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First Case Of Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In California

The California kingsnake infected with snake fungal disease was euthanized.

How To Build A Bioactive Enclosure For Your Crested Gecko

A more natural approach to keeping America’s favorite pet gecko.

Bearded Dragon Not Eating

Why would our beardies suddenly stop eating?

Two Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Receive Electrochemotherapy Treatment For Fibropapillomatosis

How To Use The Herpetofauna Disease Alert System (HDAS)

The Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation formed the Disease Task Team to guide communication and collaboration on herpetofaunal diseases among PARC regions.

Ideal Heating For Your Reptiles

Heat for reptiles isn’t just for comfort — it’s for survival.

Expert Tips On Planting A Lush Vivarium

Choose plants that will go well with your reptile when setting up a vivarium.

Can A Retic With Inclusion Body Disease Still Strike?

Inclusion body disease is known to strike pythons and boas.

An Examination Of Tortoise Health Conditions

Find out what ails your tortoise and potential remedies.

Top 5 Tips To Protect The Health Of Your Reptiles

Do your homework, and research what is involved in caring for a reptile, before selecting the species that you want to keep.

Florida’s Invasive Burmese Pythons Spreading Disease To Native Snakes, Study Says

Burmese pythons introduced the Raillietiella orientalis parasite to native snakes in Florida.

The Vet Report: Salmonella In Reptiles

In the 1970s, red-eared sliders were so popular in the pet trade that they were actually raised in human sewage ponds —hence the source of the Salmonella

Bearded Dragon With Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (NSHP)

If caught early, NSHP can sometimes be cured by a change in husbandry habits, especially in regard to UVB and diet supplementation.

Herp Queries: Difficulty Seeing Reptiles In Their Zoo Enclosures

If you can't see a particular reptile in its enclosure at the zoo, don't be shy to ask for help in spotting it.

Snake Fungal Disease Could Spread Globally, Report Says

Snake fungal disease can kill snakes within a few days.

Reptilian Opthalmology — A Window To Reptile Health

Reptile eye problems and their symptoms.

The Vet Report: Contrary To Popular Belief, Snakes Can Hear

“Well, Mr. Jones, I have to disagree with you. Snakes do have internal ears, and they can hear.”

The Vet Report: Puka, The Sea Turtle With A Hole

When Puka came to the Turtle Hospital, the director at first wanted to euthanize her. My first thought was that I had to agree. A hole in a sea turtle —not good.

Metabolic Bone Disease In Reptiles

MBD is not actually a single disease entity, it is a collection of medical disorders affecting the integrity and function of bones.

Reptile Medicine Behind Bars At The Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm

The Monroe County Jail in Florida is home to a variety of animals, cared for by inmates.

The Vet Report: Reptile Vomiting and Regurgitation

The two most common causes of vomiting or regurgitation in snakes are low-environmental temperature and handling the animal too soon after eating.

The Vet Report: Don’t Diagnose Your Herps Via The Internet. Find A Good Reptile Vet

Long-distance medicine is a reality, but it requires trained individuals on both ends of the cyber connection to collect all the data and formulate a diagnosis and plan.

How To Create The Perfect Desert Terrarium

Build the right enclosure for your desert species.

Factor Your Reptiles In Disaster Preparedness

Develop an emergency action plan and follow it.

Mites in Reptiles

Mites can be both a nuisance and a costly problem in any reptile collection.

Dr. Douglas Mader Bids Farewell: Thank You REPTILES Readers

After 23 years answering over 350 questions in over 250 columns and writing numerous columns, Dr. Douglas Mader bids farewell.

The Vet Report: Environmental Enrichment for Reptiles

Environmental enrichment will improve the health of captive reptiles.

Baytril: The Overused Herp Antibiotic

Baytril is an excellent, powerful and effective drug.

DIY Planted Mix Recipes for Planted Vivariums

Planting mix recipes to help you create amazing planted vivariums

The Vet Report: Burns in Reptiles

The Vet Report: A List of Common Internal Parasites in Reptiles

IBD – The Twisted Tale of Inclusion Body Disease

Inclusion Body Disease is devastating to the snakes that are infected by it.

Bearded Dragon Aneurysms

In beardies, aneurysms can occur in many different locations.

A Crocodilian Christmas

Scientists Eliminate Chytrid Fungus In Five Mallorca Ponds

The controversial chemical Virkon was used to clear Mallorcan midwife toad ponds of the Chytrid fungus.

Fibropapilloma: A Devastating Sea Turtle Disease

The Vet Report: Working On Hot Herps

The Vet Report: Routine Blood Testing In Reptiles Is Encouraged

Does Your Tortoise Have Herpesvirus Of Tortoises, Chelonid Herpesvirus?

Diagnosing And Treating Dysecdysis aka Retained Shed

Retained Eyecaps In Reptiles Causes And Solutions

Causes, Prevention, And Treatment Of Snake Mites, Acariasis

CANV In Reptiles

Chytrid Fungus Confirmed On Madagascar Yet No Frogs Have Died From It

Snake Fungal Disease Found in Michigan Rattlesnakes

Snake Health 101

The Vet Report: Herp First Aid Kit Checklist

Carnivorous Plants For Beginners

Carnivorous plants can be interesting additions to vivariums, but plan carefully.

The Vet Report: Fluid Therapy In Reptiles

The Vet Report: Sulcata Tortoise Spine Abnormality

The Vet Report: Inclusion Body Disease

The Best Reptile Misting Systems

My Leopard Gecko Is Not Eating

My leopard gecko ran away and now that I found her again, she won't eat. Why is this?

How to Recognize and Treat Reptile Ectoparasites

Ectoparasites can quickly do serious damage to your reptiles.

Identify And Treat Mouth, Shell And Scale Rot In Reptiles

How to treat mouth, shell, and scale rot in reptiles.

White Tortoise Feces

Why is my tortoise’s feces white?

Bearded Dragon Will Not Eat

My bearded dragon recently stopped eating and I was wondering what would cause this?

Build The Ultimate Turtle Pond

Construct a healthy, attractive habitat for your turtles.

Preparing Reptiles For Winter's Sleep

Know the basics for successfully hibernating your pet reptile.

Snake Winter Anorexia

Do ball pythons typically go through a hibernation state during the winter?

Create a Habitat for your Chameleon

With relatively simple modifications (such as adding some appropriate plants), the right type of room can become a great home for a large chameleon.

Supplemental Nutrition For Your Reptiles

Proper reptile nutrition requires six essential components.

Snake Fungal Disease Now Present In South Carolina

SFD is now present in 10 states in the eastern and midwestern United States

Reptiles And Viral Diseases

A listing and description of reptile viral diseases.

Common Reptile Viral Diseases

A listing of diseases that may affect your pet reptiles.

Reptile Lighting Information

Information on how natural and artificial lighting affects reptiles.

Designing and Building a Vivarium

Step-by-step instructions for creating a unique and attractive vivarium from the ground up.

Copperheads and Cottonmouths Serve as Winter Hosts to Equine Encephalitis Virus

Virus has found a winter incubator in the venomous snakes

Herp Hides: Provide a Proper Reptile Hiding Place in Your Reptile Enclosure

Keep your reptiles healthy by providing a hiding spot for them.

Scientists Try to Inoculate Sierra Yellow-Legged Frog Tadpoles Against Chytrid

J.liv bacteria may help to protect amphibians from chytrid.

Diagnosing Snake Inclusion Body Disease and the Value of a Snake Necropsy

Natural Vivarium Substrate Recipes

Bonus content from the August 2011 REPTILES magazine article, “Understanding What’s Underfoot.”

Dart Frog Vivarium Plants

Choosing plants for your dart frog vivarium.

Taipan Snake Health Problems

Supplement to the August 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Taipan Number One."

How to Build a Basic Outdoor Tortoise Pen

Supplement to the April 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Turning the Tables."

Three Common Ailments of Tortoises in Captivity

Ailments of tortoises in captivity and potential treatments.

External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles: Pyrethrins and Permethrins

The key to using this group of insecticides in reptiles is to avoid spraying if possible, allow for adequate ventilation, and limit the dosage used.

External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles: Dichlorvos (No-Pest) Strips

The important external parasites in reptiles are mites, ticks, biting flies, and, to a much lesser degree, leeches.

Using Ivermectin for External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles

Protozoan Parasites Treatment : Sulfa Drugs

Sulfadimethoxine, sulfamethoxine, and trimethoprim sulfa are the current drugs of choice for treating coccidian infections in reptiles.

Protozoan Parasites Treatment: Metronidazole (Flagyl)

Protozoan parasites are very common in reptiles.

Tapeworm and Fluke Treatment for Reptiles

Praziquantel is the only drug shown to be effective and safe for use in reptiles with tapeworms or flukes.

Nematode Parasites Treatment: Milbemycin

Using Milbemycin proves useful in most turtles.

Nematode Parasites Treatment: Ivermectin

Ivermectin can be administered to most reptiles several ways and is safe for gravid females.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Pyrantel Pamoate

Using Pyrantel Pamoate to treat reptile parasites.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Levamisole

Levamisole is an imidazothiazole anthelmintic that is very effective against nematode parasites.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Fenbendazole

How to treat nematode parasites in reptiles.

Understanding Reptile Parasites

Parasites Treatment for Reptiles

How to Build Your Own Chameleon Lizard Cage

Building your own chameleon lizard cage is often a satisfying experience.

Leopard Gecko Eye Problem

My leopard gecko can’t open his eye.

Atadenovirus - This Disease Can Be Deadly to Your Bearded Dragon

Also known as wasting disease and stargazing disease, this bearded dragon disease can be fatal to your beardie.

Five Top Aquatic Turtle Tips

Expert tips on keeping aquatic turtles.

Can we give medication to our reptiles by putting the meds inside feeders, such as a pinky mouse?

Reptiles, Candles and Incense

Are things like incense and candles harmful to reptiles and amphibians?

Chinese Water Dragon With Mouth Lump

My female Chinese water dragon has a strange whitish lump on the outside of her mouth.

Keeping Your Turtle Healthy

Valuable Tips For a Happy and Healthy Turtle

Marineland Aquarium Heaters Recall

United Pet Group has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 1.2 million Marineland aquarium heaters due to fire and laceration hazards.

Chytrid Fungus Threatens Frogs in Australia

The deadly chytrid fungus renders unique frogs extinct and threatens another species in Australia.

Heating and Cooling Reptiles and Amphibians

Practical solutions for heating and cooling your reptiles and amphibians.
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