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White Tortoise Feces

Why is my tortoise’s feces white?

Bearded Dragon Will Not Eat

My bearded dragon recently stopped eating and I was wondering what would cause this?

Build the Ultimate Turtle Pond

Construct a healthy, attractive habitat for your turtles.

Preparing Reptiles for Winters Sleep

Know the basics for successfully hibernating your pet reptile.

Snake Winter Anorexia

Do ball pythons typically go through a hibernation state during the winter?

Create a Habitat for your Chameleon

With relatively simple modifications (such as adding some appropriate plants), the right type of room can become a great home for a large chameleon.

Leopard Gecko Heating and Care

Can I heat my leopard gecko with just an undertank heat strip?

Supplemental Nutrition for Your Reptiles

Proper reptile nutrition requires six essential components.

Snake Fungal Disease Now Present in South Carolina

SFD is now present in 10 states in the eastern and midwestern United States

Reptile Viral Diseases

A listing and description of reptile viral diseases.

Common Reptile Viral Diseases

A listing of diseases that may affect your pet reptiles.

Reptile Lighting Information

Information on how natural and artificial lighting affects reptiles.

Designing and Building a Vivarium

Step-by-step instructions for creating a unique and attractive vivarium from the ground up.

Copperheads and Cottonmouths Serve as Winter Hosts to Equine Encephalitis Virus

Virus has found a winter incubator in the venomous snakes

Herp Hides: Provide a Proper Reptile Hiding Place in Your Reptile Enclosure

Keep your reptiles healthy by providing a hiding spot for them.

Scientists Try to Inoculate Sierra Yellow-Legged Frog Tadpoles Against Chytrid

J.liv bacteria may help to protect amphibians from chytrid.

Diagnosing Snake Inclusion Body Disease and the Value of a Snake Necropsy

Supplement to the December 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Catching an Insidious Killer."

Natural Vivarium Substrate Recipes

Bonus content from the August 2011 REPTILES magazine article, “Understanding What’s Underfoot.”

Dart Frog Vivarium Plants

Choosing plants for your dart frog vivarium.

Taipan Snake Health Problems

Supplement to the August 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Taipan Number One."

How to Build a Basic Outdoor Tortoise Pen

Supplement to the April 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Turning the Tables."

Three Common Ailments of Tortoises in Captivity

Ailments of tortoises in captivity and potential treatments.

External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles: Pyrethrins and Permethrins

The key to using this group of insecticides in reptiles is to avoid spraying if possible, allow for adequate ventilation, and limit the dosage used.

External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles: Dichlorvos (No-Pest) Strips

The important external parasites in reptiles are mites, ticks, biting flies, and, to a much lesser degree, leeches.

Using Ivermectin for External Parasites Treatment for Reptiles

Protozoan Parasites Treatment : Sulfa Drugs

Sulfadimethoxine, sulfamethoxine, and trimethoprim sulfa are the current drugs of choice for treating coccidian infections in reptiles.

Protozoan Parasites Treatment :Metronidazole (Flagyl)

Protozoan parasites are very common in reptiles.

Tapeworm and Fluke Treatment for Reptiles

Praziquantel is the only drug shown to be effective and safe for use in reptiles with tapeworms or flukes.

Nematode Parasites Treatment: Milbemycin

Using Milbemycin proves useful in most turtles.

Nematode Parasites Treatment: Ivermectin

Ivermectin can be administered to most reptiles several ways and is safe for gravid females.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Pyrantel Pamoate

Using Pyrantel Pamoate to treat reptile parasites.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Levamisole

Levamisole is an imidazothiazole anthelmintic that is very effective against nematode parasites.

Reptiles Nematode Parasites Treatment: Fenbendazole

How to treat nematode parasites in reptiles.

Understanding Reptile Parasites

Parasites Treatment for Reptiles

Leopard Gecko Eye Problem

My leopard gecko can’t open his eye.

Atadenovirus-- This Disease Can Be Deadly to Your Bearded Dragon

Also known as wasting disease and stargazing disease, this bearded dragon disease can be fatal to your beardie.

Five Top Aquatic Turtle Tips

Expert tips on keeping aquatic turtles.

Reptiles, Candles and Incense

Are things like incense and candles harmful to reptiles and amphibians?

Can we give medication to our reptiles by putting the meds inside feeders, such as a pinky mouse?

Chinese Water Dragon With Mouth Lump

My female Chinese water dragon has a strange whitish lump on the outside of her mouth.

Keeping Your Turtle Healthy

Valuable Tips For a Happy and Healthy Turtle

Marineland Aquarium Heaters Recall

United Pet Group has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 1.2 million Marineland aquarium heaters due to fire and laceration hazards.

Chytrid Fungus Threatens Frogs in Australia

The deadly chytrid fungus renders unique frogs extinct and threatens another species in Australia.


An injured crocodile was taken to surgery, and about four hours, four plates and 41 stainless steel screws later, “RoboCroc,” was reborn.

Heating and Cooling Reptiles and Amphibians

Practical solutions for heating and cooling your reptiles and amphibians.

List of Plants That Can Be Toxic To Reptiles

List of plants that can be toxic to reptiles.

Reptile Water Requirements

A complete look at the water hydration needs and requirements of reptiles.

Reptile Shipping

What is the best and cheapest way to ship reptiles?

Snake Gastrointestinal Tract Anatomy

Know your snake inside and out with this snake gastrointestinal tract anatomy overview.

Snake Immune System Anatomy

Know your snake inside and out with this snake immune system anatomy overview.

Why is my African fat-tailed gecko lethargic and eating less?

I was told my lizards have worms and was prescribed Panacur, which I’ve administered now for a week without any change in condition. What else can I do?

Can a lizard get cancer in its leg? If so, should the leg be amputated?

My lizard has not eaten since I got her, and she also has a bottlejaw, which I think is from hypoproteinemia due to parasites. Can you help?

Reptile Health and Care Videos

Watch these videos from ReptilesTV to visually learn how to care for your reptile pets.

Turtle With Worms: I have noticed a very thin, white-clear, stringlike material coming out of my reptile's cloaca. What is this?

I cannot find any information on the Snake Virus Paramyxovirus. Can you help?

How do I clip my monitor lizard’s nails?

How can you tell the difference between a herp injury and a disease?

What is the red irritation on my basilisk's belly?

Reptile Lifeless and Gasping

My reptile is unable to keep his head up and move his front legs.

Swollen Chameleon Eye

I take good care of my lizard. Any ideas on what causes his eye to be swollen?

Snake Inclusion Body Disease

Research from the nation’s top snake inclusion body disease expert.

It looks like my turtle is stretching out her neck and trying to swallow like she has something stuck in her throat. What could this be?

Lizard With Swollen Jaw and Leg, Losing Weight

My reptile looks like it has renal failure. Is there anything that i can do to help him get better?

Preventing Herp Breeding

Is it possible to castrate a reptile?

Tortoise Bladder Stones: 100 Cases in Review

Bladder stones are a common problem in many species of tortoise.

Can reptiles get colds?

Screaming Lizard

Today I picked up my reptile and she started screaming and when I put her down she kept screaming and running around and twisting her body. What could be wrong?

Leopard Gecko Everted Hemipenis

I noticed my lizard has a large bump on his underside near where the tail connects to his body.

Hypocalcemic Herp

My lizard has many problems after a fall. What is wrong with it?

Painted turtle with soggy, white feet. How do I treat the condition?

Donating Herps For Research

My daughter's lizard recently died. She is storing it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Can we donate it for research and to whom?

Lizard With Soft Stool

My reptile's stool is sort of soft. Is this a problem? And if so, what can I do about it?

Do Snakes Fart?

Do snakes pass gas?

Reptile Calcium Deficiency

My reptile has been diagnosed with a swollen mouth and throat, and a calcium deficiency.

Circling Iguana

Why is my iguana walking around in circles?

Do Reptiles Get Hemorrhoids?

Do reptiles get hemorrhoids?

My map turtle is sneezing and breathing through its mouth. What Should I do?

Lizard Foot Lump

My grandson's reptile has a lump on his foot and wants to know what it might be?

Ball Python Refusing to Eat

Why is my ball python snake refusing to eat?

Ball Python Won't Eat

How can I get my ball python to eat?

Garter Snake Won't Drink

Young albino garter snake won't drink and spits clear fluid.

Ball Python Blister Disease

My ball python's belly appears to have blisters and orange dots. Is this blister disease?

Lizard Limb Injury

My herp was bleeding from his right back leg like he scraped it and he has humps in his back kind of like he fell. What should I do?

Constipated Lizard...What Should I do?

My leopard gecko is sick. After taking him to a local vet, we are now warm-water soaking him, force feeding him, and providing a laxative. He still, however, has not defecated. Also, the skin behind his anal slit is very swollen. What should I do?

I bought a baby turtle a month ago. She has been doing fine until today when I noticed that her eyes are not shining as usual. Her eyelids are somehow swollen. What's wrong?

I bought a baby turtle a month ago. She has been doing fine until today when I noticed that her eyes are not shining as usual. Her eyelids are somehow swollen. What's wrong?

Tortoise Personal Health Issue

I am concerned because my reptile has been dragging his privates all day.

What causes, and how do you treat, a dried out turtle shell?

Breeding Bearded Dragons

What's involved with breeding bearded dragon lizards?

Amphibian Chytrid Fungus - Information and Links

Supplement to the May 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Under Fire."

Vivarium Waterfalls

A waterfall is certainly one of the most attractive and useful fixtures that can be installed in a reptile vivarium.

Herp Set Ups

I want a nice, naturalistic home for a couple of small- to medium-sized turtles to enjoy.

Snake and Lizard Substrates

Check out various substrate environments for your pet snake or lizard.

Are There Other Ways To Identify Your Reptile Without Microchips?

Why won't my reptile eat? Is it because of the new surroundings?

Should you force-feed a reptile that won't eat?

How do you prevent internal parasites in lizards?

Reptile Mite Treatments

How do you remove mites from reptiles and clean their vivarium after an infestation?

Cast Your Vote

What lizards do you keep?