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Frog Discovered in Ecuador Shape Shifts Like Star Trek's Changeling Odo

Certain Panamanian Golden Frogs Survive Exposure to Chytrid

Chytrid Fungus Confirmed on Madagascar Yet No Frogs Have Died From It

Relict Leopard Frog Conservation Efforts Experiences Challenges in Nevada

Herping the Southern Spring Peeper

5 Great Costa Rican Herping Destinations

New Frog Species of the Genus Euphlyctis Discovered in Bangladesh

New Species of Andean Water Frog Discovered in Peru

Chinese Officials Busted for Eating Chinese Giant Salamander

Texas Designates Austin Blind Salamander as Endangered Species

Politics Kill 14-Year-Old’s Bill to Name Idaho Giant Salamander as State’s Official Amphibian

Lucky Frog Escape the Jaws of a Snake

Herping the Cuban Treefrog

North Carolina Hellbender Salamanders Threatened by Chytrid Fungus

Indonesian Fanged Frog Gives Birth to Live Tadpoles

Lost Frog Species Rediscovered in Costa Rica

9 New Frog Species Discovered in Western Ghats Region of India

Field Research Adventures with the Red Hills Salamander

Some Hawaiians Becoming Tolerant of Invasive Coqui Frogs

New Leopard Frog Species Discovered in New York/New Jersey Region

1.8 Billion Southern Red Back Salamanders and Counting!

Peruvians Drinking Away Existence of the Endangered Titicaca Water Frog

Frogging the Florida Sandhills

USFWS to Develop Recovery Plan for Mountain Yellow-legged Frog

Mimic Poison Frog Evolving into Two Distinct Species

Poison Frog That Fits on a Dime Discovered in Panama

New Treefrog Species Discovered in Vietnam

USFWS Wants Comments on Dusky Gopher Frog Draft Recovery Plan

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Check Out This Albino Wood Frog From Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

Tree Thinning at Lake Tahoe On Hold Due to Potential Negative Effects to Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog

Mass Die Off of Wood Frog Tadpoles Concerns Scientist

Biologists Release California Red-Legged Frog Tadpoles Into Santa Monica Mountains

About 850 tadpoles were released into two streams in the Santa Monica Mountains.

How Do Alaskan Wood Frogs Freeze and Thaw?

Alaskan wood frogs can freeze and thaw due to sugar buildup in their bodies.

Herping the Green Frog

The changing color and patterns of the same species of frog is interesting.

Student in Japan Films Japanese Giant Salamander Near Drainage Canal

The giant salamander is listed as near threatened by the IUCN.

Frogs Can Resist Chytrid Fungus

Study says frogs that survive exposure to chytrid build resistance to the fungus.

Frogs Jump Differently Based on Their Environment

Not all frogs can jump as far as the "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

It is Official! The California Red-Legged Frog Is That State's Amphibian!

The California red-legged frog is now the official state amphibian of California.

Dyeing Dart Frog Color Patterns Differ From Frog to Frog

The varying color patterns of dyeing dart frogs affect how potential predators see the frogs.

Unofficial State Amphibian of New York May Become Official!

The wood frog is one step closer to becoming the official state amphibian of New York.

14 New Frog Species Discovered in India's Western Ghats Mountain Range

They are named dancing frogs due to the male's leg kicking during breeding season.

Treefrog in Fish's Mouth Photo Generates 5 Million Views on REPTILES Facebook Page

Australian angler Angus James was about to release the jungle perch when he noticed a live green treefrog in its mouth.

Mountain and Sierra Yellow Legged Frogs Added to Endangered Species List

The amphibians have been devastated by pollution, pesticides and the chytrid fungus.

Toad Hitches Ride on Goldfish in English Woman's Backyard Pond

Toad hops on the back of a goldfish and goes for a ride around an English pond.

Two Coqui Frogs Captured on Oahu in Hawaii

The Coqui frog has become established on the Big Island of Hawaii.

New Salamander Species Discovered in Arkansas

Streambed salamander discovered in Arkansas' Lake Catherine State Park

California Red-Legged Frog as State Amphibian?

The California red-legged frog may become the official amphibian of California.

Spike-Skinned Tree Frog Discovered in Vietnam

Gracixalus lumarius, a new frog species hails from the Vietnamese highlands.

Herping the Rare Western Chorus Frog

A longtime herper hunts for the once common western chorus frog.

Appalachian Salamanders Shrinking Due to Climate Change

Study noticed an 8 percent decline in salamander size from 1980 to 2012.

Once Thought Extinct Andean Toad Rediscovered

A single Tandayapa Andean toad was first discovered in 1970 and rediscovered in 2012.

The Plight of The Mountain Chicken Frog

Once the national dish of Dominica, the mountain chicken frog is critically endangered.

Rare Albino Ensatina Salamander Spotted in Vancouver, BC's Stanley Park

Stanley Park Ecology Society members spot rare albino Ensatina Salamander.

Chiricahua Leopard Frog Egg Masses Discovered at Eastern Arizona College Campus

Ten Chiricahua leopard frog egg masses were found at the Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Ranarium.

New Marsupial Frog Species Discovered in Peruvian Andes

The new marsupial frog, Gastrotheca dysprosita hails from the Cerro Barro Negro mountain in Peru.

Marin County, Calif. Water District Looking for Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog Docents

Frog docents will warn hikers not to trample frog breeding grounds in Marin County, Calif.

New York Proposes Recovery Plan for Northern Cricket Frog

There are just three populations of the northern cricket frog in New York.

Poison Frogs Deposit Their Brood In Dangerous Waters

Male dyeing poison frogs deposit their tadpoles in waters with cannibalistic conspecifics.

Protections Sought for Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard and 6 Other Herps

Center for Biological Diversity is suing USFWS to get protections for these southwestern U.S. herps.

Biologists to Reintroduce California Red-legged Frog to SoCal Mountains

California red-legged frogs haven't been seen in Santa Monica Mountains in more than 40 years.

Six Frog Species Discovered in Suriname Rainforest

The frogs and a host of flora and fauna were discovered during a three week Conservation International Expedition.

Cane Toads are Opportunistic Eaters

Peruvian park ranger photographs Bufo marinus' attempt to eat a bat.

Center for Biological Diversity and USFWS Reach Agreements on Boreal Toad and Eastern Hellbender Salamander Status

Agreement should speed federal protections for both species.

California's Super Hybrid Salamander Dilemma

The native California tiger salamander is being pushed out by a hybrid salamander.

Chytrid Fungus Now in Kansas

Wichita State University students find evidence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in three locations in the state.

Young Giant Amphibian of the Triassic Period Was a Burrower

Metoposaurus diagnosticus burrowed during conditions when water was scarce.

Gardiner's Frog Hears With Mouth Cavity

Sooglossus gardineri lacks middle earm uses mouth cavity to hear sounds.

Oregon Spotted Frog Candidate for Endangered Species Act Protection

Rana pretiosa has enjoyed a high success rate in a captive breeding program in a Washington state prison.

250 Groups Urge EPA to Ban Atrazine Pesticide

Pesticide is found in 75 percent of stream water and 40 percent of all groundwater tested in a study.

Two Texas Salamanders Listed Under the Endangered Species Act

Female Cope's Gray Treefrogs Prefer Multitasking Males

Study says that male treefrogs that can trill longer and more frequently are preferred mates.

Three Pesticides Found in Remote Populations of California's Pacific Chorus Frog

Discovery marks the first time that these pesticides were found in wild frog tissue.

Watsonville Wetlands Watch Speaker Series To Discuss Threatened Red-Legged Frog

Environmental consultant Gary Kittelson to discuss status of Rana draytonii in Watsonville water systems

North Carolina's Southern Cricket Frog Populations Declining

Biologist speculates development and bullying by northern cricket frog, but not the Chytrid fungus or invasive predators.

Herping in Hawaii

O'ahu's Manoa Valley is home to a variety of herptiles.

Eastern Hellbender Protections Sought in Lawsuit

While the Ozark hellbender has been protected since 2011, the eastern hellbender is not.

Critical Habitat of Dusky Gopher Frog Challenged

Lawsuit filed by private landowner will be challenged by The Center for Biological Diversity and the Gulf Restoration Network.

100 Captive-Bred Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs Released in California's San Jacinto Mountains

Some of the frogs, part of a breeding and reintroduction program started in the mid 2000s are outfitted with radio transmitters.

Hula Painted Frog, Declared Extinct in 1996, Rediscovered in Israel's Hula Valley

Discoglossus nigriventer rediscovered in 2011 in Israel's Hula Valley.

Caecilians Susceptible to Chytrid Fungus, Study Says

Of 200 caecilians tested, 58 were found to be positive for the fungus, many which later died.

Importation of African Clawed Frogs to the US Also Brought the Chytrid Fungus

Xenopus laevis, used in pregnancy testing in the 1960s-70s were released into the wild.

Endangered Dusky Gopher Frogs Found in Second Pond

Rana sevosa were originally only thought to live and breed at Glen's Pond in Mississippi.

Two High Sierra Amphibians Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protections

Animals have been decimated by livestock grazing, habitat destruction, invasive species, and disease.

Two New Frog Species Discovered in India

Mercurana myristicapalustris and Beddomixalus bijui named after Freddie Mercury and Richard Henry Beddome.

Mutant Rain Frog Found in Man's Garden in Shunan, Japan

Hyla japonica, normally green in color is bright blue.

Save the Frogs! Distributes More Than $3,000 in Save The Frogs Day Awards

Save the Frogs Day is April 27

Harlequin Frog Breeding Project Has Some Success in Panama

Panamanian conservation groups have raised nine Atelopus limosus frogs and have hundreds of tadpoles.

New Species of Skin Feeding Caecilian Discovered and Described

Amphibian looks like an earthworm and its young feeds on the mother's skin.

Aussie Scientists Attempt to Bring Extinct Frog Back to Life

The gastric brooding frog was declared extinct in 1983.

Starry Frog Rediscovered in Sri Lankan Rainforest

Long thought extinct, Pseudophilautus stellatus found in Sri Lanka's Peak Wilderness park.

Residents on Oahu, Hawaii Urged to Listen and Report Coqui Frog Calls the Evening of Sept. 12

The invasive Coqui frog (Eleutherdactylus coqui), has been making its way onto Oahu over the last 10 years.

Newly Constructed Tunnels Help California Tiger Salamanders Cross the Road

Northern California tunnels provide bridge from upland habitat to breeding pond.

Vietnamese Flying Frog Discovered Less Than 100 Kilometers From Ho Chi Minh City

Rhacophorus helenae is about four inches in length and has webbed hands and feet to aid in gliding.

Louisiana Proposes Endangered Status for Mississippi Gopher Frog

Wildlife and Fisheries Commission also proposes permit system for taking or killing Eastern Diamondback rattler and two species of pine snake.

USFWS to Develop Recovery Plan for the California Tiger Salamander

Recovery plans will be in place for all three populations of Ambystoma californiense by June 2017.

Ozark Hellbender Threatened By Freshwater Pollution

Cryptobranchus alleganiensis lives its entire life in water.

Japanese Frog Has Spike-like Pseudo-Thumbs Used During Mating and Fighting

Babina subaspera sports a sharp spike to latch onto females when breeding

Bullock Frog at Center of Chilean Company's Goal to Be More Environmentally Friendly

Telmatobufo bullocki population discovered on pine forest land owned by Arauco.
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