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Frogs with Teeth

Leopard gecko eating crickets

Leopard gecko eating crickets

Visit Zoie

Watch this an get an update on Zoie!

Green Anole Showing Off

Green Anole on my patio in Dallas displaying his handsome dewlap.

SUPER KANSAS!: Episode 2: The invisible wall

Super Kansas is desparely trying to get Louie, while the invisible wall is blocking him.


Swimming Slider with over grown goldfish

First Crickets

Orion when he was only about 2 weeks old. I recieved him fromt he local pet store but i was told he wouldnt eat crickets. I had to feed him a mix of baby food, calcium with D3 and mealworms and after awhile he was finally able to eat his first crickets!

SUPER KANSAS: And the chiwauwau from outer space

Kansas is a funny, but strong lizard. He is with one of the four dogs we own. He is wacky most of the time, but not in this episode of SUPER KANSAS!!!

Just hanging out

Mississippi Map

Feeding MR. B.

My daughter feeding her Bearded Dragon collard greens

Zoie at home

This is where Zoie lives, in other words, it is her habitat.

Enjoying the sunshine

Mississippi Map, Midland Painted, and Southern Painted.

Houdini wants out!!

I wake up quite often to him scraping his little nose along the netting in his tank, trying to find his way out. And he has managed to do exactly that twice already. It is true, duct tape fixes everything!

benson misses the cricket every time

My hypo translucent bearded dragon tries to eat a cricket but he kepps on missng. I know I did bad filming at the end, that was becuse I was tring to get the cricket back over to him.


Alexis munching on lunch.


Here is a slideshow of various images of Wadjet.

that's not how you get in, pheonix.

you get in through the i top. duh.

that's not a cricket.

for some reason he thinks plastic is tasty. and note that i do not sound like that!


Alexis is cruising around the kitchen.

Turtle Beach, North Shore of O'ahu

A visit to Turtle Beach on the North Shore of O'ahu. Speaking with Malama na Honu volunteer Joe about the sea turtles that bask on the beach


Just hanging out with Laif!

darwyn on the hunt

darwyn the savannah monitor being wild for a day

Barb eating dandelion

my mali uromastyx eating a dandelion

Green Sea Turtle Feeding

At Sea World in San Diego, California. They breed Green Sea turtles there and this is the result. They are all eating some tasty squid.

CWD eating pinky mice!

Male Chinese Water Dragon eats 5 pinky mice! :)

one of the days of BOB

the coolist green anole you can ever have.

rex likes the camera


etting new tortoise.


Cali Eating


George is hiding


Sammy - Bathtub Playtime

This is Sammy, my mack snow albino leopard gecko. I got really bored today and wanted to play with him, but I couldn't really let him crawl on me in my bedroom today, as it's a lot messier than it should be, and I REALLY didn't want him to get lost in the mess. So my solution was simple: GO TO THE BATHTUB! It's brilliant! I just laid down a towel, and badaboom, you've got yourself a play pen!

female jacksons chameleon

just a quick vid


An introduction to my Fat Tail Gecko, Ashoka.

sally is crazy

sallys on a screen

Jacksons chameleon eating

Just a quick vid of my cham eating!

trice hand feeding


Feeding Time at the Zoo

When we don't feed him fast enough, he feeds himself.

Hashbrown (Crested Gecko) eating a cricket

Actually eating takes place around 2:20 if you want to fast forward. He is a slow hunter!

Rico the bearded dragons 1st Birthday!

Rico the bearded dragon eats his fruit cake he got for his Birthday! He got a new zoomed mealworm feeder that he loves, Happy Birthday rico!!!! :)

chloe eating

eating mealworms

Komodo Island Monitor

Here is the coolest animal I saw when I took my first ever trip to a zoo. The zoo I visited was Columbus Zoo and Aquariums in Powell, Ohio, United States

Baby Toad

Adorable baby toad swimming in the river.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie depicting grogeous coloration to attract Clyde. Sorry it is a bit shaky and sideways. If anyone can tell me how to turn it right side up, I would appreciate it!

Smokey Watching Crickets On Laptop


Steppe Runners

Steppe Runners

Carolina Feasting

Carolina has some delicious mustard greens

USARK and the Rules of Ohio

In this clip, REPTILES magazine editor Russ Case discusses with USARK President and CEO Andrew Wyatt the rules of the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act that became effective September 5, 2012.

Implications of the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act

In this clip, REPTILES magazine editor Russ Case discusses the implications of the Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act that became effective September 5, 2012 with USARK President and CEO Andrew Wyatt.

USARK and HR 669

In this clip, REPTILES magazine editor Russ Case discusses House Resolution 669 with USARK President and CEO Andrew Wyatt.

What is USARK?

In this clip, REPTILES magazine editor Russ Case interviews USARK President and CEO Andrew Wyatt on what USARK is and how it works for the reptile industry.

My green tree python Nemo

just a quick vid of my gtp, nemo

babys first steps

babies walking around for the first time

4th Annual Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day

4th Annual Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day (RAAD), October 7 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

Candling Bearded Dragon Eggs

Candling my bearded dragon eggs, two weeks longer before they are ready to hatch.

Speedy and Eliza

all about my bearded dragons.



Snapping turtle

he is very shy


sally the ball python eating rat pup

5 month Rico the bearded dragon eats a cricket

Rico the bearded dragon eats a cricket! He's crazy for any thing that moves!

Zoo Med Labs T5 Reptile lighting

At SuperZoo 2012, Zoo Med Labs, showcased the T5 Reptile lighting that is a little more energy efficient and the mealworm feeder and turtle feeder that gives a new dimension to feeding your animals.

TetraFauna' s Delux Sliding Door Reptohabitat

TetraFauna showcased the Delux Sliding Door Reptohabitat at SuperZoo 2012, an enclosure targeted at aquatic amphibians and reptiles that gives you easier access to your pets and features a built in drain that enables you to drain the enclosure's water into a bucket for cleaning.

L.A. Reptile

L.A. Reptile


Fibercore showcased its EcoBedding at SUperZoo 2012, a paper based bedding for reptiles that is made of 100 percent post consumer waste. Packaging for Eco-Bedding is done by developmentally disabled adults.

BioBubble Terra

BioBubble Pets showcases The BioBubble Terra, which one 1st place in the new products showcase at SuperZoo 2012. The BioBubble Terra can house anything from small aquatic frogs, fish, hamsters and gerbils, to certain types of lizards and even invertebrates. The BioBubble Terra won 1st place in the reptile habitat category at SuperZoo 2012.

Reptile and Amphibian Javarium


turts at home


baby roseyd being born

baby rosey boas being born and my 2yr old son saying hi to them as they are coming out

Louie eats a cricket

Watch as Louie stalks and devours a cricket.

Turtles interseted in food

apologies if i have uploaded this before i am not sure

Turtle intrested in fish

he looks at the fish

Babt Dragons Eating Hornworns

Cinderella and Oliver are eating hornworms.

Box Turtles


Snake Lovin'

We were on a hike in a local park and happened upon two western diamondbacks either fighting for territory or, well, gettin' busy... Anyway, it was awesome!

vladmir and draco

my corns- the vid's kinda long

Mighty Shellshock

shellshock eating

my beardies

my bearded dragons

big snapping turtle

huge snapping turtle looking for more food

Cecil's Habit

The family explaing the habit. Everybody played a part.

turtle swimming in lake


TreeBreaker gets a goldfish steak

he gets the big goldy and has the pesty slider all over him

TreeBreaker having a snack

my alligator snapper having a feeder goldfish for brunch.

Archimedes new home

finally got my veiled cham in his home-made cage.

Marilyn Loves Skippy

5 years later, my Iggy Skippy has REALLY mellowed-out and become tollerable of my other herps

just thomas being thomas

just my toady boy!!!

Leonard And Pablo



For my soon to be Chinese Water Dragon, General Iroh.



bearded dragons


Reptile Walk at the San Diego Zoo

The new Reptile Walk at the San Diego Zoo oipened July 4, 2012 and features more than 50 reptile and amphibian species, including two critically endangered Chinese alligators.

the blue tongue skink

20 inches long and hungry!

2012 Tat Attack runners up

a slideshow of the 2012 Tat Attack Runners up

Small Sulcata eating

Sulcata eating

Field herping- Northern watersnake "Whopper Sr."

Adding to collection of me herping vids with more to come. Thx yall for watching!

Rare Western Pond Turtle

This critical species was sunbathing on our road. It didn't seem a safe place for him. So, we nudged him onto greener pastures.

Morgoth eating

Morgoth (RIP) attempting to eat his meal...he eventually manages it after a strange dance.



My crested gecko Amarillo

rate and comment plz :)

Field herping- Kingsnake

Found this flawless beauty while herping by a river! I have the best success finding snakes (esp watersnakes!) under big rocks on the bank of the river. Hope yall enjoy and comment please!!!!! :)

Bumblebee toad eating

He takes a little while to warm but, but he wins in the end!
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