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Study Says Ecopassages That Let Turtles Cross Under Roads Don’t Always Work

California’s Desert Tortoise Gains 11 Square Miles of Habitat

Coyotes Devouring Loggerhead Sea Turtle Eggs on South Carolina Barrier Islands

Pennsylvania Home Builder Sells Land Easement to Feds to Protect Bog Turtle

Rat Eradication Effort Pays Dividends For Galapagos Island Tortoises

Scientists To Study Lesser Known Flatback Sea Turtle

Bad News For Australia’s White-Throated Snapping Turtle

Hundreds of Juvenile Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles Stranded on Cape Cod

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Nests Down Dramatically in Gulf of Mexico

USFWS Seeks Comment on CITES Protections for Four Native U.S. Turtles

Scientists Directly Link Agricultural/Urban Runoff to Fibropapillomatosis in Sea Turtles

North Carolina Sea Turtle Nesting Declines No Cause for Alarm

Leatherback Turtle Rescued by New Jersey Coast Guard

Herping the Eastern Box Turtle

Beautiful Dive Footage of a Green Sea Turtle in the Philippines

A green sea turtle hung around for more than 30 minutes while diving instructor Gage Veridiano was shooting it on video.

Leatherback Turtle Survives Billfish Impalement

The sword was successfully removed from the sea turtle and sent to a lab for analysis.

Minnesota Town Installs Turtle Tunnel

Tunnel system imported from Germany may be prototype for future turtle tunnels in Minnesota.

Where do Baby Hawaiian Sea Turtles Go?

NOAA and Waikiki Aquarium to track Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Huge Alligator Snapping Turtle Caught and Released in Oklahoma

The alligator snapping turtle was estimated to weigh about 100 pounds.

Philippine Police Arrest Sea Turtle Poachers From China

Chinese poachers have been increasingly plying Philippine waters in defiance of UN mandated economic zones.

North American Alligator Snapping Turtle is Actually Three Different Species

The alligator snapping turtle is now three distinct species.

Indian Biologist and Turtle Specialist Chandrasekhar Kar Passes Away at 58

Kar worked tirelessly to protect the turtles of India

Alligator Snapping Turtle Rescued From Louisiana Culvert

Turtle was stuck in a Louisiana culvert when it was rescued.

Surfer Rescues Sea Turtle Entangled in Rope

After becoming free, the sea turtle turned back to its rescuer.

Wildlife Queensland Launches Campaign to Save Mary River Turtle Hatchlings

Campaign underway to bolster populations of Australia's Mary River turtle.

Young Loggerhead Sea Turtles Spend Lost Years Floating in Seaweed

Neonate loggerhead sea turtles shelter in Sargassum and drift with the North Atlantic Subtropical gyre.

Florida Biologists Hope For Successful Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Florida has the most sea turtle nesting sites in the United States.

U.S. and China Release Sea Turtles into Disputed South China Sea

Three rehabilitated sea turtles were released by Sea Turtles 911.

Blanding's Turtle Conservation Work Honored in Illinois

The Blanding's turtle is on the CITES list of protected species.

Protections Sought for Yuman Desert Fringe-toed Lizard and 6 Other Herps

Center for Biological Diversity is suing USFWS to get protections for these southwestern U.S. herps.

Scientists Turn to GPS to Map Out Hotspots for Leatherback Turtles in the Pacific

It is hoped that GPS data will be used by fisheries to avoid leatherback turtle bycatch.

Red-eared Sliders Don't Transmit Disease to Western Pond Turtles

Scientists show that red-eared sliders don't transmit common diseases to western pond turtles.

Drought Linked to Decline of Desert Tortoise in California's Sonoran Desert

Twenty six year study looks at drought and how it affects ecosystem of Agassiz desert tortoise.

Canada Designates 75 acres as protected Blanding's Turtle habitat

The Blanding's turtle enjoys more protections in Canada.

Amazon River Turtles in Danger

Information on giant Amazon River turtle and the yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle.

How to Save the World’s Sea Turtles

Many sea turtle populations are growing due to worldwide conservation efforts.

Man Saves Turtle, Gets Bitten by Rattlesnake

Florida man had just helped a turtle cross Interstate 75 in Florida when he was bitten.

Olive Ridley and Green Sea Turtles Suffer from Costa Rican Longline Fishery

Researchers estimate more than 700,000 sea turtles caught in longlines during an 11 year period.

Using High Technology to Predict Sea Turtle Hatches?

Bluetooth developer works on device to shorten beach closure times during sea turtle hatching season.

Sea Turtles Ingesting More Plastic Than 25 Years Ago

Researcher analyzed 37 sea turtle studies that date from before 1900 to 2011.

Sarasota Florida Police Officer Rescues 100 Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Disoriented hatchlings were found crawling aimlessly in hotel parking lot.

Singer Island Fla. Sea Walls Could be in Violation of Endangered Species Act

Seawalls could prohibit sea turtles from reaching nesting beaches in Palm Beach County.

Scientists Discover Giant Marine Turtle That Suctioned its Food

Fossil Ocepechelon bouyai, discovered in Morocco is from one of the largest marine turtles to have swam the Earth's oceans.

Proposal Submitted to Designate Critical Habitat for the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

NMFS proposes waters off of six eastern states be designated as critical habitat for Caretta caretta.

Utah Gets Federal Aid to Protect Desert Tortoise

Gopherus agassizii also gets 1,245 acres for habitat.

Herping in Hawaii

O'ahu's Manoa Valley is home to a variety of herptiles.

Lighting Science Ships Coastal Lights to Prevent Sea Turtle Disorientation

Designed for beachfront homes and communities, the lights don't interfere with sea turtle navigation abilities.

Hawaii Soldiers Rescue Green Sea Turtle Trapped in Crab Net

Soldiers were conducting training exercises on Oahu's North Shore when they rescued Chelonia mydas.

Wisconsin's Blanding's Turtle a Step Closer to Delisting from State's Endangered and Threatened List

While the turtle has not yet been removed from the state's list, the Butler's gartersnake has been removed.

Study of Blanding's Turtles on New Hampshire Air Force Base Nears Completion

Study to help military better protect Emydoidea blandingii, an Endangered Species.

Dispute Over Scientific Name Of Aldabra Tortoise Is Settled: T. Gigantea It Will Remain

French scientist loses dispute to name Aldabra tortoise after fellow French scientists

Thai Smugglers Captured with an Estimated 14 Percent of Ploughshare Tortoises Population

It is estimated that just 400 Astrochelys yniphora exist in the wild.

Maxine Emerges and Spring is Here

The Living Desert's Mojave Maxine Emerged March 2.

Japan Asks CITES To Protect Ryukyu Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

Geoemyda japonica has been found in pet shops in China and Hong Kong.

Sulcata Tortoise Rescued in Arizona Desert

Phoenix Herpetological Society is caring for lost Centrochelys [Geochelone] sulcata.

Herpetologist Robert Krause

Krause's passion for reptiles turned into a profession.

Nova Scotia Nature Trust Acquires 66 Acre Property to Create Blanding's Turtle Sanctuary

The trust held a fund drive to purchase the site, called the McGowan Lake Turtle Sanctuary

Leatherback Turtle Likely Killed by Ingested Sheet Plastic

Dermochelys coriacea ingested an 18-inch by 18-inch piece of plastic.

Illinois High School Receives $100,000 for Alligator Snapping Turtle Program

Pontiac Township High School awarded grant by State Farm Youth Advisory Board

Red-Eared Slider Abandoned on Massachusetts Commuter Train

Turtle found by train conductor currently in the care of MBCR staff.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest Numbers Up Across State of Florida

Number of Caretta caretta nests counted, at 58,172, is second largest since the state of Florida began counting nests in 1989.

Irene Destroys Sea Turtle Nests up and Down Florida's Coast

Nests, eggs, and hatchlings disrupted or destroyed in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia

Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtles Pee From their Mouths

Study shows Pelodiscus sinensis expelling urea via the mouth rather than by using its kidneys.

Leatherback Turtle Danger Zones ID'd in the Pacific Ocean

New study could help to alter fishing times while reducing deaths of Dermochelys coriacea.

Rescued Leatherback Sea Turtle Released

Male Dermochelys coriacea was underweight and lethargic.

Another Giant Turtle Fossil Discovered in Colombia

Distinctive shell shape believed to give survival benefits.

Good News for Sea Turtles

Pick up the August 2012 issue of REPTILES and read the good news about how people are helping sea turtles.

Aquatic Turtle Fossils in Sexual Embrace Discovered in Germany

47 million year old Allaeochelys crassesculpta apparently perished in the act of mating.

Lonesome George, the last known C.n.abingdoni Galapagos Tortoise Dies

The Pinta Island Galapagos tortoise was estimated to be 100 years old.

The Current Status of Galapagos Tortoises

Bonus content from the May 2012 REPTILES magazine article "Miracle Babies: Breeding Galapagos Tortoises in Captivity"

Evidence Points to Turtles Being Sister Group to Archosaurs

Unmasking the relationships of turtles and birds.

Giant Side-Necked Turtle Fossil Discovered

North Carolina State University paleontologists detail large freshwater turtle that lived 60 million years ago.

Six Rescued Sea Turtles to be Released April 29 off South Carolina

The rescued turtles include a loggerhead/green sea turtle hybrid.

Desert Tortoises Displaced By Solar Energy Project Released

Tortoises released on land adjacent to land leased by BrightSource Energy for California solar project.

Certain Female Turtles Tend to Have Stronger Shells Than Males

Key difference between female and male turtle shells may aid survival.

Desert Tortoise Habitat Opens in El Mirage, California

Friends of El Mirage to educate off highway vehicle riders who ride at El Mirage

Green Sea Turtles Thrive in Marine Protected Areas

Study shows that Chelonia mydas forages in MPAs more than previously thought.

New Species of Fossilized Turtle Found in Europe

Polysternon isonae seemingly died out with the dinosaurs.

Softshell Turtles Around the World

Bonus content from the April 2012 REPTILES magazine article "Mr. Softy."

Leatherback Sea Turtles Get Sanctuary on the U.S. West Coast

Approximately 42,000 square miles of ocean designated to protect Dermochelys coriacea.

Southern River Terrapin Released Back Into Sre Ambel River in Cambodia

Estimates point to less than 10 nesting females of Batagur affinis in Cambodia's river system.

Extinct Floreana Island Galapagos Tortoise Reappears

Chelonoidis elephantopus, extinct on its home island has been breeding with Chelonoidis becki on Isabela Island

Herping Brazil's Refugio Ecologico Caiman

BP and U.S. Coast Guard: Sea Turtle Rescue

BP and the U.S. Coast Guard will have a sea turtle rescuer on each of their oil-burning teams.

Sea Turtles Affected by Oil Disaster

Sea turtles and sea turtle nests have been affected by the oil disaster.

Desert Tortoises Moved for Solar Thermal Plant

Desert tortoises in a stretch of the Mojave Desert in Southern California are being moved to make way for a solar thermal power plant.

New Program to Save Sea Turtles

A new capture-and-release program in the Caribbean aims to save sea turtles.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Populations Show Growth

Some populations of leatherback sea turtles are growing.

Cantor's Softshell Turtle Conservation Initiative takes root in Cambodia

Hope for one of Asia's biggest and rarest freshwater turtles

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Declines Threatened Listing for Gopher Tortoise

Agency is strapped for resources needed to take action

Hawksbill Sea Turtles Found Foraging and Living in Mangrove Estuaries

12 adult female Eretmochelys imbricatas were tracked to mangrove forests of Central America

Bog Turtle Survival Enhanced Due to Public Private Conservation Efforts

Some programs offer compensation to landowners who restore and protect bog turtle areas.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Information on the alligator snapping turtle.

Central American River Turtle Genes Influenced by Humans

Dermatemys mawii share genes with other turtles in areas nearly impossible for them to get to alone

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Shot with Spear gun, $13,000 Reward Offered

Sub adult female expected to make a full recovery

Encouraging Signs for San Diego's Southwestern Pond Turtle

Captive Breeding and Release Program Gets Results

Loggerhead Sea Turtles Categorized into Groups for Protection Status

Some Caretta caretta classified as endangered while others are not

India Coast Most Dangerous for Sea Turtles

IUCN report states that five of 11 threatened sea turtles found in Indian Ocean

Rescued Pacific Green Sea Turtle Nursed Back to Health and Released

Sea World San Diego staff worked 10 months to treat the chelonian
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