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Chytrid Fungus That’s Killing Off Amphibians Causing Tropical Snake Species Collapse

The loss of amphibians is having a negative cascade effect up and down the food web.

Southern Corroboree Frog Breeding Program Suffers Setback Due To Australian Fires

Thirty to 40 percent of the frogs in the program survived the fires.

New Tibertan Frog Species, Liurana vallecula, Discovered And Described

Liurana vallecula, has a snout-to-vent length of 20.4 mm, a reddish brown body coloration with dark brown streaks and a marbled pattern on the top of its head.

Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Approved For California Endangered Species Act Protections

The foothill yellow-legged frog was once widespread throughout much of Northern and Central California and down to Southern California.

Romer’s Treefrog Rediscovered In Hong Kong

The tiny frog is the smallest amphibian in the Hong Kong Territories.

Newly Discovered Hybrid Ranavirus Moves Rapidly Through Wood Frog Tadpoles

The study found that the RCV-Z2 ranaviruses can quickly infect amphibian populations

Australia’s FrogID Week Runs November 8-17. Help Find Frogs!

"We need as many frog calls recorded this year as possible in order to build our database and compare year-on-year information."

Invasive Cane Toads In Australia Are Prey To Australian Water Rats

Australian water rats have learned how to kill and eat invasive cane toads without getting poisoned.

Congolese Giant Toad Mimics Gaboon Viper, New Study Says

The amphibian is known to live in 11 locations that are also home to the venomous snake, and the coloration and patterns they share are uncanny.

Research Shows Chytrid Fungus Survives In Warm Tropical Lowlands

Lab studies have shown the fungus cannot survive in temperatures above 29 degrees celsius, but researchers found the fungus surviving in frogs living in temperatures that surpass that threshold.

California Fish And Wildlife Recommends Protections For Yellow-Legged Frog

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has recommended endangered species act protections for five populations of yellow-legged frogs.

Wild Glass Frog Trade Should Be Stopped, South American States Say

Glass frog populations have been decimated in the wild by the wildlife trade, scientists say.

Researchers Discover Two New Salamander Species Thought To Be World’s Largest

The South China giant salamander (Andrias sligoi) a new and much larger species of salamander.

Researchers Save 14 Loa Water Frogs From Probable Death

The critically endangered frogs were in a stream that was drying up.

More Than Half The World’s Amphibians In Danger Of Extinction, Study Says

"We found that more than 1,000 data-deficient amphibians are threatened with extinction, and nearly 500 are Endangered or Critically Endangered.

Bsal Fungus Not Found In The United Kingdom’s Wild Newt Population

Amphibian owners are urged to prevent Bsal fungus from infecting wild populations.

Amphibians And The Fishless Ponds Of Florida

New Treefrog Species Discovered In Ecuador

Hyloscirtus hillisi is a dark mottled brown in coloration with tiny yellow spots found on its front and hind legs.

Horned Marsupial Frog Rediscovered In Ecuador After Missing Since 2005

The frog is in danger of becoming extinct because the area in which it lives faces the highest rate of deforestation in the country.

Search For Mate Of World's Most Endangered Frog Is On

Sehuencas water frogs are fully aquatic frogs that at one point were found in abundance in ponds, rivers and streams of montane cloud forests in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Mixed Results For Frogs Translocated To Areas Devastated By Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

The Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog was declared an endangered species in 2014.

Frogs In England Stuck In Storm Drains Get Help From Team WART

Frogs and toads trapped in drains in England are helped out by frog ladders placed in the drains.

Salamander Diversity Of The United States

The United States has the highest salamander diversity in the world

Two New Frog Species Discovered In Vietnam

The newly discovered Vietnamese frogs live in a cold climate more than 3,000 meters above sea level.

Poison Dart Frog Coloration Conceals As Well As Warns

The bright coloration of the dyeing dart frog (Dendrobates tinctorius) also acts as camouflage.

Giant Chinese Salamander, Now Viewed As 5 Species Level Lineages, Faces Extinction

The Chinese giant salamander is five species level lineages and not just a single species, a new study says.

Los Angeles Zoo Hatches More Than 2,000 Southern Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs

The recovery plan for the endangered species was launched in 2014 and seems to be on track.

New Frog Species Of The Genus Microhyla Discovered In India

Microhyla kodial is the 10th Microhyla species from India.

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Herpetologists Stumped By Faceless Toad Discovered In 2016

Herpetologist Jill Fleming is unsure what happened to the face of this toad she happened upon back in 2016. She Tweeted the photo February 28 asking for opinions. What do you think?

Connecticut Needs Folks To Count Frogs

Can you distinguish the call of a spring peeper? If so, the Connecticut chapters of FrogWatch USA needs you to help them count.

The Solution For Keeping Monitor Lizards From Raiding Sea Turtle Nests? Cane Toads

Researchers have found that dead cane toads placed on top of sea turtle nests deter monitor lizards from pilfering the eggs.

More Than 80% Of Amphibian Species In India's Western Ghats Under Threat Of Extinction

Noted Indian herpetologist Dr. SD Biju says that 80 percent of amphibian species in India are threatened with extinction.

Cane Toads Rapidly Adjust To Cooler Temperatures, Study Says

The cane toad, native to Central America, is invasive in Australia and Hawaii.

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Case On Dusky Gopher Frog Critical Habitat Protections

The dusky gopher frog was previously found in just a single pond in Mississippi.

Two New Amazon Treefrog Species Described, One Named After Stanley Kubrick

The devil's treefrog and Kubrick's treefrog were thought to be a single species, the Sarayacu treefrog.

Black Warrior Waterdog Receives Endangered Species Act Protection

Also known as the Alabama mudpuppy, Necturus alabamnesis is in danger of extinction throughout its entire range.

New Species Of Night Frog Discovered In India’s Western Ghats

Nyctibatrachus mewasinghi, or Mewa Singh’s night frog, is a light brown in coloration and its belly is off white.

Could The Arroyo Toad Block Trump’s Border Wall?

There are an estimated 3,000 Arroyo toad's of breeding age left in the wild.

Three New Frog Species Of The Genus Chiasmocleis

The frogs have been named C. migueli, C. veracruz and C. altomontana. They are small, brown, fossorial frogs that spend most of their lives underground.

New Frog Species Discovered In India

Odorrana arunachalensis can be seen during the wet season and is adapted for a life in fast moving waters.

Once Thought Extinct In The Wild, The Wyoming Toad Makes A Comeback

Breeding efforts around the nation have helped the Wyoming toad to make a comeback in the wild.

Researchers Find Peruvian Frog That Is Resistant To Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Gastrotheca excubitor employs bacterial defenses to fight off Bd and the chytrid fungus.

Bd Infected Peruvian Frogs Still Haven’t Recovered From 10-Year-Old Die Off

Scientists speculate that Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is keeping frog populations low in Peru's Manu National Park.

California Seeks Information On Cascades Frog To Determine Potential Protection Status

The Cascades frog may be listed as threatened or endangered under the California Endangered Species Act.

New FrogID App Helps Aussies Record And Catalog Frog Calls

FrogID will help Australia catalog the country's more than 230 frog species.

Jackson’s Climbing Salamander Rediscovered After 42 Years Missing

The Jackson’s climbing salamander (Bolitoglossa jacksoni) was discovered in 1975 and, until now, hasn't been seen since.

If No Action Taken, Invasive Toad Could Threaten Komodo Dragon

The invasive Asian common toad has left a trail of death and destruction as it hops from one Indonesian island to another.

7500 Frogs Released After Frog Poaching Ring Busted In Turkey

The frogs were released back into the Kizilirmak river, where they were poached.

Salamanders In Crisis

As far as we know, North American amphibian populations have not yet been exposed to this pathogen in the wild.

New Disease A Threat To North American Frogs

Severe Perkinsea Infection (SPI), is caused by a single celled parasitic organism that kills tadpoles.

Dixie Valley Toad Needs Emergency Endangered Species Protections, Nonprofit Says

The Dixie Valley Toad was discovered in the summer of 2017.

Endangered California Tiger Salamander Gets Tunnel Under Highway

A new tunnel between Buellton and Lompoc, Calif. will enable the California tiger salamander to cross under a busy road rather than over it, thanks to a tunnel constructed by Caltrans.

Snow-Dwelling Frog Faces Extinction As Researchers Try To Save Species

The Baw Baw frog was once abundant in Australia’s Baw Baw Plateau.

Poison Dart Frogs Are Protected From Their Own Poison

The golden poison dart frog’s batrachotoxin could provide insight into future medicines.

Three Pristimantis Frog Species Discovered in the Peruvian Andes

The frogs were discovered living high in the mountain forests of the Peruvian Andes.

New Frog Species With Pig-Like Snout Discovered in India

Nasikabatrachus bhupathi was named after noted Indian herpetologist S. Bhupathy.

Frog Thought to be Extinct Rediscovered in Ecuador by School Boy

The Jambato harlequin frogs was last seen in the wild 30 years ago.

New Rainfrog Species Discovered in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian rainfrog is striking in coloration.

Frog With Skin That Looks Like A Rock Discovered in Vietnam

The stone leaf-litter frog was discovered amongst the limestone cliffs of northern Vietnam.

Researchers Create Synthetic Version of Golden Poison Dart Frog Poison

The golden poison dart frog has enough poison on its skin to kill 10 people.

Tiny Frog Species Discovered in Newcastle, Australia

The Mahony's toadlet is a true frog and not a toad.

!0,000 Titicaca Water Frogs Die in Peru And Nobody Knows Why

The large water frog is also known as the scrotum frog due to its large folds of skin.

Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Treefrog Declared Extinct

Toughie, collected during a chytrid pandemic in Panama, was more than 12 years old.

Researchers Infect Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs With Chytrid Fungus In Order to Save Them

The mountain yellow-legged frog has seen its population numbers crash due to the chytrid fungus.

USFWS Sets Aside Land for Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog and Two Other Amphibians

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has set aside nearly 2 million acres of land for the Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog, the mountain yellow-legged frog and the Yosemite toad as critical habitat.

Toads Avoid The Toad Tunnel And Cross Road In Canada Instead

Western toads in Canada are crossing a road to get to the forest in which they live, avoiding the toad tunnel that was built for them.

White’s Treefrog Run Over By Lawnmower In Australia Slated to be Returned to Wild

A White's treefrog that was run over last month by a lawnmower is slated to be released back into the wild.

Researchers in India Discover 7th Mating Position for Frogs

There is no physical contact during what researchers call the "dorsal straddle."

Owner's Response To Govt. Request To Access Property To Count Yellow-Legged Frogs Is Priceless

New Pristimantis Frog Species Discovered in Peru

A new frog species has been discovered near the border of Peru’s Manu National Park.

Australian Green Treefrog Run Over By Lawn Mower Survives, Is Flown 2 Hours for Treatment

The frog was flown from Mount Isa, Queensland to Cairns free of charge.

Brazilian Treefrog Named After Mythical Beast Of Amazon Described

Dendropsophus mapinguari was discovered in 2009 but has just been described.

Conservationists Hope to Unite Last Two Remaining Mountain Chicken Frogs in the Wild on Montserrat Island

Mississippi Veterinarian Performs Spinal Fusion Surgery on Bullfrog

The frog was hit by a vehicle which injured its back.

USFWS Releases Draft Recovery Plan for Tiger Salamander

The recovery plan for the California tiger salamander was 10 years in the making.

Colombia Has Kicked Out a New Species of Andean Frog That Looks Like Jack Nicholson

New Bush Frog Discovered in Western Ghats Region of India

The frog was discovered in the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Tiger Reserve.

Live In Fort Wayne, Indiana? Want To Count Frogs And Toads?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is offering free training to help count frogs.

New Frog Species Discovered in Peru

Pristimantis IIAP is just one of many new species that will be detailed in future issues of the Annals of Carnegie Museum.

Two New Treefrog Species Discovered on Taiwan

The actual amphibian species diversity on the island of Taiwan is likely higher than currently thought.

Scientists Race to Save Quito Rocket Frog From Volcano

The Quito rocket frog is found in just one location in Ecuador.

Indian Treefrog Rediscovered, Placed In Brand New Genus

Franky’s treefrog was rediscovered by accident by renowned biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju

Two Forest Floor Dwelling Frog Species Discovered In Madagascar

The two frogs were first spotted in 2010 but were not described until December 2015.

Interim Ban Placed On Importation And Interstate Transport Of 201 Salamander Species

Freedom Frog Released From Pennsylvania Prison

Prisoner finds a frog in the prison yard and releases him when he got out.

Six New African Clawed Frog Species Discovered

DNA, voice recordings, CT scanning of internal anatomy, and chromosome analysis determined the species were new to science.

Nearly 5ft Long Chinese Giant Salamander Discovered In Chinese Cave

Now Chinese scientists have pulled it from the cave for “further study”

New Treefrog Species Discovered In The Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Dendropsophus bromeliaceus is found in bromeliad plants filled with rainwater.

Red Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs More Aggressive Than Green Counterparts

It is suggested that coloration plays a role in aggressiveness of strawberry poison frogs.

Denver Zoo Receives 20 Endangered Titicaca Water Frogs

The Lake Titicaca frog is critically endangered due in part to the frog being grinded up in a juice elixer.

Today Is National Baw Baw Frog Day In Australia

The Baw Baw frog is critically endangered and is currently known in just a single locality in Australia.

Scientists Eliminate Chytrid Fungus In Five Mallorca Ponds

The controversial chemical Virkon was used to clear Mallorcan midwife toad ponds of the Chytrid fungus.

Frog Loving French Town Constructs Frog Tunnels To Prevent Roadkill

Natural History And Captive Care Of The Fowler's Toad

Poison Dart Frogs May Have Higher Extinction Rates Than Other Frogs

Animals that use other defenses such as mimicry, camouflage and warning coloration tend to evolve more efficiently.

New Leopard Frog Species Discovered In Virginia

The Atlantic Coast leopard frog is quite different from the Southern leopard frog.

New Frog Species Of The Genus Bryophryne Discovered In Peru

We Are On Pace To Witness a Mass Frog Extinction

6.9 percent of all frog species will go extinct over the next 100 years.
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