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Komodo Dragons Conceived At Chattanooga Zoo Via Parthenogenesis

The three Komodo dragons were on display for three days last week.

Blue-Spotted Tree Monitors Hatch At UK’s Bristol Zoo Gardens

This marks the first time the zoo has successfully hatched the species.

24 Texas Horned Lizards Hatch At San Antonio Zoo

The 24 hatchling Texas horned lizards are part of a breeding program launched at the zoo two years ago.

Asian Water Dragon Born Via Parthenogenesis At Washington’s National Zoo

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo was the first to confirm facultative parthenogenesis in Asian water dragons.

Asian Water Monitor Breeding And Care Tips

Captive breeding of Varanus salvator has increased the popularity of this beautiful lizard.

Four Rare Sand Lizards Settle In At The Wildwood Trust In The UK

The Wildwood Trust is home to four sand lizards, England's rarest lizard.

What Reptile Would Make An Ideal Breeding Project?

With beardies and ball pythons saturating the market, what is the next breakout star in the reptile hobby?

Gray's Monitor Lizard Makes its Home at the San Diego Zoo

The Gray's monitor lizard, known as Butaan in the Philippines, is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN.

Looking for A Pet Reptile? Consider A Breeder

There are distinct advantages to buying reptiles directly from the source, if you go about it the right way.

Check Out These Super Cute Beaded Lizards That Hatched at the Columbus Zoo

Black and White Tegus Can Warm Their Bodies During Mating Season

Tegus can maintain their internal body temperatures from 4 to 10°C higher than their burrows

Ornate Uromastyx Care and Breeding Tips

There are approximately 19 to 22 species of Uromastyx belonging to the Old World lizard family Agamidae

Los Angeles Zoo Successfully Hatches Gray’s Monitor Lizard

Keeping Gargoyle Geckos

The gargoyle gecko has simple care requirements and awesome-looking morphs are available

Breeding Gargoyle Geckos

Leopard Gecko Genetics Unmasked

A primer on leopard gecko morphs and genetics

Keeping and Breeding Moroccan Uromastyx

Expert tips on keeping and breeding the Moroccan Uromastyx

Chester Zoo Releases Captive Bred Sand Lizards Into the Wild

For several years, reptile keepers at the Chester Zoo have been releasing juvenile sand lizards in an effort to bolster their populations in the wild.

Gecko Sex Satellite Loses Control With Russia's Mission Control

Comedian John Oliver has implored President Putin to #GoGetThoseGeckos

How To Breed Veiled Chameleons

Expert tips on breeding veiled chameleons; their breeding, setup and care

Breeding The Collared Lizard

Collared lizards are very rewarding captives, and there is nothing cuter than newly hatched baby Crotaphytus.

Oustalet’s Chameleon Care and Breeding

The Oustalet’s chameleon is one of the world’s largest, and adults can attain a maximum length of about 2 feet.

Hatch a Colorful Bearded Dragon

These medium-sized lizards are easy to care for, personable and often bond with their keepers.

Breeding Green Water Dragons

Once green water dragons measure about 20 inches, they start breeding like crazy.

Swedish Animal Park Hatches Two Gila Monsters

The two babies mark the first time Gila monsters were born in Europe.

Breeding Panther Chameleons

Expert tips on breeding Furcifer pardalis

Breeding Australian Barking Geckos

Australian barking geckos (Underwoodisaurus milii) are prolific breeders when kept under ideal environmental conditions.

Breeding Australian Water Dragons

How to breed Physignathus lesueuerii

Breeder's Choice

Albino Patternless Pilbara Knob-Tailed Gecko

Breeding Iguanas

Plan ahead to account for a female iguana's reproduction cycle.

How To Breed Crested Geckos

Breeding tips for vibrant crested gecko morphs.

Golden Gecko Breeding

How to breed healthy Gekko ulikovskii.

Breeding Prehensile-Tailed Skinks

How to successfully breed the Solomon Island skink (Corucia zebrata)

Breeding the Flamboyant Frilled Dragon

Expert tips on breeding the frilled dragon.

Breeding Spiny-Tailed Iguanas of the Genus Ctenosaura

Bonus content from the October 2012 REPTILES magazine article “Spiny-Tailed Beauties.”

Leopard Gecko Lizards

Foster Reves gives tips on leopard gecko care and breeding.

Uromastyx Lizard

Uromastyx care and breeding information

San Diego Zoo Institute Hatches Jamaican Iguana

England's Chester Zoo Hatches Bell’s Anglehead Lizard

It is the first successful Gonocephalus bellii hatching in England.

Four Javan Hump-headed Lizards Born at Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The aquarium is now home to 13 Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus.

Chester Zoo Starts Breeding Program for the Critically Endangered Bermuda Skink

Zoo hopes to create a toolkit for others to follow, and to release Plestiodon longirostris offspring back into the wild.

Cuban False Chameleon Breeding

Expert breeding tips for the Cuban false chameleon.

Cyclura Species Rundown

Bonus content from the April 2010 REPTILES magazine article "Rock Solid."

Cuban Rock Iguana Breeding Basics

Expert tips for breeding the Cuban rock iguana.

Designer Geckos in Longmont Colorado

1,000 square foot store specializes only in leopard geckos.

Guatemalan Beaded Lizard Born at Zoo Atlanta

Heloderma horridum charlesbogerti born to a captive bred father and a wild-caught mother.

Captive Breeding of the Argus Monitor

Expert breeding tips for the Argus monitor.

Breeding the Spiny-Tailed (Ackie) Monitor

Expert breeding tips for the spiny-tailed monitor

Nine Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas Hatch at San Diego Zoo

Captive breeding effort at zoo usually results in two to four hatchlings a year

Breeding Bearded Dragon Morphs

Tips for breeding bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) morphs.

Breeding the Giant Leaf-tailed Gecko

Uroplatus fimbriatus has stringent care requirements

Rough-Snouted Gecko Breeding

Breeding the rough-snouted gecko (Rhacodactylus trachyrhynchus).

Leopard Gecko Breeding

Learn to breed leopard geckos from Ron Tremper.

Mali Uromastyx Breeding

Breeding the Mali uromastyx (Uromastyx dispar maliensis) lizard.

Crested Gecko Morph Madness

A variety of crested gecko morphs are created every year.

Broad-Leaf-Tailed Gecko Breeding

Breeding tips for the broad leaf tailed gecko.

Breeding New Caledonian Giant Geckos

Tips on breeding New Caledonian giant geckos.

Jeweled Lacerta Breeding

Expert Tips on Breeding the Jeweled Lacerta

Breeding Gold Dust Day Geckos

Breeding the treasured gold-dust day gecko.

Blue-Tongued Skink Sexing

How to sex the blue tongued skink.

Carpet Chameleon Breeding

Expert tips on breeding carpet chameleons

New Caledonian Giant Gecko Parthenogenesis Update

Hobbyist says an example of parthenogenesis in Rhacodactylus leachianus hatched in July.

New Caledonian Giant Gecko Parthenogenesis?

Hobbyists say they might have stumbled upon parthenogenesis in Rhacodactylus leachianus.

Jackson’s Chameleon Breeding

Bonus content from the March 2010 REPTILES magazine article "Mini Dinosaurs."

Uromastyx Mating and Fighting

One of my uromastyx is losing weight, could this be from fighting?

Breeding Diplodactylus Geckos

Expert tips on breeding Diplodactylus Geckos.

Conservation and Breeding of White-Throated Monitors

Breeding white-throat monitors.

African Fat-Tailed Geckos

How do you breed African fat-tailed geckos?

Breeding Anoles

I’m trying to breed my green anoles, and I want to know how I should go about doing this.

Breeding Hybrid Lizards

Will breeding a gold dust with lined day gecko work?

Monitor Sexing and Breeding

How do you sex and breed monitors?

Peach-throat Reproduction

Peach-throat online exclusive.

Breeding Iguanas

Plan ahead to account for a female iguana's reproduction cycle.

Breeding Iguanas - Article References

Plan ahead to account for a female iguana's reproduction cycle.

Breeding Banded Geckos

I’d like to know more about breeding banded gecko lizards.

Breeding Bibron's Geckos

Basic information on conditioning Bibron's Geckos for breeding.

Candling Reptile Eggs

How long does it take to know whether a reptile egg is good?

Keeping and Breeding Crocodile Skinks

What can you tell me about keeping and breeding crocodile skinks?

Inbreeding Reptiles

Tightly inbreeding lines of distinctive morphs is fairly common in herpetoculture.

Gecko Lizard With Dystocia and Egg Problems

My gecko has problems passing eggs or dystocia. What is wrong with her?

Water Dragon Egg Laying Problem

Can a water dragon produce one egg at a time over a long period?

Lizard Sexing and DNA Testing

I have had many inquiries about performing DNA sexing on lizards and reptiles.

Sexing Leopard Geckos

How do you tell the difference between leopard gecko sexes?
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