular And Wonderfully Colored Ball Python

Snake Health 101

5 Great Beginner Pet Snakes

The Garter Snake: A North American Icon

Care And Breeding The Gray Rat Snake

Rough Green Snake

Expert Care For The Emerald Tree Boa

Texas Rat Snake

The Vet Report: Inclusion Body Disease

Keeping Dwarf Boas Of The Caribbean

If you want a boa that doesn’t get as big as Boa constrictor, try one of its smaller cousins.

Garter Snake

Garter snakes are small colubrid snakes found throughout most of the United States.

Eastern Garter Snake Care Tips

Easy to find and simple to keep, the eastern garter snake remains one of America’s most popular serpents.

Amazon Tree Boa Care Tips

The Amazon tree boa (Corallus hortulanus) is the most geographically widespread of the tree boas.

Ungaliophis Boas (Dwarf Boas)

These boas are elusive as much as they are small compared to more well known boas.

What Foods To Feed Your Reptiles

There are a variety of food items for your herps ranging from crickets to mice to bananas.

13 Tips To Better Reptile Handling

Excellent tips on how to safely handle your reptiles.

How to Care for Mole and Prairie Kingsnakes

These secretive snakes are often referred to the yellow-bellied kingsnake group.

The Argentine Boa Constrictor

Expert care tips for the Argentine boa constrictor (Boa constrictor occidentalis)

Honduran Milk Snake Care And Breeding

Expert care tips for keeping Lampropeltis triangulum species.

The Graceful Rough Green Snake

The natural history and captive care of Opheodrys vernalis.

Green Tree Python Care

Expert care tips for Morelia viridis.

Handling Reticulated Pythons

Tips to safely handle reticulated pythons.

All Hail The California Kingsnake

The California kingsnake is one of the most popular pet snakes.

Keeping The Green Anaconda

Expert care tips for the green anaconda.

Reticulated Python Care Tips

This is not your father's retic

Angolan Python Care Tips And Secrets

A zoo curator shares his Angolan python secrets.

Woma Python Care And Breeding

Captive care for the forever fascinating woma python.

Snake Winter Anorexia

Do ball pythons typically go through a hibernation state during the winter?

The Tiger Snake of Australia

The tiger snake is the most common large elapid in many parts of Australia.

Reptile Lighting Information

Information on how natural and artificial lighting affects reptiles.

The Boa Constrictor

A history of the Boa Constrictor in the pet trade.

Ringed Python Hatchling Care Tips

Bonus content from the July 2012 REPTILES magazine article "Jewel of Bismarck"

Caring for the Boelen’s Python

Continued research and the sharing of information are crucial to the future of the Boelen's python in captivity.

Care and Breeding the Western Hog-nosed Snake

Captive breeding and new mutations have boosted the demand for western hog-nosed snakes.

Expert Care for the Kenyan Sand Boa

Eryx colubrinus is easy to keep, breed readily in captivity and come in a variety of morphs.

Care, Breeding and Caudal Luring of the Rough-scaled Sand Boa

The rough-scaled sand boa is a good choice for the beginner or advanced herpetoculturist.

Caring for the Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictor imperator is one of the more beautiful constrictors


Bullsnakes are lively, easy-to-keep colubrids, and make enjoyable and interesting captives.

Colubrid Feeding

Overcome feeding problems in colubrid snakes.

Jungle Carpet Python Care Tips

How to find and care for a jungle carpet python.

Care And Breeding Tips For The Red-tailed Green Rat Snake

Tips on caring for this semi-aboreal Southeast Asian snake.

Antaresia Pythons

Snakes of the Antaresia genus are compact and easy to care for.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Brazilian rainbow boa snake care and information.

Russian Rat Snake Information And Care

Information and care for the personable Russian rat snake (Elaphe schrencki schrencki).

Blind Snake

Could this be reptile inclusion body disease?

Hognose Snake Feeding

Feeding hognose snakes toads, frogs and mice.

Feeding Reptiles Only One Type of Insect

I have been unable to get my lizard to eat anything but large mealworms. He will not eat frozen or live pinkies or crickets. What's wrong with him?

Feeding Green Tree Pythons

Green tree python diet and food.

Green Tree Python Care

Care and husbandry for green tree pythons.

Wild Green Tree Pythons

Learn about the green tree python in its natural wild habitat.

Python Feedings Video

Watch this video from SnakeBytes.TV to visually learn about feeding pythons.

Snake Bacterial Skin Infection

How long do snake bacterial skin infections take to clear up?

Reptile With Blisters On Its Underbelly

About a week ago my snake began the pre-shed process, and yesterday I noticed blisters. What are they?

Snake Identification

How do I tell the difference between a reticulated and Burmese python?

Blind Snakes

A herpkeeper finds a blind snake an eye-opening captive.

The Blood Python

Everything you need to know about the blood python.

Snake Yawning or Gaping

My reptile seems to gape for air. What could be wrong with it?

Aggressive Snake Strikes After Feeding

After my snake eats he strikes at any moving thing. Why is he so aggressive after feeding?

Boa and Snake Diet

Should I feed my snake fish?

Diamond Python Care

Basic diamond python care and information.

Feeding Ball Pythons

How can I feed my baby ball python? My snake doesn't seem to want to eat or may be traumatized from being bitten.

Getting Young Corn Snakes to Eat

My baby corn snake will not eat pinkies. What should I do?

Snake Not Shedding Completely

Why is my snake not shedding completely and how do I help the snake to shed fully.

Kingsnake Care and Husbandry

What's the correct temperature and housing requirements for my Kingsnake?

Mites On Snake

What is best way to get rid of mites on snakes?

An Overfed and Choking Snake

How do you remove prey from a choking reptile's throat?

Rough Green Snake Diet

What do you feed a rough green snake?

Ball Python Diet and Feeding

What can I feed my ball python that is not a rodent?

Herp Water Quality

Water is an important part of your herp's life.

The Rubber Boa

Rubber boa snake information.

Rainbow Boa

Rainbow Boa species profile.
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