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How To Build A Bioactive Enclosure For Your Crested Gecko

A more natural approach to keeping America’s favorite pet gecko.

Ideal Heating For Your Reptiles

Heat for reptiles isn’t just for comfort — it’s for survival.

Expert Tips On Planting A Lush Vivarium

Choose plants that will go well with your reptile when setting up a vivarium.

An Examination Of Tortoise Health Conditions

Find out what ails your tortoise and potential remedies.

Top 5 Tips To Protect The Health Of Your Reptiles

Do your homework, and research what is involved in caring for a reptile, before selecting the species that you want to keep.

Bearded Dragon With Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (NSHP)

If caught early, NSHP can sometimes be cured by a change in husbandry habits, especially in regard to UVB and diet supplementation.

Herp Queries: Difficulty Seeing Reptiles In Their Zoo Enclosures

If you can't see a particular reptile in its enclosure at the zoo, don't be shy to ask for help in spotting it.

How To Create The Perfect Desert Terrarium

Build the right enclosure for your desert species.

Factor Your Reptiles In Disaster Preparedness

Develop an emergency action plan and follow it.

The Vet Report: Environmental Enrichment for Reptiles

Environmental enrichment will improve the health of captive reptiles.

DIY Planted Mix Recipes for Planted Vivariums

Planting mix recipes to help you create amazing planted vivariums

Carnivorous Plants For Beginners

Carnivorous plants can be interesting additions to vivariums, but plan carefully.

The Best Reptile Misting Systems

Build The Ultimate Turtle Pond

Construct a healthy, attractive habitat for your turtles.

Preparing Reptiles For Winter's Sleep

Know the basics for successfully hibernating your pet reptile.

Create a Habitat for your Chameleon

With relatively simple modifications (such as adding some appropriate plants), the right type of room can become a great home for a large chameleon.

Supplemental Nutrition For Your Reptiles

Proper reptile nutrition requires six essential components.

Reptile Lighting Information

Information on how natural and artificial lighting affects reptiles.

Designing and Building a Vivarium

Step-by-step instructions for creating a unique and attractive vivarium from the ground up.

Herp Hides: Provide a Proper Reptile Hiding Place in Your Reptile Enclosure

Keep your reptiles healthy by providing a hiding spot for them.

Natural Vivarium Substrate Recipes

Bonus content from the August 2011 REPTILES magazine article, “Understanding What’s Underfoot.”

Dart Frog Vivarium Plants

Choosing plants for your dart frog vivarium.

How to Build a Basic Outdoor Tortoise Pen

Supplement to the April 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Turning the Tables."

How to Build Your Own Chameleon Lizard Cage

Building your own chameleon lizard cage is often a satisfying experience.

Five Top Aquatic Turtle Tips

Expert tips on keeping aquatic turtles.

Reptiles, Candles and Incense

Are things like incense and candles harmful to reptiles and amphibians?

Keeping Your Turtle Healthy

Valuable Tips For a Happy and Healthy Turtle

Marineland Aquarium Heaters Recall

United Pet Group has issued a voluntary recall of approximately 1.2 million Marineland aquarium heaters due to fire and laceration hazards.

Heating and Cooling Reptiles and Amphibians

Practical solutions for heating and cooling your reptiles and amphibians.

List of Plants That Can Be Toxic To Reptiles

List of plants that can be toxic to reptiles.

Reptile Water Requirements

A complete look at the water hydration needs and requirements of reptiles.

Reptile Shipping

What is the best and cheapest way to ship reptiles?

Reptile Lifeless and Gasping

My reptile is unable to keep his head up and move his front legs.

Snake and Lizard Substrates

Check out various substrate environments for your pet snake or lizard.

Herp Set Ups

I want a nice, naturalistic home for a couple of small- to medium-sized turtles to enjoy.

Vivarium Waterfalls

A waterfall is certainly one of the most attractive and useful fixtures that can be installed in a reptile vivarium.

Cleaning Reptile Cages

How do you clean, disinfect and sanitize a reptile cage?

Reptile-Safe Plants, Insects and Foods

What foods, plants and insects are not safe to feed to reptiles?

Creating Microhabitats For Frogs

An amphibian enthusiast finds success breeding frogs with a frog microhabitat.
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