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ANA TO Fly Green Sea Turtle Themed Airplane

The All Nippon Airways Hawaiian Honu Airbus A380 is one of three scheduled to fly from Tokyo to Honolulu.

Study Finds Microplastics In All Seven Marine Turtle Species

Large pieces of plastic degrade in the ocean and become microplastic. It does not go away.

Possible Largest Gopher Tortoise On Record Found In Florida

The male tortoise weighs 33 pounds and has a 17.3-inch carapace.

51 Smuggled Indian Star Tortoises Returned To India

The Indian star tortoise is widely captive bred. There is no need for these animals to be taken from the wild.

Nearly 200 Sea Turtles Found Frozen Off Cape Cod

A “perfect storm” of gale force winds, high tide and cold temperatures caused their demise.

Indian Ocean Tortoise Alliance Formed To Protect Aldabra Tortoise

The giant Aldabra tortoise was once found on most islands in the Indian Ocean.

Trump Administration Sued For Failing To Protect Two Map Turtle Species

The Pascagoula and Pearl River map turtles were petitioned by the Center for protection in 2010.

Conservation Efforts Help Giant South American Turtle Population Increase

The South American Giant River Turtle has benefited from local beach protections on the Amazon River.

Lost Instagram Famous Tortoise Found Safe

Ethel was found safe after 27 days in the wild.

Magnetoreception In Turtles And Tortoises

Even animals with small brain to body ratios, such as chelonians, possess remarkable abilities that are still being understood

490 Indian Star Tortoises Seized In India

Even though Indian star tortoises are widely captive bred for the pet trade, wild caught specimens are still illegally collected.

Aquarium Urges NOAA To Count Leatherback Turtle Deaths When Considering Endangered Status

The leatherback turtle is the largest of all turtles in the sea or on land.

Thousands Of Radiated Tortoises Seized On Madagascar

The tortoises are in the care of the Turtle Survival Alliance.

Instagram Fan Of Sulcata Tortoise Offers $500 Reward For Her Return

Ethel went missing last week after she wandered through an open front gate.

Olympic Gold Medalist David Verburg Rescues Tortoise From Road

Olympic gold medalist David Verburg stops and helps turtles and tortoises off the road whenever he sees them.

The Importance Of Reptile Assurance Colonies

These are just few examples of the important work of dedicated conservationists who refuse to allow reptiles and amphibians to go extinct.

Injured Eastern Box Turtle Has Legos Wheelchair Removed To Prepare For Winter Brumation

The eastern box turtle appears to be healing up nicely and will hopefully be released soon.

Two Non-Native Tortoises Found In Utah Desert Reserve

Folks who no longer can care for a sulcata tortoise, or any animal, should turn them into a rescue. They should never be released into the wild.

Arkansas To Study Potential Restrictions On Turtle Harvesting

Currently turtle trappers in Arkansas can take an unlimited number of 14 turtle species in the state.

Twitter Co-Founder’s Tortoise Found After Missing 5 Months

Roshi has been in Biz Stone's care for more than 15 years.

Nearly 300 Sea Turtle Hatchlings In Florida Rescued From Hurricane Leslie

These green and loggerhead sea turtles wait out the stormy weather at the Brevard Zoo.

123 Galapagos Tortoise Hatchlings Stolen From Galapagos Islands

Thieves made off with the critically endangered tortoises early this month.

Injured Sea Turtle Found With Large Eel In Its Body Cavity

A goldspotted eel was removed from a sea turtle that was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Injured Eastern Box Turtle Outfitted With Legos To Help Him Move About

The Legos were fashioned into a wheelchair to help him move about until he is healed enough to be released.

Why It Matters Where The Turtles Have Gone

Sixty one percent of the 356 turtle species in the world are threatened or already extinct in modern times.

56 Hermann’s Tortoises Stolen From A Cupulatta Park In Corsica

All 56 tortoises are microchipped and the park wants anyone who has information to contact them.

Reward For Information Leading To Death of Sea Turtle Upped By $5,000

The loggerhead sea turtle was euthanized due to the extent of its injuries.

Michigan Boy Seeks Return Of His Lost Tortoise

Spike went missing when he escaped his enclosure in Parchment, MI.

Three-Legged Desert Tortoise Finds New Home At Posh Arizona Resort

Cisco received the red-carpet treatment when he arrived at the resort, complete with a welcoming committee of staff and guests.

NOAA Offers Reward For Info Regarding Deliberate Sea Turtle Death

The loggerhead sea turtle's injuries were so severe it had to be euthanized.

Thieves Steal Leopard Tortoise From NY Reptile Store And Crime Is Caught On Video

Thieves have stolen reptiles from Repxotica Rare Reptiles before and the store has retrieved them successfully.

Head Starting Gopher Tortoises Increases Chances Of Survival

A University of Georgia study concluded that head starting gopher tortoises increases their chance of survival in the wild.

8 Interesting Reptiles And Amphibians Of Madagascar

Madagascar is home to some of the most uniquely adapted reptiles and amphibians of the world.

Shanon Gann To Head Brevard Zoo’s Sea Turtle Healing Center

Gann will oversee the staff, including 50+ volunteers, as they work to rehabilitate injured sea turtles brought to the center.

Blanding’s Turtle Hatchlings Surprise Officials At Dakota County Park In Minnesota

There is another nest in the park that will soon have hatchling Blanding's turtles as well.

More Than 300 Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Found Dead In Abandoned Fishing Net

The dead sea turtles were brought to shore and buried.

Man On Vacation In Hawaii Fined $1,500 For Harassing Sea Turtle And Touching Monk Seal

After 11 Days, Escaped Tortoise Is Found 9 Miles From Home

Flash was luckily found in seemingly great shape.

Stolen Box Turtle Named David Beckham Returned To Florida Teaching Zoo

One of four chelonians stolen from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo has been recovered.

Four Sulcata Tortoises Stolen From Kingston Maurward College In England

One of the stolen tortoises requires daily medical care.

Commercial Turtle Trapping Banned In Texas

Prior to the ban, residents could harvest an unlimited number of four turtle species on private property, including spiny softshell turtles.

Turtle That Roamed The Earth 228 Million Years Ago Without A Shell Discovered In China

The shell-less turtle, named Eorhynchochelys sinensis was found in China.

Spanish Police Raid Largest Illegal Turtle Farm In Europe

Spanish police have shut down what it says is the largest illegal turtle and tortoise farm in Europe.

Six Hatchling Loggerhead Turtles Found Swimming In Florida Hotel Room Wastebasket

While a couple admitted removing the turtles from the beach, authorities continue to investigate the incident.

Galapagos Tortoise Conservation: Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary

Tortoises at Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary include both hybridized and pure sub species of the Galapagos tortoise, including G.e. guntheri and C. Porteri.

10 Evolutionarily Interesting Reptiles

Here we showcase 10 of the strangest, coolest, and most bizzare creatures falling into the Reptilia nomenclature.

U.S. Forest Service And Turtles For Tomorrow Help Make Gravel Pits Wood Turtle Safe

Wood turtles are listed as endangered by the IUCN.

Poaching of Hong Kong's Endangered Golden Coin Turtles Spur Calls For Protections

The golden coin turtle often end up as ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

Florida Police Seek Driver Who Ran Over Gopher Tortoise

Gopher tortoises and their burrows are protected by Florida state law.

Animal Planet's Reptile Show, Scaled To Premiere August 24

Exclusive Belleair Shore Community In Florida Wants Sea Turtle Nests Off Their Beach

Some in the affluent town of Pinellas want sea turtle nests gone.

Alex, The Aldabra Tortoise At The National Zoo, Dies At 100

The Aldabra tortoise can weigh up to 500 pounds, making them one of the biggest tortoises in the world.

Endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Found Dead, Stuck In Barstool

Kemp’s ridley sea turtles are the rarest sea turtles and are critically endangered.

After 30 Years, The Turtle & Tortoise Rescue of Arroyo Grande Closes Its Doors

The Turtle & Tortoise Rescue of Arroyo Grande rehomed hundreds of tortoises each year.

Carr Fire In California Displaces 20 Tortoises

Rescue volunteers will visit the Shasta Fairgrounds staging area to thank firefighters and hand out "Thank You" buttons for their service.

Pet Turtle Survives Devastating Apartment Fire In Texas

The turtle was found in his tank, alive and well.

Hundreds Of Sea Turtles Die In Southwest Florida

Most of the dead sea turtles washing up on southwest Florida beaches are mature adults.

Virginia Living Museum Seeks Name For Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The loggerhead turtle will be released after it is fully rehabilitated.

Nevada Releases Desert Tortoise License Plates To Benefit Tortoise Conservation

Proceeds from the sale of the special Nevada desert tortoise license plate will benefit conservation efforts of the species.

Veterinarian Reunites With Turtle She Rehabbed And Released

The vet repaired the turtle's shell with fiberglass and expected the fiberglass to eventually fall off.

2015 Video Of Sea Turtle With Straw Stuck Up Its Nose Causes Some To Rethink Single-Use Plastic

A biologist's video showing the removal of a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose has helped to spur change.

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Found Dead Entangled In Alabama Football Beach Chair

Plastic and other debris that ends up in the ocean is killing animals.

Sea Turtle Rescued From Fishing Line Poops Out Plastic Balloon During Treatment

Kemp's ridley sea turtles are one of the rarest sea turtle species.

Florida’s Gulf World Says Goodbye To Liberty The Loggerhead Sea Turtle

The approximate lifespan of a loggerhead sea turtle is close to 70 years, though some have been known to live longer.

Charles Darwin University’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility Reopens

Injured sea turtles need to time before they are released back into the ocean and sea turtle rehabilitation center at Australia's Charles Darwin University provides that time.

REPTILES Magazine Contributor Takes In Elderly Woman’s Desert Tortoise

Judith Patience has kept Tommy for 35 years and was worried about his welfare when she passes.

Sea Turtle With 3 Flippers Rehabbed At Texas State Aquarium Doing Much Better

Champ survived an attack when it was just an inch square.

Wisconsin Boy Wants His Stolen Tortoise Back

Hopefully Buddy will be returned home real soon.

Agassiz Desert Tortoise Head Start Program Launches

It is speculated that more desert tortoises can be found in captivity than in the wild.

Arkansas Considers Ban On Commercial Harvesting Of Wild Turtles

The majority of turtles harvested in Arkansas from 2014 to 2016 were of breeding age.

Loggerhead Turtle Treated For Red Tide Poisoning Released

Karenia brevis, also known as the Florida red tide organism can kill sea turtles.

Florida Authorities Seek Person(s) Who Ran Over 8 Sea Turtle Nests

Sea turtle nests are protected by Florida state and federal law.

Seychelles President Gifts Pair Of Aldabra Giant Tortoises To India

The Seychelles often gifts Aldabra giant tortoises to friendly countries as part of the country's diplomatic efforts.

Louisiana Man Charged With Illegally Trading Box Turtles

Terrapene carolina is a protected species in Louisiana.

Desert Tortoise Will Be Harmed If Nevada Public Lands Bill Becomes Law, Conservation Groups Say

Desert tortoises range from the Mojave and Sonoran deserts in California and can also be found in Arizona, Nevada, and areas in Mexico.

Bog Turtle Is Official State Reptile Of New Jersey!

The bog turtle is one of the smallest turtle species in North America.

Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle Caught And Released In Oklahoma

Alligator snapping turtles in the state of Oklahoma are a species of special concern.

New Mud Turtle Species Discovered In Western Mexico

Kinosternon vogti sp. nov shares the genus with 12 other turtle species.

Endangered Gopher Tortoise Lays Eggs In Florida Woman’s Front Yard

If all goes well, gopher tortoise hatchlings will emerge from the nest in late summer.

State Of Nebraska Looking For Volunteers To Help Shore Up Turtle Fencing

There have been fewer Blanding's turtle deaths after the fencing was installed in 2001.

Sea Turtle Found In Thailand With Stomach Full Of Plastic Dies

Plastic bags are often mistaken for jellies by sea turtles.

Human Cancer Treatments Successfully Treat Fibropapillomatosis In Sea Turtles

Fibropapillomatosis is wreaking havoc in sea turtles around the world.

Idaho Biology Teacher Who Allegedly Fed Puppy To Snapping Turtle Charged With Animal Cruelty

The charge stems from a March 2018 incident that caused worldwide condemnation of the teacher.

More Than 100 Freshwater Turtles Found Dead Along Florida’s St. Johns River

Softshell turtles are dying in Florida's St. Johns River system.

Russian Tortoise Lost For Seven Months Returned To Owner

Jill wandered away from a backyard party in October 2017.

Two Sixth Graders Raise $290 To Help Blanding’s Turtle Recovery Effort In Illinois

The “turtle champions” helped the reptiles by recycling nearly a ton of scrap metal that they sold for $290

Oklahoma Man Hit By Car And Cited By Police For Trying To Save A Turtle

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says drivers should not attempt to move a turtle off the road in heavy traffic if no shoulder to park.

Wisconsin DNR Seeks Citizen Help ID’ing Turtle Crossing Hotspots

The data will be used to help make it safer for turtles to cross roads in the state.

Florida Man Arrested For Possession Of Endangered Gopher Tortoises Intended To Eat Them

The two gopher tortoises were returned to their burrows.

Man Who Shot And Killed Sulcata Tortoise Reaches Settlement With Owner

Merlin the sulcata tortoise was just 16 years old when he was shot and killed.

Florida Woman Rescues Injured Turtle On Road, Which Promptly Lays Eggs In Her Car

The turtle was given antibiotics and will soon be released back into the wild.

Florida Man Arrested In Case Of Gopher Tortoise Painted Red

A 37-year-old man was arrested for littering and possession of a gopher tortoise.

Turtle And Tortoise Adoption Event In Southern California Takes Place May 19

The club will educate attendees of the event on how to keep chelonians.

Florida Woman Finds Gopher Tortoise Someone Painted Blue

Paint on a tortoise's shell can cause significant health issues.

New Jersey Fourth Graders Testify In Favor Of Bog Turtle For State Reptile

The bog turtle is one of North America’s smallest turtle species and also one of its rarest.

Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Zoo Seeks Funds For Aldabra Tortoise Exhibit

The Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, PA hopes to build a walk-thru Aldabra tortoise exhibit and is soliciting donations to help build it.

South Carolina Aquarium Will Livestream The Release of Two Rehabilitated Sea Turtles

The two sea turtles spent nearly a year in rehabilitation.

Ranavirus Confirmed In Canadian Reptile For First Time

The virus has been detected in reptiles in the United States, but not in Canada, until now.

Hawaii Conservation Police Seek Info On Sea Turtle Killer

The green sea turtle is protected by state and federal law in Hawaii.
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