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VIdeo: Man Steps on and Gets Bit By Snake

Frogs of Australia app For iOS Now Available

The Panther Chameleon is Actually 11 Distinct Species

Bearded Dragon in Skokie, IL Has Lost its Owner

Kermit the Frog Sings Rainbow Connection With Ed Sheeran for Red Nose Day

Canada Humane Society Seeks Killer of Northern Water Snake

Snakes Probably Evolved on Land, New Research Suggests

Growth Rate Data of Snakes Fed Once and Twice a Week

USARK Preliminary Injunction Final Ruling

CPSC Asked to Recall Rocky Silent Hunter Rubber Snake Boots

Steve Irwin’s Dad Sad Over Cameraman’s Remarks About Crocodile Hunter’s Last Words

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Crested Geckos

Long Island, NY Sees Mass Die Off of Diamondback Terrapins

Dusky Gopher Frog Gets 170 Acres in Agreement with Mississippi Developer

Man Leaves Python With Tongs and Python Swallows Tongs

Watch This Snake Handler Remove a Parasitic Worm from One of his Pet Snakes

Some Snakes Swallow the Darnest Things

Garter Snake Steals Kid’s Fish

Florida Man Arrested in Callahan Pet Store Snake Theft

Beardie Helps Teach Responsibility in Iowa Classroom

Tortoise That Lost Legs to Rat Bites Gets Wheels

Pro Soccer Player Removes Snake in His Backyard

Two New Lizard Species Discovered in Chile

Two Guys Save a Garter Snake Caught in Netting

Green Sea Turtle Photobombs Group Photo in the Philippines

Aussie Teen Helps Raise Funds for New Western Swamp Tortoise Breeding Facility

5 Tips to Make Everyday Earth Day For Herps

Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard Keeps Snakes

Florida Teen Captures and Gets Bit by Water Moccasin

New Species of Glass Frog Looks Like Kermit the Frog

New Day Gecko Species Discovered in India

Video: How Constrictors Climb Trees

60 Captive Raised Myanmar Roofed Turtles Released

Critically Endangered Lake Oku Clawed Frog Bred at ZSL’s London Zoo in the UK

Florida's Palm Beach County Nile Monitors Target of Removal Efforts

Mosasaur’s Gave Birth in the Ocean and Not Land as Previously Thought

Western Pond Turtle Step Closer to Endangered Species Status

Escaped Northern Pine Snake Reunited With Owner After 7 Months on the Loose

Three Wood Lizard Species Discovered in Peru and Ecuador

Leopard Tortoise with Severe Pyramiding Outfitted with 3D Shell

Florida Teen Charged With Felony Cruelty to Animals Not Yet Mentally Competent to Stand Trial

Live in Scotland? Can you Adopt a California Kingsnake?

Massive Salamander Fossil the Size of a Car Discovered in Portugal

Study Says Ecopassages That Let Turtles Cross Under Roads Don’t Always Work

Frog Discovered in Ecuador Shape Shifts Like Star Trek's Changeling Odo

Tegu Looking for its Owner in Fontana, Calif.

Certain Panamanian Golden Frogs Survive Exposure to Chytrid

Scientists Show How Water Bounces Off Gecko Skin Like Popcorn

​Petland Will No Longer Sell Large Constricting Snakes

Did St. Patrick Really Banish Snakes From Ireland?

Warning: Graphic Video of Dogs Attacking a Cobra

California’s Desert Tortoise Gains 11 Square Miles of Habitat

RIP: U.S. Soldier Dies of Venomous Snake Bite in Kenya

Video: See the Building of the Titanoboa Replica in 36 Seconds

How Does the Panther Chameleon Change Colors?

Black Pine Snake Habitat Protections Proposed by USFWS

Andinobates geminisae Dart Frog Successfully Bred in Captivity

Reticulated Python, 3 Anacondas added to Injurious Species List as Boa Constrictor is Spared

Sulcata Tortoise and Pit Bull Are Best of Friends

Herpetologist Photographs Male Black and White Tegus Trying to Mate with Dead Female

Role Reversal: Snake is not a Problem For Newscaster But Gecko is

RSPCA in the UK Investigating Abandoned Beardie, Savannah Monitor Crime

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Standing on Galapagos Tortoise

Frozen Ball Python Found on NYC Street

Bloomington, Indiana Reptile Rescue Looking for New Digs

Tiger Snake with Charcot's Disease Stolen From Keeper's Home

Skateboarding Sulcata Tortoise

Pet Corn Snake Survives 8 Months on the Loose in Brooklyn, NY

Red Tail Coral Snake Venom Activates Nerve Cell Proteins That Cause Seizures

First Case of Siamese Twins in Varanus Melinus Reported

Theft or Escape? Brazilian Rainbow Boa Missing From College in Vermont

20 Critically Endangered Ploughshare Tortoises Released on Madagascar

New Species of Andean Water Frog Discovered in Peru

Kentucky Reptile Zoo Director Survives 9th Venomous Snake Bite in 38 Years

Bearded Dragon That Needed to Get To Florida for Surgery Has Died

Rocky the Tiger Snake with Charcot’s Disease is a Media Sensation

Rat Eradication Effort Pays Dividends For Galapagos Island Tortoises

Chinese Officials Busted for Eating Chinese Giant Salamander

50K People Sign Petition to Stop Georgia’s Last Rattlesnake Roundup

Suspects in Murder of Costa Rican Sea Turtle Activist Acquitted

Snake Fossil Record Rewritten

Bearded Dragon With Cancer Needs Transport to Florida

Texas Designates Austin Blind Salamander as Endangered Species

Politics Kill 14-Year-Old’s Bill to Name Idaho Giant Salamander as State’s Official Amphibian

Scientists To Study Lesser Known Flatback Sea Turtle

Anyone in Derby, Kansas Know This Snake Thief?

Shingleback Skinks Found to Be Anemic in Chemically Controlled Aussie Croplands

Researchers in the Philippines Discover Two New Asian Water Monitors in a Manila Black Market

Stormtrooper Armor Saves Australian Man From Venomous Snake Bite

Check Out this Reese’s Pieces Coral Snake Cake

Tortoise Found on Hawaii Man’s Driveway

X-Ray Footage of a Shovel-Nose Snake Moving Under a Sand Bed

Do you Wanna Build a. . . Snow Sea Turtle?

North Carolina Hellbender Salamanders Threatened by Chytrid Fungus

Vet Attaches Lego Wheels Onto Tortoise to Help it Walk

Steve Irwin's Classic Response to a Python Bite in Early TV Footage

Florida Reptile Store Owner Arrested for Striking Employees with a Bearded Dragon

Indonesian Fanged Frog Gives Birth to Live Tadpoles

World’s Smallest Varanus Lizard Species Discovered in Australia

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