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When Will My Russian Tortoise Learn How To Mate?

Do you have any advice to share about a good way to tell if a successful mating has occurred?

How To Raise Your Own Fruit Flies

You can raise your own fruit flies from a store bought culture of flies.

Reptile Roadkill

Very few studies on herp road kill numbers exist, however, and they don’t exist for the U.S. as a whole.

Can A Reptile Be Partially Albino?

Gulf Coast box turtles and alligator snapping turtles are two turtles in which males sometimes lose pigment on their heads when fully mature.

Photographing Reptiles Behind Glass Enclosures

When photographing reptiles behind glass, let the flash strike it from an angle of 15 degrees off the perpendicular or greater.

Herp Queries: Reptile Shows And Germs

Have young ones wash their hands after touching herps, or any animals for that matter. Most all tables at the shows have antibacterial disinfectant for use.

Is There A Snake That Does Not Bite?

People entering the herp hobby via a pet retailer often assume that if it’s for sale to the public, then it must be tame. Don’t assume that any animal will never bite.

Are Gila Monsters And Chuckwallas Look-Alike Lizards?

Chuckwallas (Sauromalus ater) resemble Gila monsters (Heloderma suspectum) in appearance, although to what degree depends largely on your prior exposure to seeing both in real life.

Bearded Dragon Won’t Drink

Bearded dragons prefer to lick droplets off the walls of their enclosure rather than drink from a bowl.

Herp Queries: Photo Critique Concerns When Shooting Reptiles

If you post pictures in a public forum, I’m afraid you’re stuck accepting (not necessarily cheerfully) whatever comments accrue.

Herp Queries: Something About Skinks

Most skinks native to the United States are small (under 6 inches in total length) and tend to be of the long, slender body conformation.

Herp Queries: Use Good Judgment With Children And Reptiles

It’s necessary for kids to learn such things “gently” in order to dodge more serious ones that will surely come along later in life.

Reptile Medicine Behind Bars At The Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm

The Monroe County Jail in Florida is home to a variety of animals, cared for by inmates.

Herp Queries: The 4-Inch Turtle Law

The law is aimed at curtailing commercial sales of small turtles, which often end up as pets of small children.

Field Herping For Snakes: Driving Or On Foot?

Walking through a herp’s habitat to find it offers the added pleasure of communing with nature up close.

The Scoop On Reptile Poop

Most herps’ droppings don’t last long out in the rigors of nature.

Herp Queries: Photographing A Venomous Snake

Never allow any part of your body to come within striking range.

Cruising Roads And Looking For Reptiles

Is the road surface considered to be a natural habitat for photos?

Factor Your Reptiles In Disaster Preparedness

Develop an emergency action plan and follow it.

Herp Queries: What Kingsnake Closely Resembles A Corn Snake?

Reddish examples of the mole kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata) of the southeastern U.S. strongly resemble corn snakes and sometime confuse people about their identity.

Herp Queries: Green Iguana Morphs

With several exciting new color variants slowly becoming more available, expect a gradual comeback of this magnificent saurian.

Herp Queries: How Powerful Is The Snapping Turtle Bite?

Common snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina) quickly defend themselves out of water, but underwater, they are scaredy cats and opt to avoid confrontation if any avenue of escape exists.

Herp Queries: A Career in Herp Photography

Take lots of photos and post them where they’ll be seen widely, like on Internet forums.

Herp Queries: Are People Still Keeping Horny Toads?

The horny toad a.k.a. horned lizard, is best left in the wild.

Herp Queries: Unwanted Attention

Is wearing a reptile related t-shirt in a state or national park enough to cause suspicion?

What Grammar Mistakes Do Folks Make When Writing About Herps?

It is Colombian boa, not Columbian boa.

Herp Queries: Carpet Python Or Diamond Python. What's The Difference?

Diamond pythons are a race of carpet python — a not-so-distinct subspecies.

Herp Queries: Why Doesn’t My Spiny Softshell Turtle Have Spines?

Hatchling spiny softshell turtles (Apalone spinifera) don’t yet possess the “spines” on the fronts of their shells, above their heads, that will appear with age

Herp Queries: Do Snakes Get Dirty?

Snakes definitely do get dirty, as evidenced by this leucistic eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus adamanteus) shedding its old, soiled skin

Herp Queries: Can I Keep A Thorny Devil?

Thorny devils (Moloch horridus) are native to Australia and are illegal to keep or export out of the country.

Herp Queries: Where Can I Go Herping In Southern California?

Palm Springs is one of many great locations in Southern California to observe reptiles in the wild.

Herp Queries: Are Just A Few Reptile Species Dominating The Hobby?

Herp Queries With Bill Love: Know Your Latin Reptile Name

It’s good to keep the scientific names of flora and fauna in front of people’s faces, to remind them that there’s still plenty to discover.

Rescuing Reptiles in Need

When deciding on a reptile pet, consider the adoption option!

Bearded Dragon Will Not Eat

My bearded dragon recently stopped eating and I was wondering what would cause this?

Prepare for the Worst: Save Your Reptiles with This Disaster Check List

Bonus content from the September 2011 REPTILES magazine article "Prepare for the Worst."

Tips for Creating Your Lost Reptile Flyer

How to create and distribute a "lost" flyer when your herp escapes.

Best Pet Reptiles for Children

Reasons why children should keep reptiles.

Looking for Herps While Cruising in Your Car

One of the biggest advantages of “road cruising” for herps is exactly what you surmised.

Chelonians: Wild Caught Or Captive Bred?

Purchasing captive-bred turtles and tortoises whenever possible is always recommended.

Reptiles in Public

What are your thoughts on the trend of discouraging live reptiles being displayed in public?

Snake Myths and Facts

The facts and truth behind the eight most common myths about snakes.

Careful Buying Reptiles

How to be careful and safe when buying reptiles.

Owning a Lizard

What would be a good first lizard? Would it get along with my dog?

Good First Tortoise

Three choices for a your first tortoise as a pet.

Are Children Safe Around Reptiles?

Beginner Lizard Care

Your new lizard requires specific items for good care.

Herpkeeping Dos and Don'ts

There are basic rules to herpkeeping that all hobbyists should follow.

Good Beginner Reptiles

What's a good beginner snake, or lizard, for a child?

Can you tame a reptile?

Herps And Invertebrates

Tarantulas and scorpions aren’t herps. Why are they always lumped together with them?

A Brief Look at Reptile Taxonomy

An overview of reptile taxonomy.

Herp Set Ups

I want a nice, naturalistic home for a couple of small- to medium-sized turtles to enjoy.

Don't Release Captive Herps

Releasing captive-bred offspring can cause damage to herp conservation.
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