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The Black Pine Snake Is Now Protected In Mississippi And Alabama

The black pine snake is a subspecies of pine snake that isn't seen too often in the wild.

Pittsburgh Councilman Aims To Change Recently Passed Reptile Ordinance

The ordinance should be more humane with regard to enclosure requirements.

Worms Found In Brains Of Wall Lizard Embryos

This is the first instance in which the worms were found in reptile eggs.

Rainbow Snake Seen In Florida’s Ocala National Forest For First Time Since 1969

The non-venomous colubrid is also known as the eel moccasin.

Sea Turtle Recovering From Hook Removal Poops Out More Than 100 Pieces Of Plastic

The turtle ingested more than 100 pieces of plastic.

Another 16 Snakes Found Abandoned Behind Fire Station in Sunderland, England

The corn snake morphs are beautiful and can be adopted, not abandoned.

First Ever San Luis Obispo Reptile Expo Coming March 14-15

Don’t be SLO - it’s nearly time to go!

13 Ball Python Morphs Abandoned In Buzz Lightyear Pillowcases

A total of 13 ball pythons were abandoned. One has since died.

Chytrid Fungus That’s Killing Off Amphibians Causing Tropical Snake Species Collapse

The loss of amphibians is having a negative cascade effect up and down the food web.

Florida Bill Would Ban Sale And Possession of Tegus and Green Iguanas

The bill, if signed into law, would affect thousands of jobs in a $100-million-a-year business.

Pinta Island Tortoise Not Totally Extinct As Tortoise With 16 Percent Pinta Genes Discovered

The tortoise will be part of a breeding program to bolster the population of the Pinta Island tortoise.

Cave Dwelling Olm Salamander Doesn’t Move Much For Seven Years

Proteus anguinus does not move very far during its lifetime, which can reach 100 years.

Southern Corroboree Frog Breeding Program Suffers Setback Due To Australian Fires

Thirty to 40 percent of the frogs in the program survived the fires.

Aussie Snake Catcher Photographs Green Tree Frog Eating Coastal Taipan Snake

The green treefrog, despite being bitten by the coastal taipan snake, is apparently healthy and will be released February 7.

Florida Urged To Require Turtle Excluder Devices For Blue Crab Traps

Diamondback terrapins get caught in crab pots and drown, turtle experts say.

Firefighter In Australia Successfully Performs CPR On Lizard

After 10 minutes of CPR, the lizard was able to breathe on its own.

Kansas Firefighters Rescue Boa Constrictor Found In Sofa

The boa constrictor has not yet found its owner.

Chester Zoo Hatches Three Bearded Pygmy Chameleons

The zoo is hoping to establish a robust breeding program for the species.

Green Sea Turtle Rescued Off Argentina Pooped Out Plastic During Rehab

The turtle, which is doing better, expelled more than 13 grams of plastic from its digestive system.

2020 Florida Python Bowl Nets 80 Invasive Snakes

The longest python was 12-foot, 7.3-inch, the heaviest python was 62-pounds, and the most pythons captured by an individual was 8.

Aussie Researchers Receive $400,000 Grant To Help Save Pygmy Blue-Tongued lizard

Pygmy blue-tongued lizards spend nearly all of their lives underground, in burrows constructed by trapdoor spiders.

Were Snakes The Source Of The New Coronavirus Sickening And Killing Chinese?

Researchers say that snakes were the likely cause of transmission to human, but others dispute that notion.

Eastern Fence Lizard Saved From Glue Trap

A little mineral oil and a bit of elbow grease helped safely remove this eastern fence lizard from a glue trap.

Eastern Indigo Snakes Breeding On Their Own In Alabama

Researchers with Auburn University captured a young, 27-inch eastern indigo snake believed to be the offspring of captive bred specimens.

Center for Biological Diversity Sues Trump Administration For Failing To Protect Two Map Turtle Species

The Pearl River map turtle and the Pascagoula map turtle are only known to inhabit two river systems in Mississippi and Louisiana.

The State Of Texas Wants To Know When You See A Texas Horned Lizard

The Texas horned lizard is in decline in much of the state of Texas. It is illegal to possess this species.

Bearded Dragon Saved From House Fire In Florida

The reptile was given oxygen by several respondents.

New Tibertan Frog Species, Liurana vallecula, Discovered And Described

Liurana vallecula, has a snout-to-vent length of 20.4 mm, a reddish brown body coloration with dark brown streaks and a marbled pattern on the top of its head.

Diego, The Galapagos Tortoise Who Fathered More Than 800 Returned To Wild

Diego was returned back to the wild on Española Island.

South Carolina Bill Calls For Protections of Reptiles And Amphibians From Commercial Trade

Reptiles and amphibians would be better protected under a proposed law in South Carolina.

Indian Cobra Swallows And Then Regurgitates Plastic Bottle

Hopefully the snake makes a full recovery after the ordeal, and people learn to manage their trash effectively.

Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Trafficking CITES-Protected Water Monitors From The Philippines

The yellow-headed water monitor, the white-headed water monitor, and the marbled water monitor are endemic to the Philippines.

Dorrance Family Foundation Gifts $250,000 To Help Yellow-Legged Frog Recovery

The Dorrance Family Foundation’s Animals of the Sierra Nevada Grant Program will help in the recovery of these amphibians.

Southern Grass, Alpine Bog Skink At Risk Of Extinction Due To Australia’s Fires

The alpine bog skink (Pseudemoia cryodroma) is already listed as endangered and the southern grass skink (Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii) is only found in areas that have burned.

Georgia’s 2019 Indigo Snake Count Finds Them At 60 Percent Of Sites Assessed

The species is listed as federally endangered in the states of Georgia and Florida.

Researchers Create Computer Model To Track Hatchling Sea Turtles

Once sea turtles hatch, they head straight to the ocean.

45-Year-Old Tortoise Sets House On Fire On Christmas, Is Rescued

The tortoise knocked over a heat lamp, which caused a fire.

Researchers Find 300-Million-Year-Old Lizard Cared For Its Young

Dendromaia unamakiensis was found in Nova Scotia was a Varanopid, an extinct family of animals that resembled monitor lizards.

Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragon Found On Sidewalk in Stoughton, MA

Police want to speak with owner who left the reptiles.

Gulfarium CARE Center Receives Sea Turtle Grant Money From State Of Florida

Florida sea turtle license plate grant money helped to purchase this transport van that will be used to help move stranded or otherwise injured sea turtles.

Two-headed Monocled Cobra Found In India

Two-headed snakes are rare, but not uncommon.

U.S. Agencies, Liberty University Keep Peaks Of Otter Salamander Off Endangered Species List

The Peaks of Otter salamander lives in just a 12 mile area of Virginia.

King's Skink Can Re-regenerate More Functional Tail Than Other Lizards

The king's skink is a very large lizard native to Australia.

The New Oldest Parareptile Is Dubbed Coal Dragon

Salmonella Outbreak In Canada Sickens 92 People

Always wash your hands before and after handling a pet reptile or feeder rodents.

Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Approved For California Endangered Species Act Protections

The foothill yellow-legged frog was once widespread throughout much of Northern and Central California and down to Southern California.

In A First, Puerto Rican Crested Toads Conceived Via In Vitro Fertilization

The Puerto Rican crested toad is listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.

Conservation Lands For Gopher Tortoise Expanded In Georgia

The Georgia DNR estimates about 2,000 gopher tortoises live on the conservation land.

New Ordinance In Pittsburgh For Venomous Reptiles, Alligator and Crocodile Owners

The ordinance should make it safer for residents and the reptiles.

Florida’s 2020 Burmese Python Challenge Dates Announced

The Burmese python is well established in the Florida Everglades.

Blue-Spotted Tree Monitors Hatch At UK’s Bristol Zoo Gardens

This marks the first time the zoo has successfully hatched the species.

Giant Tortoises Have Good Memories

Tortoises were able to select specific colored balls nine years after they were trained to bite it.

Florida High School Students First To Dissect Synthetic Frogs

J.W. Mitchell High School in Florida posted on Twitter, a classroom of students dissecting a synthetic frog.

Australians Develop Roadmap To Stop Decline Of Its Reptiles

It is hoped that a plan will help to protect the country's native lizards and snakes.

Philippine Researchers Employ Lasers And Cameras To Better Study Sea Turtles

The researchers use non-invasive techniques to measure and identify sea turtles.

Check Out the Drone Video Of Thousands Of Sea Turtles Heading To Nesting Sites in Costa Rica

The sea turtle drone footage is absolutely incredible.

Two Men In Japan Face Reptile Smuggling Charges

Perentie monitor lizards are the fourth largest Varanus lizard in the world and are known for their beautiful skin pattern.

North Carolina Aquarium Needs Your Help Naming Baby Loggerhead Turtles

The two baby loggerheads will be released next year.

100 Million Year Old Snake With Legs Was Bigger Than Previously Thought

A very well preserved fossil of Najash rionegrina, enabled paleontologists to reassess the timeline of limbs on snakes.

Russian Legless Lizard Born At National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

The Russian legless lizard was born this year after three years of attempts to successfully breed the species. It is not on display at the aquarium.

Interactive Map of World's Turtle Communities Created To Help Save Turtle Species

The Chinese Big-headed Turtle is an endangered species, one of 49 turtle species living within the Irrawaddy-Salween-Mekong Turtle Region. Scientists have newly identified this region as a high conservation priority.

Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle Hatches At Chatanooga Zoo

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle faces threats from the illegal pet trade.

Texas-based Sea Turtle Advocacy Nominated For Best Non-Profit Organization

Turtle Island Restoration Network is a finalist for the best non-profit organization award from Galveston.com

Researchers Discover New Population of Hellbender Salamanders In Pennsylvania

The hellbender salamander does well in Pennsylvania due to the state's clean water, rocky stream bottoms and abundance of crayfish.

Túngara Frogs Mating Calls Also Attract Predators

The little frog has to deal with a double-edged sword just to find a mate.

Romer’s Treefrog Rediscovered In Hong Kong

The tiny frog is the smallest amphibian in the Hong Kong Territories.

64 Turtles Stolen From Okinawa Zoo

Both species are listed as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource

Newly Discovered Hybrid Ranavirus Moves Rapidly Through Wood Frog Tadpoles

The study found that the RCV-Z2 ranaviruses can quickly infect amphibian populations

First Case Of Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In California

The California kingsnake infected with snake fungal disease was euthanized.

Florida FWC, SFWMD Have Removed More Than 3,600 Burmese Pythons From Everglades

Tom Rahill and the Swamp Apes Team removed the SFWMD's 1,000 snake, a 9 feet, five inch specimen.

Australia’s FrogID Week Runs November 8-17. Help Find Frogs!

"We need as many frog calls recorded this year as possible in order to build our database and compare year-on-year information."

Juvenile Terrapins Released On Maryland Island

The turtles were rehabilitated before they were released.

Lizards Feed On Different Insects With a 2 Degree Change In Temperature

The change in diet caused these lizards to become less healthy.

Greater Sea Snake Populations Larger Than Thought, Thanks To Citizen Scientist Snorkeling Grandmas

Seven snorkeling grandmothers helped researchers discovered a healthy population of greater sea snakes near a popular swimming beach.

Invasive Cane Toads In Australia Are Prey To Australian Water Rats

Australian water rats have learned how to kill and eat invasive cane toads without getting poisoned.

Northern California Woman Indicted For Illegally Exporting Turtles To Hong Kong

The woman did not have the permits to export the reptiles nor did she declare them to a U.S. official, the indictment claims.

Six Dravidogecko Species Discovered In Western Ghats Of India

The six gecko species were living in plain sight, thought to be a single species.

Congolese Giant Toad Mimics Gaboon Viper, New Study Says

The amphibian is known to live in 11 locations that are also home to the venomous snake, and the coloration and patterns they share are uncanny.

Seeking Support For New Research Investigating Color Change In Green Anoles

In this experimental study, there will be two main hypotheses tested.

University Of Florida Provost Records Coral Snake Getting Stung While Trying To Eat Rat Snake

The coral snake was trying to eat the rat snake when a wasp decided to disrupt it.

Two Arrested For Poaching More Than 4000 Wild Turtles In Florida

The investigation concluded that the poachers took more than 4,000 turtles from the wild illegally and sold them over a six month period

Research Shows Chytrid Fungus Survives In Warm Tropical Lowlands

Lab studies have shown the fungus cannot survive in temperatures above 29 degrees celsius, but researchers found the fungus surviving in frogs living in temperatures that surpass that threshold.

Habitat Protections For Black Pine Snake Under Review

The habitat of the black pine snake has been under consideration for protections for years.

21 People Infected By Salmonella Via Pet Turtles, CDC Says

Red-eared slider turtles, like all reptiles, carry Salmonella.

California Fish And Wildlife Recommends Protections For Yellow-Legged Frog

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has recommended endangered species act protections for five populations of yellow-legged frogs.

Baby Sea Turtle Found With 104 Pieces of Marine Plastics In Its Stomach

The baby loggerhead starved to death after ingesting so much plastic pollution.

Komodo Island Will Be Restricted To Premium Tourists, Won’t Be Closed

It is estimated that there are less than 5,000 Komodo dragons left in the wild, all in Indonesia's Komodo Island National Park.

Wild Glass Frog Trade Should Be Stopped, South American States Say

Glass frog populations have been decimated in the wild by the wildlife trade, scientists say.

Florida Fish And Wildlife Wants Help In Controlling Tegu Population

The Argentine black and white tegu is established in Florida. The FWC wants your help in controlling its population.

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle As Florida City Mayor? Why Not!

Elizabeth 'Sea Turtle' Drayer is running for mayor of Clearwater, FL.

Several Hundred Reptiles And Amphibians Removed From California Reptile Rescue

The county received complaints of a foul odor emanating from the facility.

80 Juvenile Sand Lizards Released Near Farnborough, England

Some of the sand lizards were outfitted with radio transmitters to track their movements.

Trump Admin Fails To Protect Florida Keys Mole Skink, Lawsuit Claims

The Florida Keys mole skink lives on a small geographic location in the Florida Keys.

Want to sell REPTILES magazine in your store?

This Is Why You Shouldn't Taunt A Snake

The snake gets his revenge for being mistreated.

Think Twice Before Using Glue Or Sticky Traps, You Might Catch A Reptile

If you use glue traps and an animal such as a snake or lizard gets stuck in it, you can use nearly any oil used for cooking to help free the animal.

Researchers Discover Two New Salamander Species Thought To Be World’s Largest

The South China giant salamander (Andrias sligoi) a new and much larger species of salamander.

Chattanooga Zoo Hatches Out Three Komodo dragons

The Komodo dragons might have been born via parthenogenesis.

Corn Snake Stuck In Hide Freed By Firefighters

It took some doing, but this corn snake was freed by firefighters.
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