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Massive Salamander Fossil the Size of a Car Discovered in Portugal

Frog Discovered in Ecuador Shape Shifts Like Star Trek's Changeling Odo

Certain Panamanian Golden Frogs Survive Exposure to Chytrid

Andinobates geminisae Dart Frog Successfully Bred in Captivity

Chytrid Fungus Confirmed on Madagascar Yet No Frogs Have Died From It

Relict Leopard Frog Conservation Efforts Experiences Challenges in Nevada

Herping the Southern Spring Peeper

5 Great Costa Rican Herping Destinations

New Frog Species of the Genus Euphlyctis Discovered in Bangladesh

New Species of Andean Water Frog Discovered in Peru

Chinese Officials Busted for Eating Chinese Giant Salamander

Texas Designates Austin Blind Salamander as Endangered Species

Politics Kill 14-Year-Old’s Bill to Name Idaho Giant Salamander as State’s Official Amphibian

Lucky Frog Escape the Jaws of a Snake

Herping the Cuban Treefrog

North Carolina Hellbender Salamanders Threatened by Chytrid Fungus

Indonesian Fanged Frog Gives Birth to Live Tadpoles

Lost Frog Species Rediscovered in Costa Rica

9 New Frog Species Discovered in Western Ghats Region of India

Field Research Adventures with the Red Hills Salamander

Some Hawaiians Becoming Tolerant of Invasive Coqui Frogs

Herp Queries: What is the Best Pet Frog?

New Leopard Frog Species Discovered in New York/New Jersey Region

1.8 Billion Southern Red Back Salamanders and Counting!

Peruvians Drinking Away Existence of the Endangered Titicaca Water Frog

New Species of Treefrog Named after Ozzy Osbourne

Indian Frog Lays Eggs Inside Bamboo

Frogging the Florida Sandhills

Thieves Steal Beloved Chasing Frogs Statue from City of San Dimas, Calif.

USFWS to Develop Recovery Plan for Mountain Yellow-legged Frog

Umbrella Frogs Photo Wins Nature Photography Competition

Mimic Poison Frog Evolving into Two Distinct Species

Poison Frog That Fits on a Dime Discovered in Panama

Texas Firefighter Rescues Pet Frog From Burned House

New Treefrog Species Discovered in Vietnam

Video: 51 Captive-Bred Mountain Chicken Frogs Released on Montserrat Island

USFWS Wants Comments on Dusky Gopher Frog Draft Recovery Plan

Animals Eat the Strangest Things: Vet X-Ray Contest Winner is a Pet Frog

Four New Species of See-Through Glass Frogs Discovered in Peru

The Top 10 Reptiles Most Reliant on Zoo Breeding Programs for Survival

Check Out This Albino Wood Frog From Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge

Tree Thinning at Lake Tahoe On Hold Due to Potential Negative Effects to Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog

Mass Die Off of Wood Frog Tadpoles Concerns Scientist

Biologists Release California Red-Legged Frog Tadpoles Into Santa Monica Mountains

About 850 tadpoles were released into two streams in the Santa Monica Mountains.

USFWS to Analyze Potential Impact of Pesticides on Amphibians

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will analyze certain pesticides on their impact on wildlife in the United States

How Do Alaskan Wood Frogs Freeze and Thaw?

Alaskan wood frogs can freeze and thaw due to sugar buildup in their bodies.

Herping the Green Frog

The changing color and patterns of the same species of frog is interesting.

Student in Japan Films Japanese Giant Salamander Near Drainage Canal

The giant salamander is listed as near threatened by the IUCN.

Frogs Can Resist Chytrid Fungus

Study says frogs that survive exposure to chytrid build resistance to the fungus.

Frogs Jump Differently Based on Their Environment

Not all frogs can jump as far as the "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."

It is Official! The California Red-Legged Frog Is That State's Amphibian!

The California red-legged frog is now the official state amphibian of California.

Dyeing Dart Frog Color Patterns Differ From Frog to Frog

The varying color patterns of dyeing dart frogs affect how potential predators see the frogs.

Huge American Bullfrog Caught in Canadian Pond

Man catches and releases American bullfrog back into his private pond.

Unofficial State Amphibian of New York May Become Official!

The wood frog is one step closer to becoming the official state amphibian of New York.

49 Herps Discovered in Southeast Asia

Decades of strife prevented herpetological expeditions in the Mekong region until the late 1990s, the WWF says in their report, "Mysterious Mekong."

David Beckham is Afraid of Frogs

Footballer admits in interview with BBC's Michael Palin that he doesn't like frogs.

Illinois Man Finds Frog in Kale, Keeps it as Pet

This little treefrog was found in a bunch of kale.

14 New Frog Species Discovered in India's Western Ghats Mountain Range

They are named dancing frogs due to the male's leg kicking during breeding season.

Treefrog in Fish's Mouth Photo Generates 5 Million Views on REPTILES Facebook Page

Australian angler Angus James was about to release the jungle perch when he noticed a live green treefrog in its mouth.

Mountain and Sierra Yellow Legged Frogs Added to Endangered Species List

The amphibians have been devastated by pollution, pesticides and the chytrid fungus.

Frog Skin Mucus Can Be Tested for Chytrid Resistance

Scientists use midwife toad skin mucus to develop a defense against the chytrid fungus.

Toad Hitches Ride on Goldfish in English Woman's Backyard Pond

Toad hops on the back of a goldfish and goes for a ride around an English pond.

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Frogkind

NASA rocket launch sends frog flying into the air.

Two Coqui Frogs Captured on Oahu in Hawaii

The Coqui frog has become established on the Big Island of Hawaii.

New Salamander Species Discovered in Arkansas

Streambed salamander discovered in Arkansas' Lake Catherine State Park

Frogs Die Quickly When Exposed to Pesticides

Study shows frog Mortality rates ranging from 100 percent after just one hour to 40 percent over 7 days.

California Red-Legged Frog as State Amphibian?

The California red-legged frog may become the official amphibian of California.

Spike-Skinned Tree Frog Discovered in Vietnam

Gracixalus lumarius, a new frog species hails from the Vietnamese highlands.

Herping the Rare Western Chorus Frog

A longtime herper hunts for the once common western chorus frog.

Appalachian Salamanders Shrinking Due to Climate Change

Study noticed an 8 percent decline in salamander size from 1980 to 2012.

Hawaii Man Charged With Illegal Possession of Poison Dart Frogs

50-year-old Oahu resident charged with smuggling poison dart frogs.

Once Thought Extinct Andean Toad Rediscovered

A single Tandayapa Andean toad was first discovered in 1970 and rediscovered in 2012.

SAVE THE FROGS! Grand Opening Celebration Slated for March 29 in Berkeley, Calif.

Grand opening celebration will include a frogging expedition in Strawberry Canyon.

The Plight of The Mountain Chicken Frog

Once the national dish of Dominica, the mountain chicken frog is critically endangered.

World Frog Day!

Celebrate this most interesting herp.

Rare Albino Ensatina Salamander Spotted in Vancouver, BC's Stanley Park

Stanley Park Ecology Society members spot rare albino Ensatina Salamander.

Chiricahua Leopard Frog Egg Masses Discovered at Eastern Arizona College Campus

Ten Chiricahua leopard frog egg masses were found at the Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Ranarium.

New Marsupial Frog Species Discovered in Peruvian Andes

The new marsupial frog, Gastrotheca dysprosita hails from the Cerro Barro Negro mountain in Peru.

Marin County, Calif. Water District Looking for Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog Docents

Frog docents will warn hikers not to trample frog breeding grounds in Marin County, Calif.

Two Texas Salamanders Get ESA Protection

Salado and Georgetown salamanders of Texas get Endangered Species Act Protections

Peru's Manú National Park World's Most Diverse for Reptiles and Amphibians

Manú National Park in Peru is home to 287 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Pig-Like Indian Purple Frog Calls to Mates Underground

Scientists document the first acoustical and statistical analysis of the frog calls of Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis

Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

Expert care tips for Kaloula pulchra aka the chubby frog

Devil Frog Had Spiked Armor Possibly to Keep Dinosaurs at Bay

Beelzebufo may have been a voracious little dinosaur eater, or not.

Breeding Blue-back Reed Frogs

Brilliant and blue, Heterixalus madagascariensis is a frog worth breeding.

New York Proposes Recovery Plan for Northern Cricket Frog

There are just three populations of the northern cricket frog in New York.

Bats Hunt Frogs By Sensing Water Ripples

When túngara frogs call out to find a mate, bats sense it.

Poison Frogs Deposit Their Brood In Dangerous Waters

Male dyeing poison frogs deposit their tadpoles in waters with cannibalistic conspecifics.

Protections Sought for Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard and 6 Other Herps

Center for Biological Diversity is suing USFWS to get protections for these southwestern U.S. herps.

Adventure Aquarium to Open New Frog Exhibit

The Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ opens a frog exhibit featuring more than 20 frog species.

Biologists to Reintroduce California Red-legged Frog to SoCal Mountains

California red-legged frogs haven't been seen in Santa Monica Mountains in more than 40 years.

Breeding Amazon Milk Frogs

Secrets to captive propagation of Trachycephalus resinifictrix

How to Breed Tiger-Leg Monkey Frogs in Captivity

Breeding Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis is not difficult as long as you follow these tips.

Breeding Warty Newts

Secrets to breeding the cryptic warty newt.

Breeding Spanish Ribbed Newts

How to breed Pleurodeles waltl

Australia's Armoured Mist Frog Range Expanded

Scientists move 40 Litoria lorica to new location four kilometers from only known area in which the frogs can be found.

Six Frog Species Discovered in Suriname Rainforest

The frogs and a host of flora and fauna were discovered during a three week Conservation International Expedition.

Cane Toads are Opportunistic Eaters

Peruvian park ranger photographs Bufo marinus' attempt to eat a bat.

Center for Biological Diversity and USFWS Reach Agreements on Boreal Toad and Eastern Hellbender Salamander Status

Agreement should speed federal protections for both species.
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