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Ploughshare Tortoise Listed 11th With Flat-tailed And Spider Tortoise On ZSL's EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles

Experts believe the ploughshare tortoise will become extinct within the next 40 to 50 years.

Missouri Wildfire Leads To Dump Site Of 163 Dead Turtles

If you have any information regarding the illegal poaching of these turtles, the department is offering a $1,000 reward leading to an arrest in this case.

Dozens Of Longneck and Broad Shell Turtles Die In Australian Pond Retaining Wall Mishap

A city council in Wodonga, Australia drew down water in a pond that inadvertently caused the death of nearly 25 broad-shelled and long-necked turtles.

California’s Desert Tortoise Populations To Be Strengthened By Military Head Start Program

Desert tortoises will continue to be captive bred at the Air Force base where they have been since 2002.

More Than 10,000 Critically Endangered Radiated Tortoises Seized From Home In Madagascar

Even though the radiated tortoise is captive bred, the critically endangered species is still poached from the wild.

Florida Gopher Tortoise Found Covered In Red Paint And Concrete

The Florida FWC is offering a reward for information on who may have painted the tortoise.

Two Men Arrested For Poaching 80-Year-Old Alligator Snapping Turtle

Alligator snapping turtles are protected in the state of Oklahoma, Killing, possession and trapping of this species is prohibited.

Sulcata Tortoise With Broken Shell Gets Treated Via San Diego’s Spirit Fund

The tortoise fell off a 10-foot wall and landed on his shell, cracking it in several places.

Madagascan Big-headed Turtle Listed 1st On EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles

The Madagascan big-headed turtle is the last surviving species in it genus.

Recent Sighting Puts Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle Population To Four Individuals

Yangtze giant softshell turtles are critically endangered with just four known animals left.

Zoological Society of London Releases EDGE Reptiles List Of Endangered Species

The list highlights the plight of 100 of the most vulnerable crocodilians, turtles, tortoises, snakes, and lizards

New Hampshire Fish and Game To Study Blanding’s Turtles

The Blanding's turtle can grow up to nine inches in length and has a life span of more than 70 years in captivity and in the wild.

Perth Zoo Issues Plea After Baby Loggerhead Turtle Poops Out Plastic

Zoo veterinarians treated a baby loggerhead turtle that had pooped out plastic debris it had ingested.

Endangered Mojave Desert Tortoise May Stop Potential Road Project In Utah

Conservationists are hoping a proposed road doesn't even make it to the planning stages because it may negatively impact the Mojave desert tortoise.

Sea Turtles Use Their Flippers To Help Them Eat Jellyfish

An array of photographic and video proof details how sea turtles use their flippers to eat their prey.

New Species of Freshwater Turtle Discovered in Papua New Guinea

Elseya rhodini is of the side-neck turtle family Chelidae

Bog Turtle One Step Closer To Becoming State Reptile Of New Jersey

The bog turtle, one of the smallest turtles in North America, may soon become the official state reptile of New Jersey.

Elongated Tortoise Stolen From Texas Zoo

An elongated tortoise is said to have been stolen from the Ellen Trout Zoo.

Rising Sea Levels Will Affect 90 Percent Of Coastal Freshwater Turtles, Study Says

Climate change may threaten coastal freshwater turtles.

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Sale Of IUCN Red List Species Of Turtles And Tortoises Continues In Indonesia

The critically endangered ploughshare tortoise (Astrochelys yniphora) was commonly found for sale in Indonesia.

Texas Is Closer To Banning Commercial Collection Of Turtles On Private Lands

Texas is a step closer to making it illegal to commercially collect chelonians on private lands.

Idaho Officials Euthanize Snapping Turtle Which Was Allegedly Fed Dying Puppy

Threats of violence have been made against the school district, apparently for not firing the teacher.

50 Desert Tortoises Available For Adoption By Arizona Residents

Once in captivity, desert tortoises can no longer be released into the wild due to the potential for them to introduce disease to wild populations of tortoises.

Stolen Red-Footed Tortoise Found Safe

Huck was stolen February 21. He was found in a grassy area March 8.

Idaho Science Teacher Under Investigation For Feeding Puppy To Class Snapping Turtle

It is unclear if the dog was dead or alive, or what type of snapping turtle is kept at the school.

Minnesota Woman Celebrates 56 Years With Her Gopher Tortoise

George the gopher tortoise and Jeanna Smith have been together more than 50 years.

Two Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Receive Electrochemotherapy Treatment For Fibropapillomatosis

Video: Thief Walks Out Of Pet Store With 5 Baby Sulcata Tortoises

A thief in Wisconsin stole 5 baby sulcata tortoises from a Pet World.

Arizona Family’s Tortoise Escapes Yard, Gets Stolen By Three Men

Sheldon was stolen just outside his home in Glendale, Arizona.

Pet Turtle Helped Sandy Hook Elementary Students Heal

Shelley had been a mainstay since well before the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Women Who Tried To Save Snapping Turtle But Ran It Over May Face Charges

Two women in Alabama posted a video to social media of them running over a snapping turtle.

Researchers Discover Ancient Relative Of Red-Eared Slider

Trachemys haugrudi is closely related to modern turtles of the Trachemys genus.

Gopher Tortoises Hatchlings To Be Released In South Carolina

Close to 100 gopher tortoise hatchlings will be released in South Carolina to bolster wild populations.

Gopher Tortoises Are Comprised Of 5 Genetically Diverse Groups, Study Says

More than 300 species rely on the network of tunnels the gopher tortoise creates.

Popular Red-Footed Tortoise Stolen From Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World In Scotland

The 8-year-old tortoise was stolen right out of his enclosure on February 21.

Northern California Tortoise And Turtle Sanctuary Opens Adoption Center

The more popular species available for adoption include Russian, leopard, and sulcata tortoises, are well as box turtles.

Critically Endangered Cambodian Royal Turtle Nest Discovered

Conservationists with the Fisheries Administration (FiA), WCS in the Southeast Asian country found 16 eggs in a nest of the critically endangered royal turtle.

Rhode Island Police Looking For Man Who Allegedly Left Turtle Frozen In Enclosure

A red-eared slider was found frozen in its enclosure. Luckily it survived.

The Solution For Keeping Monitor Lizards From Raiding Sea Turtle Nests? Cane Toads

Researchers have found that dead cane toads placed on top of sea turtle nests deter monitor lizards from pilfering the eggs.

Florida Gopher Tortoise Day Is April 10

Gopher Tortoise Day is a fun informational day for the entire family.

Man Who Smuggled Turtles From Vietnam Sentenced To Three Years Probation

Turtle smuggler sent endangered reptiles via mail.

South Carolina Aquarium Receives $300K Pledge To Expand Sea Turtle Exhibit

The funds will help the aquarium build a new educational exhibit at the aquarium’s sea turtle area.

Desert Tortoise Mojave Maxine Leaves Burrow, Signaling Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived on the West Coast of the United States.

Two Men Sentenced To 7 Months Federal Prison For Poaching Sea Turtle Eggs In Florida

There is a thriving black market for sea turtle eggs in South Florida.

Auckland Zoo Successfully Hatches First Galapagos Tortoise In New Zealand

After a four month incubation time, the first Galapagos tortoise hatched December 30, 2017.

Western Pond Turtle In California With Cracked Shell On The Mend

The turtle was found in a Target store parking lot with a cracked shell.

Sea Turtles Found Cold-Stunned In Florida Released

Sea turtles that were found cold-stunned in early January have been released by Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.

Facebook Is Major Sales Tool For Trafficking Critically Endangered Reptiles In The Philippines, Report Says

The social media site is used to illegally trade critically endangered species.

New York Man Sentenced To Six Months For Possession Of Stolen African Spurred Tortoise

Millennium was stolen in July from the Alley Pond Environmental Center in Douglaston, New York.

The African Chelonian Institute: Protecting The Turtles Of Africa

Although the decimation of some African chelonians has been well documented, many species are not listed on the IUCN Red List because there is almost no information about them

Scientists Use Drones To Count Olive Ridley Sea Turtles At Costa Rica’s Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

Drone footage revealed that sea turtle density during peak nesting season was about 2,086 reptiles per square kilometer.

East Coast Population Of Leatherback Sea Turtles May Be Downgraded From Endangered To Threatened Under ESA

The leatherback sea turtle is currently listed as endangered.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Found Cold-Stunned On Oregon Beach Has Died

In spite of the best efforts by staff at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Turkey died January 8.

Video Showing Woman Sitting On Sea Turtle In Hawaii Goes Viral

The woman was told several times to move off the sea turtle.

Desert Tortoise In Midst Of Custody Dispute Gets Lost

Two parties met in court January 4 in an effort to determine if the tortoise’s owner will get information regarding the reptile’s whereabouts.

Escaped Sulcata Tortoise In Arizona Returned To Owner

This sulcata tortoise was returned to its owner after a day gallivanting around the streets and canals of Mesa, Ariz.

Warming Planet Causes 99 Percent of Reine Island Sea Turtle Hatchlings To Be Female, Study Says

Female green sea turtles on Raine Island outnumber males by 116 to 1.

Sea Turtles From Texas And Florida Affected By Cold Weather That Is Hammering East Coast

When turtles become cold-stunned, they are too cold to swim and float on the surface, where they can become dehydrated.

Galápagos Tortoise Breeds In The Wild For First Time In More Than 100 Years

The Duncan Island giant tortoise is one of the smallest of the Galápagos tortoises.

IUCN And Vietnamese Govt. Lauch Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Quang Ngai beaches on Ly Son Island have been breeding grounds in the past for green sea turtles), hawksbill turtles, and leatherback turtles.

Biggie The Aldabra Tortoise Celebrates 42 Years At Bristol Zoo

Biggie has been a resident at the zoo since 1975.

Tortoise Who Almost Died After He Was Hit By Car Doing Much Better

Spike was ran over by a car in June 2016. He has since healed and can walk more than three hours a day.

Monitor Lizards Now No. 1 Predator Of Loggerhead Turtle Eggs On Second Most Popular Nesting Beach In Australia

Researchers are unsure how the large lizards discover the nests, which are on the second most popular nesting beach for loggerhead turtles.

Airbnb Chastised For Airing Commercial Featuring Tourist Touching Hawaiian Sea Turtle

Tourists depicted in an Airbnb ad are shown touching a green turtle and got a magical experience, while Airbnb got chastised and was forced to pull the ad.

Research Shows Hatchling Sea Turtles Are Proficient In Energy Conservation

Researchers had expected the disoriented turtles to expend more energy than those collected from the nests, but found that the hatchlings were very proficient in determining when to take a rest

New Turtle Species Described In Alabama

The intermediate musk turtle sits morphologically between the stripe neck musk turtle and the loggerhead musk turtle.

Researchers Discover Snail-Eating Turtle Species In Thai Food Market

Malayemys isan, a species new to science, was discovered in a Thai fish market.

Sea Turtle Entangled In $53 Million Floating Cocaine Bales Saved By U.S. Coast Guard

This sea turtle was entangled in bales of cocaine. It was freed by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Endangered Asian Giant Softshell Turtle Nest Found In Cambodia

The Asian giant softshell turtle is currently listed as endangered by the IUCN as it has largely disappeared in much of its natural range.

Snapping Turtle At Southern Vermont Natural History Museum In Need Of Bigger Enclosure

A GoFundMe has been launched for Basil the snapping turtle.

More Than 6,000 Indian Star Tortoises Seized From Wildlife Traffickers in 2017

Even though Indian star tortoises are widely captive bred for the pet trade, wild caught specimens are still illegally collected.

Spotted Turtle At Risk Of Disappearing In Rhode Island

A three year study turned up just 50 spotted turtles out of 2,000 turtles caught.

Texas Tortoise From Houston Makes Its Way To Abilene

A Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist needed to rehome a Texas tortoise and was successful in doing so.

Pet Reptile Product Sales Reach $383 Million In 2016

Has the reptile hobby gone mainstream?

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Gets 3D Printed Shell Brace

The loggerhead turtle had a gaping hole in its shell. 3D printer technology was used to create a brace to cover it.

Dozens Of Turtles And Tortoises Evacuated From Behler Chelonian Center Due To California Fires

Ploughshare tortoises, a Galapagos tortoise, baby pig-nosed turtles, radiated tortoises and golden coin turtles were just a few of the species evacuated due to the California fires.

Common Musk Turtle Care And Information

These highly aquatic turtles are found in both slow-flowing sections of stream and river habitats, as well as lakes and ponds. They move clumsily on land.

Man Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Box Turtles

Byron Paul Pitre was convicted, sentenced to three years probation, and fined $2,500.

Texas Biologist Hopes To Move Endangered Texas Tortoises To Abilene Zoo

The Texas tortoise is the only native tortoise in Texas.

Stranded Olive Ridley Turtle Found On Oregon Beach

The stranded olive ridley sea turtle had a body temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit is considered normal.

Dog Gets Stuck In Sulcata Tortoise Burrow

It took firefighters about four hours to safely remove the dog from the burrow.

2017 Green Sea Turtle Nestings In Florida Break Record

Florida recorded 39,000 green sea turtle nests during the 2017 nesting season.

Rainforest Trust Conducts Successful Survey Of Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoise

The survey documented 72 mature tortoises in four hours.

Sea Turtle Caught In Fishing Line After Hurricane Irma Is Released

Drifter was found entangled in fishing line that was attached to a buoy in the Florida Keys.

Texas Agrees To Proposed Rule To Ban Unlimited Commercial Trapping Of Wild Turtles

It is hoped the unlimited collection of wild turtles is stopped or curtailed in Texas.

Alligator Snapping Turtles Not Seen In Illinois in 30 Years Reappear In The Wild

The last time an alligator snapping turtle was seen in the wild in the state of Illinois was back in 1984.

Hundreds Of Dead Sea Turtles Found Floating Off El Salvador

The dead turtles were already in a state of decomposition.

46 Sea Turtle Hatchlings Emerge From Nest That Was Pilfered By Monitor Lizard

The critically endangered reptiles were later released into the sea.

Florida Turtle Caught In Crab Trap Brought Back To Life via CPR

Troy Russo pushed the turtle's legs in and out to expel water and then performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Tortoise Stolen From California School Found 22 Miles Away At Golf Course

Bubba the tortoise has since been returned to the middle school he calls home.

A Pair Of Two-Headed Sea Turtle Hatchlings Discovered On Grand Cayman Islands

Would there be a moral dilemma if these little guys were raised in captivity?

Sailors With USS Howard Free Entangled Sea Turtle In Arabian Gulf

After the turtle was freed from its entanglement, the rescuers sunk the boat.

Endangered Black-Breasted Leaf Turtle Gets 3-D Printed Face

Patches is part of the breeding program at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee.

Jonathan, A 186-Year-Old Male Tortoise Has Spent 26 Years Trying To Mate With Another Male

Jonathan and Frederic(a) are inseparable, even though they are both males.

Sulcata Tortoise Rescued From Northern California Wildfires

It took four people to lift the sulcata tortoise onto a wheelbarrow so it could be taken to safety.

Captive Breeding Brings The Burmese Star Tortoise Back From The Brink Of Extinction

The Burmese star tortoise is a critically endangered tortoise that saw its numbers dwindle to just a few hundred individuals in the 1990s.

Man Gets 30 Days In Jail For Knowingly Disturbing A Sea Turtle

Carlos Argenis Hernandez was sentenced to 30 days in jail for knowingly disturbing a sea turtle, an endangered species.

Sulcata Tortoise Run Over By Car Gets 3-D Printed Shell

George the sulcata tortoise will need a new prosthetic shell every three years as he grows.
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