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Herping in Belize

A Belize adventure yields 48 herp species

Herping the Rare Western Chorus Frog

A longtime herper hunts for the once common western chorus frog.

Herping the Jungles of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is recommended to anyone looking for a great herp adventure.

Herping Texas’ Thicket National Preserve

A Texas national preserve amazes two Northerners.

Weather Tips for Herping

How to interpret the weather forecast to enhance your herping adventures.

Herping in Albania

Reptiles have made a comeback in Butrint and throughout Albania.

Seeking Out The Fiji Crested Iguana

Take a journey to Yadua Taba, a Fiji island sanctuary of the critically endangered Brachylophus vitiensis.

Asian Water Monitors in Downtown Bangkok

To see Varanus salvator, look no further than Bangkok’s Lumphini Park.

Herping in Hawaii

O'ahu's Manoa Valley is home to a variety of herptiles.

In Search of Mojave Desert Blunt-nosed and Long-nosed Leopard Lizards

Herping for Gambelia wislizenii and G. silus.

Long-Fingered Frog Rediscovered After Disappearing More than 60 Years Ago

Herpetologists find a single Cardioglossa cyaneospila in Burundi rainforest.

Herping The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

With its harsh desert vistas and simmering heat, Saudi Arabia is truly a land of the lizards.

Herping in Sri Lanka

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts a wide variety of unique reptiles.

Herping California's Channel Islands

A trove of herps awaits on California's Channel Islands.

The Avid Herper

Print out a full page copy of The Avid Herper and hang it on your wall!

Consider Field Herping

Field herping let's you see a variety of wild reptiles

Herps of Papua New Guinea

The most common lizard we found, as I expected, was the pelagic gecko.

Amphibians of Germany

Herping for amphibians in Germany.

Herping the Mighty Amazon

Checking out the wild herps along the Amazon River.

Herps of the Baja Peninsula

An introduction to herps that live along Baja California.

Arizona and Sonoran Desert Toads

Finding and photographing Arizona and Sonoran desert toads and frogs.

Herps of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

A look at the snakes, lizards and amphibians of Cuba.

Amphibians and Reptiles of Malaysia

Herping for amphibians and reptiles in Malaysia.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Mexico

This herping trip to Mexico uncovers reptiles and amphibians.

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