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4 Four-Eyed Turtles Hatched At Tennessee Aquarium

The captive breeding program produced a pair of four-eyed turtles and two Beal's four-eyed turtles.

Galapagos Tortoise Conservation: Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary

Tortoises at Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary include both hybridized and pure sub species of the Galapagos tortoise, including G.e. guntheri and C. Porteri.

U.S. Forest Service And Turtles For Tomorrow Help Make Gravel Pits Wood Turtle Safe

Wood turtles are listed as endangered by the IUCN.

Auckland Zoo Successfully Hatches First Galapagos Tortoise In New Zealand

After a four month incubation time, the first Galapagos tortoise hatched December 30, 2017.

Scientists Use Drones To Count Olive Ridley Sea Turtles At Costa Rica’s Ostional National Wildlife Refuge

Drone footage revealed that sea turtle density during peak nesting season was about 2,086 reptiles per square kilometer.

Galápagos Tortoise Breeds In The Wild For First Time In More Than 100 Years

The Duncan Island giant tortoise is one of the smallest of the Galápagos tortoises.

Captive Breeding Brings The Burmese Star Tortoise Back From The Brink Of Extinction

The Burmese star tortoise is a critically endangered tortoise that saw its numbers dwindle to just a few hundred individuals in the 1990s.

30 Western Swamp Tortoises, Australia’s Most Critically Endangered Reptile, Released Into Wild

More than 1,040 western swamp tortoises have been successfully bred as part of Western Shield, a breeding program to bolster the wild populations of the tortoise.

Serrated Hinge-back Tortoises Successfully Bred At Georgia's Dalton State College

The college says the species has rarely been bred in captivity.

Northern River Terrapins in India's Sundarbans National Tiger Sanctuary

Zoo Knoxville Successfully Hatches a Black-breasted Leaf Turtle

Zoo Knoxville first successfully hatched a black-breasted leaf turtle back in 2005.

Herp Queries With Bill Love: Temperature-dependent Sex Determination

What exactly is TSD?

Aussie Teen Helps Raise Funds for New Western Swamp Tortoise Breeding Facility

Keeping The Radiated Tortoise

Bog Turtle Breeding

Build the Best Breeding Enclosure for Your Russian Tortoises

Building an indoor Russian tortoise breeding enclosure.

Asian Box Turtle Care Tips And Breeding Notes

Cuora amboinensis is not shy, and this turtle typically makes a very entertaining and active pet.

Breeding Blanding’s Turtles

Tips on breeding Blandings turtles

Breeding Pancake Tortoises

Start with a pair of healthy Malacochersus tornieri

Egyptian Tortoise Breeding Observations

Egyptian tortoise breeding information.

Keeled Box Turtle Breeding Program at Tennessee Aquarium Yields a Newly Hatched Turtle

Newly hatched Cuora mouhotii brings the total number at the aquarium to six.

Spine Turtle Hatches at Prague Zoo

Zoo is second facility in Europe to successfully hatch Heosemys spinosa.

Tennessee Aquarium Hatches Red-headed Amazon River Turtles and Four-Eyed Turtles

The aquarium also hatched Florida chicken turtles and yellow-blotched map turtles.

Leopard Tortoise Care and Breeding Tips

Stigmochelys pardalis will thrive in captivity and become very personable pets.

Australia's Mary River Turtle Under Threat Due to Climate Change

Unusual Increase in incubation temperature impacts hatchling behavior

Sand Color Influences Green Sea Turtle Egg Incubation

Hatching temperatures vary according to beach sand color

Painted Terrapin Breeding

Breeding the unusual and interesting painted terrapin.

Breeding Golden Greek Tortoises

Expert tips on breeding golden Greek tortoises

Red-Footed Tortoise Breeding

Information on breeding red-footed tortoises (Chelonoidis [Geochelone] carbonaria).

Snake-Necked Turtle Breeding

Breeding the common snake-necked turtle.

Golden Thread Turtle Breeding Tips

Expert breeding information on the golden thread turtle.

Breeding the Mexican Giant Mud Turtle

Expert tips on breeding the Mexican giant mud turtle.

Breeding Diamondback Terrapins

Expert tips on breeding diamondback terrapins.

Overharvesting the Pig-Nosed Turtle

Scientists study the overharvesting of the pig-nosed turtle.

Can a missing tail cause reproductive problems in reptiles?

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