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Dead Sea Turtle Found in Charcoal Bin in Hawaii

Study Says Ecopassages That Let Turtles Cross Under Roads Don’t Always Work

California’s Desert Tortoise Gains 11 Square Miles of Habitat

Sulcata Tortoise and Pit Bull Are Best of Friends

Coyotes Devouring Loggerhead Sea Turtle Eggs on South Carolina Barrier Islands

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Standing on Galapagos Tortoise

Keeping the Radiated Tortoise

Pennsylvania Home Builder Sells Land Easement to Feds to Protect Bog Turtle

Skateboarding Sulcata Tortoise

20 Critically Endangered Ploughshare Tortoises Released on Madagascar

Rat Eradication Effort Pays Dividends For Galapagos Island Tortoises

Suspects in Murder of Costa Rican Sea Turtle Activist Acquitted

Scientists To Study Lesser Known Flatback Sea Turtle

Tortoise Found on Hawaii Man’s Driveway

Do you Wanna Build a. . . Snow Sea Turtle?

Vet Attaches Lego Wheels Onto Tortoise to Help it Walk

Video: Tortoise Helps Overturned Friend at Taiwan Zoo

Bad News For Australia’s White-Throated Snapping Turtle

Minneapolis May Lift Pet Reptile Ban

Hundreds of Juvenile Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Stranded on Cape Cod

Turtles More Closely Related to Birds Than Lizards and Snakes, Researchers Say

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Nests Down Dramatically in Gulf of Mexico

Woman Stabs Boyfriend After Boyfriend Allegedly Threatens Her Pet Turtle

Ancient Giant Tortoise Discovered in What is Now Madrid, Spain

50 Year Captive Breeding of Española Galapagos Tortoise Deemed a Success

USFWS Seeks Comment on CITES Protections for Four Native U.S. Turtles

This Tortoise has Eaten the Strangest Thing

Scientists Directly Link Agricultural/Urban Runoff to Fibropapillomatosis in Sea Turtles

Bog Turtle Breeding

North Carolina Sea Turtle Nesting Declines No Cause for Alarm

8-Year-Old Chinese Boy Caught Smuggling His Pet Turtle at Airport

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Turtles Can Talk to Each Other

Leatherback Turtle Rescued by New Jersey Coast Guard

Is it Art or Tortoise Abuse?

Herping the Eastern Box Turtle

Two-Headed Turtle Thelma and Louise Dies

Florida Teens Who Tortured and Killed Baby Gopher Tortoise Arrested

The two girls recorded video of themselves torturing and then killing a juvenile gopher tortoise, a threatened species.

Two Teen Girls Set Endangered Gopher Tortoise on Fire

Florida Fish and Wildlife is working with the state attorney's office to consider charges.

Tortoise Takes Play out of Uruguay's Luis Suarez's Playbook and Bites His Opponent

A tortoise plays with a dog's ball, and the dog doesn't like it.

Beautiful Dive Footage of a Green Sea Turtle in the Philippines

A green sea turtle hung around for more than 30 minutes while diving instructor Gage Veridiano was shooting it on video.

Leatherback Turtle Survives Billfish Impalement

The sword was successfully removed from the sea turtle and sent to a lab for analysis.

Minnesota Town Installs Turtle Tunnel

Tunnel system imported from Germany may be prototype for future turtle tunnels in Minnesota.

Video: Tortoises versus Hares

In this Chinese version of Tortoise versus the Hare, it is unclear who won the race.

Where do Baby Hawaiian Sea Turtles Go?

NOAA and Waikiki Aquarium to track Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle Caught and Released in Oklahoma

The alligator snapping turtle was estimated to weigh about 100 pounds.

Philippine Police Arrest Sea Turtle Poachers From China

Chinese poachers have been increasingly plying Philippine waters in defiance of UN mandated economic zones.

Tortoise in England Needs Penis Surgery, Owner Turns to Crowd Funding to Defray Costs

Owner turns to Go Fund Me to raise funds for tortoise's surgery.

North American Alligator Snapping Turtle is Actually Three Different Species

The alligator snapping turtle is now three distinct species.

Indian Biologist and Turtle Specialist Chandrasekhar Kar Passes Away at 58

Kar worked tirelessly to protect the turtles of India

Build the Best Breeding Enclosure for Your Russian Tortoises

Building an indoor Russian tortoise breeding enclosure.

Alligator Snapping Turtle Rescued From Louisiana Culvert

Turtle was stuck in a Louisiana culvert when it was rescued.

Bones Found 160 Years Apart Reveals Huge Giant Sea Turtle

Two fossil pieces collected more than 160 years apart are from the same sea turtle, Atlantochelys mortoni.

Surfer Rescues Sea Turtle Entangled in Rope

After becoming free, the sea turtle turned back to its rescuer.

Wildlife Queensland Launches Campaign to Save Mary River Turtle Hatchlings

Campaign underway to bolster populations of Australia's Mary River turtle.

Young Loggerhead Sea Turtles Spend Lost Years Floating in Seaweed

Neonate loggerhead sea turtles shelter in Sargassum and drift with the North Atlantic Subtropical gyre.

Florida Biologists Hope For Successful Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Florida has the most sea turtle nesting sites in the United States.

Massachusetts Amends Exotic Animal Regulations

Green tree pythons and emerald tree boas can be kept as pets.

Peru's Manú National Park World's Most Diverse for Reptiles and Amphibians

Manú National Park in Peru is home to 287 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Asian Box Turtle Care Tips and Breeding Notes

Cuora amboinensis is not shy, and this turtle typically makes a very entertaining and active pet.

Turtle Soup Political Ad Blasts Politician For Looking Like a Cartoon Turtle

Tea Party candidate likens Mitch McConnell to Cecil the Tortoise.

Utah Offering 40 Desert Tortoises For Adoption

The tortoises were previously kept as pets and cannot be returned to the wild.

U.S. and China Release Sea Turtles into Disputed South China Sea

Three rehabilitated sea turtles were released by Sea Turtles 911.

Blanding's Turtle Conservation Work Honored in Illinois

The Blanding's turtle is on the CITES list of protected species.

Protections Sought for Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard and 6 Other Herps

Center for Biological Diversity is suing USFWS to get protections for these southwestern U.S. herps.

Scientists Turn to GPS to Map Out Hotspots for Leatherback Turtles in the Pacific

It is hoped that GPS data will be used by fisheries to avoid leatherback turtle bycatch.

Red-eared Sliders Don't Transmit Disease to Western Pond Turtles

Scientists show that red-eared sliders don't transmit common diseases to western pond turtles.

Drought Linked to Decline of Desert Tortoise in California's Sonoran Desert

Twenty six year study looks at drought and how it affects ecosystem of Agassiz desert tortoise.

Canada Designates 75 acres as protected Blanding's Turtle habitat

The Blanding's turtle enjoys more protections in Canada.

Amazon River Turtles in Danger

Information on giant Amazon River turtle and the yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle.

Breeding Blanding’s Turtles

Tips on breeding Blandings turtles

How to Save the World’s Sea Turtles

Many sea turtle populations are growing due to worldwide conservation efforts.

Breeding Pancake Tortoises

Start with a pair of healthy Malacochersus tornieri

Egyptian Tortoise Breeding Observations

Egyptian tortoise breeding information.

Man Saves Turtle, Gets Bitten by Rattlesnake

Florida man had just helped a turtle cross Interstate 75 in Florida when he was bitten.

Olive Ridley and Green Sea Turtles Suffer from Costa Rican Longline Fishery

Researchers estimate more than 700,000 sea turtles caught in longlines during an 11 year period.

Herping the Mighty Amazon

Poison Dart Frog Care Sheet

Using High Technology to Predict Sea Turtle Hatches?

Bluetooth developer works on device to shorten beach closure times during sea turtle hatching season.

Illegal Red Eared Slider Turtle Sales Continues in L.A.'s Chinatown and Fashion Districts

California's Department of Fish and Wildlife lacks resources to enforce turtle ban law.

Las Vegas Area Desert Tortoise Conservation Center to Close

Petition launched on MoveOn.org to stop a federal plan to euthanize remaining tortoises.

Ranavirus Cause of Death of 19 Wild Turtles in Illinois

Scientists unsure how virus infected the turtles.

Sea Turtles Ingesting More Plastic Than 25 Years Ago

Researcher analyzed 37 sea turtle studies that date from before 1900 to 2011.

FDA Amends 1975-era Turtle Ban Law

U.S. Food and Drug Administration will no longer destroy viable turtle eggs and small turtles.

Sarasota Florida Police Officer Rescues 100 Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Disoriented hatchlings were found crawling aimlessly in hotel parking lot.

Singer Island Fla. Sea Walls Could be in Violation of Endangered Species Act

Seawalls could prohibit sea turtles from reaching nesting beaches in Palm Beach County.

Scientists Discover Giant Marine Turtle That Suctioned its Food

Fossil Ocepechelon bouyai, discovered in Morocco is from one of the largest marine turtles to have swam the Earth's oceans.

Proposal Submitted to Designate Critical Habitat for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

NMFS proposes waters off of six eastern states be designated as critical habitat for Caretta caretta.

Kennedy Brothers Rescue Leatherback Sea Turtle, Get Investigated by NOAA

The leatherback sea turtle rescue was in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Utah Gets Federal Aid to Protect Desert Tortoise

Gopherus agassizii also gets 1,245 acres for habitat.

Herping in Hawaii

O'ahu's Manoa Valley is home to a variety of herptiles.

4th of July Turtle Race To Go On in Bel Air, Maryland

The city's Independence Day organizers will reassess if a turtle race will be held in 2014.

Two-headed Texas River Cooter Born at San Antonio Zoo

Pseudemys texana, named Thelma and Louise have two heads on one body.

USFWS Proposal to Protect 740 Miles of Coastline for Loggerhead Sea Turtle Meets Resistance

Some say proposal to protect Caretta caretta goes too far while others say it does not go far enough.

Lighting Science Ships Coastal Lights to Prevent Sea Turtle Disorientation

Designed for beachfront homes and communities, the lights don't interfere with sea turtle navigation abilities.

Hawaii Soldiers Rescue Green Sea Turtle Trapped in Crab Net

Soldiers were conducting training exercises on Oahu's North Shore when they rescued Chelonia mydas.

How Did The Turtle Get Its Shell?

New study points to Eunotosaurus africanus as first reptile to have anatomy to support a shell.

Wisconsin's Blanding's Turtle a Step Closer to Delisting from State's Endangered and Threatened List

While the turtle has not yet been removed from the state's list, the Butler's gartersnake has been removed.

Study of Blanding's Turtles on New Hampshire Air Force Base Nears Completion

Study to help military better protect Emydoidea blandingii, an Endangered Species.
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