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USFWS Proposes Protections for Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake

Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake populations have declined due to wetlands draining and disease.

Wild Copperhead Snake Bites Child at Alabama Zoo

The snake was not part of an exhibit at the Birmingham Zoo.

3-Year Old Girl Finds Two-Headed Ringneck Snake While Exploring in Her Backyard

The ringneck snake is common throughout much of North America

Search Called Off For Escaped King Cobra in Florida

The venomous snake escaped its enclosure after storms damaged the roof of the garage in which it was kept.

Spider-tailed Horned Viper Uses Spider-Like Tail to Capture Birds

Video shows viper luring a bird to its death.

New Venomous Snake Species Discovered in Australia

The snake, of the genus Acanthophis, is a death adder.

Indian Farmer Survives Bite on His Penis From Levantine Viper

5 Facts About the King Cobra

The king cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world.

Sea Snake and Venomous Stonefish in Epic Jaw Lock Battle in Australia

Both the sea snake and the stonefish were essentially in a stalemate when a local diver tried to separate the two.

Another California Man Who Tried to Take Selfie With Rattlesnake Gets Bit

Alex Gomezes' mother shared his story so others would helpfully learn what she thought her son already knew.

Red-bellied Black Snake Stuck in Beer Can

Staff at the Australian Reptile Park cut the can that a red-bellied black snake was stuck in.

8 Meter Reticulated Python Captured in Bangkok

The python was measured and then released out of the city.

Hatching Ringneck Snakes

Ringneck snakes are a common, yet spectacular snake found throughout much of North America

National Park Service Personnel Remove 18-foot Burmese Python From Everglades National Park

Burmese pythons are an established, invasive species in the Florida Everglades.

Would You Poke a Reptile to Get the Photo You Want?

A Chinese photographer in Singapore poked a pit viper with a stick to get the shot he wanted.

Did You Know that Blind Snakes Decapitate Their Prey?

The blind snake removes the head of termites before it eats them.

Coral Snakes of the United States

English Teen Falls 100 feet Off Cliff, Gets Bit by Adder and Survives

Removal of Sandstone Rock for Decorative Purposes Harms Australian Broad-headed Snake

Five Facts About the Monocled Cobra

2016 Python Challenge Slated for Florida

Squirrel Kills and Eats Snake in Texas

Real Estate Agent Who Sold “Snake Infested” Home Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit

13 Smuggled Green Tree Pythons Euthanized in Australia

Rabbit Fends Off Snake that Attacked its Babies

Unreal Photos of African Rock Python that ate a Porcupine

Veterinarians in Brazil Remove Calcified Egg From 16-foot Reticulated Python

Human Spray-paints Rattlesnake Pink in Utah

What to do if a Rattlesnake Bites You

Hawk With Snake in Its Talons Causes Brush Fire in San Diego, Calif.

North Carolina Man Videotapes Rat Snake Eating an Egg

Iowa Fisherman Photographs Northern Water Snake Eating a Catfish

Man Gets Bit by Apparent Venomous Snake, Refuses to Get Treatment and Dies

VIdeo: Man Steps on and Gets Bit By Snake

Canada Humane Society Seeks Killer of Northern Water Snake

Watch This Snake Handler Remove a Parasitic Worm from One of his Pet Snakes

Some Snakes Swallow the Darnest Things

Garter Snake Steals Kid’s Fish

Pro Soccer Player Removes Snake in His Backyard

Two Guys Save a Garter Snake Caught in Netting

Florida Teen Captures and Gets Bit by Water Moccasin

Michigan’s Herp Atlas Project Wants to Know Where and When You Saw a Herptile in the State

Anaconda Butchered to See What it Ate

RIP: U.S. Soldier Dies of Venomous Snake Bite in Kenya

Black Pine Snake Habitat Protections Proposed by USFWS

B.C. WildLife Rescue Takes in 500 Garter Snakes

Snake Fungal Disease Found in Michigan Rattlesnakes

5 Great Costa Rican Herping Destinations

Kentucky Reptile Zoo Director Survives 9th Venomous Snake Bite in 38 Years

50K People Sign Petition to Stop Georgia’s Last Rattlesnake Roundup

Lucky Frog Escape the Jaws of a Snake

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Venom is Genetically Different Based on Location

Vets in India Try to Save Cobra That Killed White Tiger

Aussie Sets Rat Trap, Catches Rat and an Eastern Brown Snake That Eats Rat

Video: Man’s Best Friend in India Saved From Python By Man

Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed in 14 Species of Snakes

Discovery Anaconda Stunt: Fear and Sensationalism, Says Real Scientist

Aussie Truck Driver Rescues Red-Bellied Black Snake Stuck in Soda Can

Snake Bite DNA Test May Lead to Faster Treatment

Discovery Channel's Latest Stunt: Paul Rosolie Eaten Alive by Anaconda?

Will Politics Trump Science on Redbelly Snake Status in Kansas?

Should the Black Pine Snake be Listed as a Threatened Species?

Rat Snake Eats Mouse Trap

Ain’t She a Beauty? Check Out This Massive Red-Bellied Black Snake

New Snake Species Named the Subhendu Wolf Snake Discovered in India

Boy on Team Venom Soccer Team Gets Bit by Copperhead

USFWS Forced to Make Decision on Kirtland Snake Endangered Species Protection

Herp Queries: Snake Island Brazil

Brazilians Fined for Harassing Anaconda on Santa Maria River

Anaconda That Ate Neighbor's Dog Released

Brown Tree Snake Found on Island of Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands

Water Snake Killed at Mississippi Jr. High School

Beautiful New Snake Species Discovered in Brazil

Black Rat Snake Resting After Vet Removes Ceramic Egg From Its Belly

12 Blue Racers Successfully Hatched at Canada's Scales Nature Park

Herper Finds Smooth Green Snake in Unlikely Illinois Town

The state has labeled the smooth green snake as "in greatest need of conservation."

Two Garter Snake Species Get Endangered Species Act Protection

Protections for these snakes will go into effect August 7, 2014.

The Snake Samba in Canada

Thousands of red-sided garter snakes gather each year to mate.

USFWS Sued For Not Listing Kirtland Snake as Endangered Species

The small Colubrid snake is endangered in three states and threatened in two states in which it can be found.

Video: News Producer Frees Red Shouldered Hawk From Coils of Black Racer Snake

The black racer snake is a common prey item for the red-shouldered hawk.

New Wolfsnake Species Discovered in Cambodia

The wolfsnake lives in high altitude montane forests.

Climbing A Tree to Save an Eastern Indigo Snake

After four years of releasing the indigo snakes, the population is slowly returning to Alabama.

Australian Python Eats Wallaby at Dinner Party

Dinner guests said the snake finished eating the wallaby in less than four hours.

NBA Player Scared by Snake in Texas Locker Room Before Western Conference Semifinal Game

News reports say the snake was a rattlesnake though San Antonio arena official says the snake was non-venomous.

Translocated Burmese Pythons Return to their Everglades Home

Burmese pythons can find their way home from as far as 36 kilometers away.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Spends as Much as Seven Months at Sea in Dehydrated State

Hydrophis (Pelamis) platurus spends as long as 7 months in a dehydrated state.

Georgia State Herpetologist Wants More Data on Kingsnake Decline Study

Initial study claimed that copperhead populations rose with kingsnake population declines.

Aussie Carpet Python Swallows Dog Chained in Backyard

Owner finds snake in the dog house with chain protruding from its mouth.

Aussie Gets Bitten by Eastern Brown Snake Then Grabs a Beer

Sommerville, 54 grabbed a beer after being biten by the Eastern brown snake because he didn't want to panic.

Georgia Copperhead Populations Rise as Kingsnake Populations Decline

Study authors say loss of predator pressure by kingsnakes lets copperhead populations grow.

Conservation Efforts Brings Eastern Indigo Snake Back to Georgia

The Eastern indigo snake has been listed as a threatened species in the state since 1978.

Officials Request Removal of Two Snakes from List of Threatened Species

County officials in Kansas say the snake mitigation efforts are too costly.

18-Foot Burmese Python Captured Near Florida's Everglades National Park

Water district workers in South Florida capture and kill a 17-foot, 8 inch Burmese python.

Python Kills Security Guard at Indonesian Resort

Guard was attempting to remove the snake when he was killed.

Georgia's Whigham Community Club Urged to End Rattlesnake Roundups

Center for Biological Diversity presented club with 48,000 signature petition to end practice of killing rattlesnakes.

Venomous Snakes in Iraq

Of all the hazards of living and serving in Iraq, dealing with venomous snakes may be the least discussed.

The World's Deadliest Snakes

What are the world's most deadly venomous snakes?

Man Saves Turtle, Gets Bitten by Rattlesnake

Florida man had just helped a turtle cross Interstate 75 in Florida when he was bitten.

USDA Testing New Burmese Python Trap in Everglades

The department has patented the snake trap design and is placing them in the Florida Everglades.
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