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Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander Successfully Bred At San Antonio Zoo

The reticulated flatwoods salamander is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.

Malaysian Horned Frog Care And Breeding Tips

Get hooked on these awesome anurans.

Breeding The Kaiser's Mountain Newt

Neurergus kaiserii was once listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, but more recently its classification was changed to Vulnerable.

The Northern Leopard Frog: From Egg To Frog

A journey of the leopard frog from tadpole to adult.

Endangered Mexican Salamander Being Captive Bred By Nuns

It is estimated that there are only 100 Lake Pátzcuaro salamanders left in the wild.

More Than 11,000 Endangered Puerto Rican Crested Toad Toadlets Released

The Detroit Zoo’s National Amphibian Conservation Center has kept 15 of the tadpoles for future breeding efforts.

Captive-Bred Northern Corroboree Frogs To Be Released In Semi-Wild Enclosures

They are the result of new breeding techniques and their release is a new approach to locating wild reintroduction sites.

Romeo, The Last Frog Of His Species Seeks Mate Through Match.com

Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog (Telmatobius yuracare) is looking for a mate.

500 Captive-Bred Variable Harlequin Frogs Released To The Wilds Of Panama

Variable harlequin frogs have been decimated by the chytrid fungus. These 500 released frogs will be observed to understand disease dynamics in relation to the release trials.

Malayan Horned Frog Care And Breeding

Essential tips for successful Malayan horned frog husbandry and reproduction.

Care And Breeding Africa’s Colorful Reed Frogs

Reed frogs are well known for the diversity of their appearance.

Fake Mud Helps Critically Endangered White-Bellied Frogs Breed In Australia

The white-bellied frog is critically endangered in Australia and the Perth Zoo is trying to bolster its populations.

Leopard Frog In Canada Gets Help As Calgary Zoo Starts Breeding Program

The British Columbia northern leopard frog's populations have dwindle in the last 40 years.

Care and Breeding The Yellow-Spotted Climbing Toad

These toads are hardy when captive bred, and as easy to keep as a White’s tree frog.

Hellbender Salamander Conceived With Cryopreserved Sperm Hatches at Nashville Zoo

It is hoped that assisted reproductive technology can help bolster wild populations of the Eastern Hellbender Salamander.

Breeding The Bumblebee Dart Frog

Dendrobates leucomelas is considered easy to breed, although the species will never be as fecund as many other common species of dart frogs.

Video: 51 Captive-Bred Mountain Chicken Frogs Released On Montserrat Island

Asian Painted Bullfrog Care

Expert care tips for Kaloula pulchra aka the chubby frog

Breeding Blue-back Reed Frogs

Brilliant and blue, Heterixalus madagascariensis is a frog worth breeding.

Breeding Amazon Milk Frogs

Secrets to captive propagation of Trachycephalus resinifictrix

How to Breed Tiger-Leg Monkey Frogs in Captivity

Breeding Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis is not difficult as long as you follow these tips.

Breeding Warty Newts

Secrets to breeding the cryptic warty newt.

Breeding Spanish Ribbed Newts

How to breed Pleurodeles waltl

Scientists Build Robotic Sex Frog To Attract Female Tungara Frogs

University of Texas and Salisbury University biologists detail how complex traits of túngara frog could emerge from simpler traits.

Male Orange-eyed Treefrogs Trill to Other Males During Mating Season

Unlike most other frogs that call out to females, Litoria chloris calls out males.

Breeding Alpine Newts

Expert tips on breeding alpine newts

Breeding Red-Eyed Treefrogs

Bonus content from the August 2011 REPTILES magazine article "Ready for Red-Eyes?"

Breeding Silurana Frogs

Expert tips on breeding Silurana frogs.

Breeding Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads

Bombina orientalis is one of the easiest frogs to breed in captivity.

Mississippi State University Works to Increase Population of Boreal Toads

MSU Partners with Memphis Zoo to try to establish breeding program.

Breeding the Cinnamon Frog in Captivity

Expert tips on breeding the cinnamon frog.

When it Comes to Love Songs, Female Gray Tree Frogs are Pretty Picky

Male Hyla versicolor's song attracts females with the same number of chromosomes

Crocodile Newts (Tylototriton spp.) Breeding

The genus Tylototriton currently contains eight species of salamanders native to China.

Amazon Milk Frog Breeding

Expert tips on breeding Amazon milk frogs.

Breeding Fire Salamanders

Fire salamanders are possibly the easiest of all salamanders to breed in captivity.

European Toad Breeding

Expert tips on breeding the European toad.

Fire-Bellied Newt Life Cycle

Bonus content from the March 2010 REPTILES magazine article "The Newt Report."

Breeding Red-Eyed Treefrogs

Supplement to the July 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Red-Eyed Treefrogs."

Breeding Mantellas

Expert tips on breeding mantellas.

Breeding Strawberry Poison Frogs

Expert tips on breeding strawberry poison frogs.

Breeding Chinese Fire-Bellied Newts

How to breed Chinese fire-bellied newts

Clown Treefrog Care and Breeding

Techniques for keeping and breeding clown treefrogs (Dendropsophus leucophyllatus, formerly Hyla leucophyllata).

Marsupial Treefrog Care and Information

A look at the marsupial treefrog life cycle and care information.
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