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Komodo Island Will Be Restricted To Premium Tourists, Won’t Be Closed

It is estimated that there are less than 5,000 Komodo dragons left in the wild, all in Indonesia's Komodo Island National Park.

The Last Herp of the Season: In Search of Crotalus horridus

It took years for the author to finally see a timber rattlesnake while out herping.

New Book Showcases Rare and Incredible Herp Photography

Amphibians And The Fishless Ponds Of Florida

Dreams of Loam: In Search Of The Eastern Spadefoot Toad

It took the author several decades to finally find his holy grail of herps, an eastern spadefoot toad.

Herping The Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

Spending 8 days in the rainforest yields a variety of herptiles.

4 Popular Ways To Find Reptiles And Amphibians In The Wild

Researchers use these methods to look for reptiles in the wild.

9 Days On Shawnee National Forest's Snake Road Of Illinois

Take a ride along this famed Illinois road known for its awesome herp encounters.

Snake Road In Illinois To Close March 15 For Annual Herp Migration

Snake Road is closed every spring to allow migrating reptiles and amphibians to safely cross without getting hit by vehicles.

Cobra Snakes Of The Congo

A professor and his colleagues seek to expand cobra research in Central Africa.

Herping In Haiti For The Sphaerodactylus copei

How does one find a gecko the size of a dime?

Herp Queries: Red Touch Yellow, Kill A Fellow Doesn’t Always Work

The saying is not always accurate.

The Tuatara Of New Zealand

A herper discusses his tuatara-centric visit to New Zealand.

U.S. Herping Hotspots From East To West

Some of the best general areas for field herping in the United States.

Wildlife Artist Tell Hicks

Wildlife artist Tell Hicks discusses his work, his life, and a horrifying moment involving a kid with a paint brush full of white paint.

Field Herping For Snakes: Driving Or On Foot?

Walking through a herp’s habitat to find it offers the added pleasure of communing with nature up close.

Herp Queries: Pros And Cons Of ATV Use When Field Herping

All terrain vehicles can be helpful when herping in certain situations.

Herping the Galapagos Islands

Herping Misadventures in Cameroon

The journey to the West African nation of Cameroon proved to be extremely challenging and an eye-opening experience.

In Search Of Sardinia’s Herps

Frogs Of Australia App For iOS Now Available

Herping the Western Fence Lizard at Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park

Herping Bolivia's Madidi National Park

Herping The Little Grass Frog

A Visit To Indonesia's Komodo National Park

Motorbiking to Botswana's Reptiles

Herping for Venomous Snakes in Uganda

Top 20 Favorite Herping Spots

Herping the Southern Spring Peeper

5 Great Costa Rican Herping Destinations

Herping The Cuban Treefrog

Herping The Pacific Coast Ensatina

Ensatina eschscholtzii, salamander, Plethodontidae

Herping In The Rain

Field Research Adventures With The Red Hills Salamander

Herping Travels In The Canary Islands

Herping The Wood Turtle

Herping California's Mojave Desert for the Desert Tortoise

Frogging The Florida Sandhills

The Iconic Australian Shingleback Skink—In The Wild And In Captivity

Shooting Reptiles With Your Cell Phone Camera

Herping The Florida Chorus Frog

Herping The Florida Leopard Frog

Herping The Eastern Box Turtle

4 Ways To Create A Backyard Herp Haven

Herping in your own backyard can be fun provided you do a little planning.

Herping The Green Frog

The changing color and patterns of the same species of frog is interesting.

Herper Finds Smooth Green Snake In Unlikely Illinois Town

The state has labeled the smooth green snake as "in greatest need of conservation."

Up A Crocodile-Riddled Creek In Costa Rica

Herper Mike Wines served as a human mule for two well known and esteemed American herpetologists.

High Herping Adventure In Costa Rica

A croc trip turns into a full on herping expedition.

The PA Fish And Boat Commission Needs You To Count Reptiles This Summer!

Count reptiles and amphibians in Pennsylvania and submit your data to the survey.

Reptiles And Amphibians Of The Bahamas

What to see and expect on your next archipelago adventure.

Herping The United States

While visiting a reptile show brings a bunch of reptiles in one place, there is nothing like seeing them in the wild.

Herping in Belize

A Belize adventure yields 48 herp species.

Herping The Rare Western Chorus Frog

A longtime herper hunts for the once common western chorus frog.

Herping The Jungles Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is recommended to anyone looking for a great herp adventure.

Herping Texas’ Thicket National Preserve

A Texas national preserve amazes two Northerners.

Weather Tips For Herping

How to interpret the weather forecast to enhance your herping adventures.

Herping In Albania

Reptiles have made a comeback in Butrint and throughout Albania.

Seeking Out The Fiji Crested Iguana

Take a journey to Yadua Taba, a Fiji island sanctuary of the critically endangered Brachylophus vitiensis.

Asian Water Monitors in Downtown Bangkok

To see Varanus salvator, look no further than Bangkok’s Lumphini Park.

Herping in Hawaii

O'ahu's Manoa Valley is home to a variety of herptiles.

A Smart Traveler's Guide to Visiting the Galapagos Islands

In Search of Mojave Desert Blunt-nosed and Long-nosed Leopard Lizards

Herping for Gambelia wislizenii and G. silus.

Long-Fingered Frog Rediscovered After Disappearing More than 60 Years Ago

Herpetologists find a single Cardioglossa cyaneospila in Burundi rainforest.

Herping The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With its harsh desert vistas and simmering heat, Saudi Arabia is truly a land of the lizards.

Herping Brazil's Refugio Ecologico Caiman

Herping in Sri Lanka

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a wide variety of unique reptiles.

Herping California's Channel Islands

A trove of herps awaits on California's Channel Islands.

The Avid Herper

Print out a full page copy of The Avid Herper and hang it on your wall!

Consider Field Herping

Field herping let's you see a variety of wild reptiles

Herping the Mighty Amazon

Checking out the wild herps along the Amazon River.

Herps of Papua New Guinea

The most common lizard we found, as I expected, was the pelagic gecko.

Amphibians of Germany

Herping for amphibians in Germany.

Herps of the Baja Peninsula

An introduction to herps that live along Baja California.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Mexico

This herping trip to Mexico uncovers reptiles and amphibians.

Looking for Reptiles in the Amazon

Herps of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A look at the snakes, lizards and amphibians of Cuba.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Malaysia

Herping for amphibians and reptiles in Malaysia.

Arizona and Sonoran Desert Toads

Finding and photographing Arizona and Sonoran desert toads and frogs.

Herping for Frogs in Florida

These Florida frogs keep the sounds of springtime alive.

Herping for Western Garter Snakes

Western Garter Snakes: Looking for Thamnophis with other herps sprinkled in.
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