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Keel-Scaled Boa Down Listed To Vulnerable Thanks To Conservation Efforts

The elimination of rats, goats and rabbits helped the keel-scaled boa's population numbers to rebound.

Man Charged With Keeping Venomous Snakes In Georgia

Child services were notified that venomous snakes were kept in the home.

5 Invertebrate-Eating Snakes

These snakes are all specialists in that they specialize in eating invertebrates.

Rescuing Snakes In India With Wildlife SOS

In Delhi, India, Wildlife SOS is saving reptiles through rescue and education.

Two-Headed Baby Copperhead Snake Found Alive In Virginia Has Died

It is unknown why the snake died, but experts say that chance of survival for two-headed snakes is slim.

Florida FWC Hatch Pine Snakes From Discovered Nests

Biologists with the Florida FWC Commission successfully hatched several Florida pine snakes from two separate clutches found in the wild.

Florida Hunter Captures Record Setting 17.5 foot Burmese Python

The python elimination program has eliminated 1,859 invasive Burmese pythons in just two years.

Four People In Florida Bitten By Coral Snakes

The folks picked up the coral snakes and were then bitten.

Snake Missing Six Months Reunited With Keeper

The boa constrictor hitched a ride to a Texas Goodwill in a sofa.

Snake Road In Illinois To Remain Closed Another Week

The U.S. Forest Service began restricting vehicles on the road more than 40 years ago

Two-Headed Copperhead Snake To Be Displayed At Kentucky Wildlife Center

The baby venomous snake was donated to the center by a couple who found it in their yard.

Cape Cobras Eat Their Own Kind, But Only Males

Researchers have found that male Cape cobras eat male Cape cobras. They have not yet documented a male eating a female.

Florida Kingsnake In NorCal With Bad Burns On His Body Ready For Adoption

Felix is a Florida kingsnake who was surrendered by his owner in bad shape. He is ready to be adopted.

Two-Headed Baby Copperhead Snake Found Alive In Virginia

It is hoped that the venomous reptile can eventually be put on display at a zoo.

Green Tree Python With Broken Jaw Fixed With Paper Clip And Superglue

Dr. Joshua Llinas, of HerpVet in Mt. Ommaney in Queensland, Australia fixed the jaw of Toothless after she damaged it while feeding.

Aussie Snake Catchers Capture Two Pythons Fighting In Brisbane Home

The dueling duo were released about a mile away from the home in which they were removed.

100+ Pythons Seized From Texas Home

Authorities tried working with the owner to try and improve conditions before seizing the reptiles.

Now Is The Time To Herp Snake Road At Shawnee National Forest

Herping on the Snake Road in Shawnee National Forest is best done when the road is closed to vehicles, from September 1 to October 1.

81-Year-Old Grandma Subdues Two Large Pythons Like A Boss

It turns out the woman has years of experience handling snakes.

West Virginia Man Arrested For Illegal Possession of 17 Rattlesnakes

West Virginians can possess one timber rattlesnake.

Snake Handler Helps Wisconsin Police Save Snake Stuck Under Hood Of Car

A ball python managed to get itself wrapped up in the engine compartment of a car in Wisconsin. Police called a snake handler to help safely remove the reptile.

College Student Says Pet Snake “Held Hostage” At Boarding Facility

The facility that was caring for Santana says the snake is being treated for mites.

Burmese Pythons Crossbreeding With Indian Pythons In Florida Everglades

Researchers say a crossbred snake could create a super snake that takes the best traits of both species.

Lawsuit To Protect Habitat Of Two Garter Snake Species Launched Against USFWS

The habitat of both garter snake species are suffering from issues such as livestock grazing, agricultural and urban sprawl.

Boa Constrictor Thwarts Mail Delivery At Overland Park, KS Home

These animal control officers had quite the time with this boa constrictor.

Snake Fungal Disease Changes Skin Microbiome of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes

Healthy skin of infected eastern Massasauga rattlesnakes test positive for Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola.

Whale Watchers Spot Hognose Snake Swimming More Than 1 Mile off Cape Cod

it is speculated that the snake may tried to cool down and was pulled out to sea by currents or got disoriented and swam out.

Redding Reptiles Survives Devastating Carr Fire In Northern California

Redding Reptiles had to move its 210 reptiles six times during the Carr Fire.

DNA Analysis Determines Forest Cobra To Be Five Different Species

Researchers in England have determined that the forest cobra is actually five different species.

Yellow-Bellied Puffing Snake Venom Adapts To Prey

22 Smooth Green Snakes Released On Barrington Prairie In Illinois

The smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis) is non-venomous and bright green in coloration with a white belly.

Michigan Man Bitten By Monocled Cobra Saved By Antivenin Flown In From Florida

Monocled cobra venom is fast acting and the man is fortunate to be alive.

20 Eastern Indigo Snakes Reintroduced In Habitat That Hasn’t Seen Them In 35 Years

The eastern indigo snake has not been seen in the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve for more than 35 years.

Scientists Discover Tiny Snake Fossil Encased In Amber

The snake lived 100 million years ago.

New Venomous Snake Species Discovered In Australia

The Bandy bandy snake, Vermicella parscauda may already face extinction due to mining.

Vet In Australia Removes Stuffed Toy From Scrub Python

The scrub python ate a stuffed cow, a toy stuffed cow.

Arkansas Suspends Issuance Of Venomous Wildlife Importation And Breeder/Dealer Permits

The state of Arkansas allows for the collection up to six venomous species.

Someone Tried (And Failed) To Smuggle A Ball Python At Miami International Airport

The snake was destined for Barbados when it was seized by the TSA.

Woman At Kruger National Park Happens Upon Cobra Trying To Eat Monitor Lizard

The snake was persistent, but could it have really eaten such a large lizard?

9 Black Mambas Hatched At Reptile Gardens In South Dakota

The black mamba is one of the fastest snakes in the world and one of the deadliest. It is called the black mamba because the black color of its mouth, and not its outside coloration.

Woman Asks For Help On Facebook To Find Her Rainbow Boa

Prometheus the rainbow boa has been missing since July 7.

Canadian Charged With Animal Cruelty For Allegedly Operating On Snake Without Vet License

Man's facility was also raided by the SPCA back in 2015.

Why (And How) A Reticulated Python Managed To Consume An Indonesian Woman

The reticulated python is considered the longest snake species in the world. It is also one of the heaviest.

West Virginia Police Stop Traffic To Let Snake Cross Busy Road

With a little help from police, the timber rattlesnake made it safely to the other side.

Video: Florida Python Hunters Save Alligator From Coils of Burmese Python

The alligator was saved from the coils of the snake just in time.

5 Facts About The Reticulated Python

The reticulated python is the longest snake species in the world.

5 New Snail Eating Snake Species Discovered In South America

The five snakes are all snail eaters and hail from South America.

Texas Deputy Safely Removes Threatened Indigo Snake From Bathroom

Texas indigo snakes are a protected species in the state.

Texas Man Recovering From Severed Rattlesnake Head Bite

The man had just decapitated the snake in his yard when he was bitten.

5-Foot Ball Python Found Near Hawaii Landfill

The pet snake was transported to the Honolulu Department of Agriculture’s Quarantine Branch.

Lake County Fire Rescue In Florida Opens Venom Bank, Educates Folks On Snake Species

Venom 2 will get antivenin to those in need much faster.

Florida’s Python Elimination Program Removes 1,000 Snakes In 15 Months

The Burmese python has gained a foothold in the Everglades.

Family Who Claimed Man Was Bitten By Rattlesnake That Fell In His Kayak Changes Story

It is unclear why the family changed their story, but at least the man is doing better.

Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In Indiana

Species that tested positive for SFD in the state include the northern water snake, racer, milk snake, and queen snake.

Snake Makes Minor League Debut At San Antonio Missions Baseball Game

The snake was swarmed almost immediately after it took to the field.

Politician In South Carolina Gets Flack For Shooting Snakes Ad

According to the South Carolina Fish and Wildlife Service, finding an eastern diamondback rattlesnake in Fair Play is highly unlikely.

Alabama Man Fights For His Life After Coral Snake Bite

Jeffrey Phillips apparently thought the snake he picked up was a kingsnake.

Momma Possum Fends Off Carpet Python That Tried To Eat Her Baby

The carpet python had to give up its meal thanks to a relentless attack from momma possum.

Experimental Drug Derived From Rattlesnake Venom Shows Promise In Pancreatic and Lung Cancer Patients

A drug that uses crotoxin from the South American rattlesnake has shown promise to kill pancreatic and lung cancers.

Australian Poacher Caught With Largest Seizure of Native Reptiles

It is illegal to export for commercial use any live Australian wildlife under any circumstances.

Aussie Vet Saves Scrub Python Whose Face Got Damaged

The scrub python had severely damaged its face.

Pet Corn Snake Named Anna Cornda Rescued By Firefighters In England

Anna Cornda didn't get very far before he was rescued by firefighters.

Boa Constrictor Found Sick And Disoriented In Florida Nursed Back To Health

Snake Gyllenhal had an upper respiratory infection, mouth rot, and an injury to his tail that exposed vertebrae.

Tagged Burmese Python Leads Florida Researchers To Largest Breeding Aggregation

The Conservancy uses telemetry to locate other Burmese pythons, and in this instance, Argo found the largest breeding aggregation of Burmese pythons.

Southern Black Racer Interrupts Alabama National Guard's Sniper Training

The snake crawled across the barrel of Pfc. William Snyder's sniper rifle.

Louisiana Pine Snake Listed As Threatened By USFWS

The Louisiana pine snake spends much of its life below the forest, underground.

Phoenix Herpetological Society Saves Baby Rattlesnake Stuck In Glue Trap

Glue traps don't discriminate. Whatever walks into the glue trap usually gets stuck.

Woman Tweets Video Of Her Hognose Snake Drinking Water And Internet Loves It

Twitter user Taylor Nicole Dean is a reptile lover and a video of her hognose snake drinking water went viral over the weekend.

Water Snake Gets Too Close To Alligator Babies And Pays For It

The alligator didn't like that the banded water snake got too close.

Unique Feeding Behavior For A Snake; Tearing Its Food Apart Before Eating It

These Southeast Asian snakes dine on crustaceans in unique ways, unlike other snakes.

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Herp Vet In Australia Removes Slipper Eaten By Carpet Python

The snake will spend six to eight weeks recovering from surgery at the facility.

Buffalo Zoo’s Reptile House Closes For Renovation

A new bushmaster exhibit will be one of the highlights of the Donna M. Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center.

Georgia Town Punked On Fakebook With Bogus Warning About Copperhead Snakes

Pranksters created a fake Facebook page representing the city of Calhoun, Georgia.

Video: Boa Constrictor Born With Two Heads, Two Hearts

Snake breeder in Florida showcased on Nat Geo vet show.

Cobra Handling Firefighter From Malaysia Dies From Cobra Bite

Abu Zarin Husin, a Malaysian firefighter who captured and released uncounted cobras has died of a cobra bite.

Southern African Python Mothers Stay With Their Babies For About Two Weeks After They Hatch

The mother snakes also warm their bodies and return to the snake nest to warm their babies.

Two-headed Rat Snake Makes Debut At Cameron Park Zoo In Texas

Pancho and Lefty have been in quarantine for 18 months and are now on display at the Cameron Park Zoo.

Reptile Enclosure Maker Vision Products Plus Acquired By Adam’s Specialty Products

The Vision slider rack system is very popular with snake enthusiasts and breeders.

Venomous Cat Snake Spotted In UAE For First Time In Nearly 10 Years

The first documented instance of a cat snake in the UAE occurred in 2007

Florida High School Student Brings Coral Snake To School And Gets Bit

The snake was later destroyed.

Actress Elsa Pataky Handles A Snake In Her Bathroom Like A Pro

The Snakes On A Plane Star had no problem subduing the reptile and getting it safely in a box.

Video: Aussie Snake Catcher Removes Venomous Tiger Snake Stuck In Beer Can

Tiger snakes are highly venomous, large elapids from Australia.

Tiger Snake Crawling On A Wire Garners More Than 2 Million Views

Tiger snakes are one of three venomous snake species on Tasmania.

Ball Python Saved From St. Louis Housefire

A St. Louis Fire Department firefighter saved a ball python from a house fire.

Snakes Spread Plant Seeds Via The Rodents They Eat

Researchers say the role of snakes as ecosystem servicers should be further studied.

Photo Shows King Cobra And Reticulated Python Caught In Deadly Embrace

The king cobra wanted to eat, but both died in the fight for survival.

New Coral Snake Species Of The Genus Calliophis Described In The Philippines

Calliophis salitan is closely related to four other Philippine-native snakes, Calliophis bivirgatus, C. bilineatus, C. philippinus, and C. suluensis.

Snake Experts Have Doubts That Python Killed British Snake Keeper

Daniel Brandon was found dead in his room last August.

Man Gets 5 Months In Prison For Smuggling Juvenile King Cobras Into The U.S.

Rodrigo Franco pleaded guilty to smuggling three king cobras and three Chinese soft-shell turtles into the United States.

Will Smith Handles Olive Python Like It's No Big Deal

Thanks to his daughter Willow, Will Smith has no problem handling the snake.

California Native Snakes Displaced By Montecito Floods End Up On Santa Barbara Beaches

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network wants anyone who sees a snake on Santa Barbara beaches to call them.

Two-Headed Rat Snake That Was Almost Killed Will Live Out Its Life At Interpretive Center

The snake will live out its life at the Missouri Department of Conservation's Shepherd of the Hills Hatchery.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Washes Ashore In Newport Beach, Calif.

This marks the 5th time since 1972, and the 4th since 2015, that a yellow-bellied sea snake washed up on a California beach.

Boa Constrictor Found With Broken Jaw Recovers And Is Awaiting Forever Home

Rocky Balboa is available for adoption.

Red-Bellied Black Snake Hitches Ride On Delivery Car

The venomous snake from New South Wales, Australia was later safely removed and ushered into the bushland.

Florida’s Invasive Burmese Pythons Spreading Disease To Native Snakes, Study Says

Burmese pythons introduced the Raillietiella orientalis parasite to native snakes in Florida.

Australian Reptile Park Houses Three Pythons Described As Rarest In The World

Some estimates put the population of the Oenpelli python at less than 10,000 individuals.

Corn Snake Is Now Longest Staying Resident At Scottish Animal Shelter

Snowflake has been at the Scottish SPCA Aberdeenshire Drumoak centre for more than four years.
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