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Snake on a Swiss Train Causes Passengers to Disembark

450 passengers evacuated as Swiss police capture non-venomous reptile.

Honduran Milk Snake Breeding Tips

Honduran milksnakes make for an interesting breeding project.

Firefighter Saves Boa Constrictor from Burning House

Michigan firefighter saves boa constrictor from burning house.

Translocated Burmese Pythons Return to their Everglades Home

Burmese pythons can find their way home from as far as 36 kilometers away.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Spends as Much as Seven Months at Sea in Dehydrated State

Hydrophis (Pelamis) platurus spends as long as 7 months in a dehydrated state.

Georgia State Herpetologist Wants More Data on Kingsnake Decline Study

Initial study claimed that copperhead populations rose with kingsnake population declines.

Aussie Carpet Python Swallows Dog Chained in Backyard

Owner finds snake in the dog house with chain protruding from its mouth.

Video: NY Cabbie May Lose License for Snake Prank

YouTube Comedian and cabbie put Burmese python in the rear seat of a cab.

USARK Federal Lawsuit Update March 2014

USARK responds to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's (FWS) motion to dismiss legality of python listing under Lacey Act.

Tables Turned for Woman Who Opposed Connecticut Snake Breeder's Permit

Snake breeder files complaints against woman who filed complaint against him.

Aussie Gets Bitten by Eastern Brown Snake Then Grabs a Beer

Sommerville, 54 grabbed a beer after being biten by the Eastern brown snake because he didn't want to panic.

Expensive Lesson for Owner of Boa That Ate Towel

Killer the boa constrictor ate the towel while eating a rat.

Georgia Copperhead Populations Rise as Kingsnake Populations Decline

Study authors say loss of predator pressure by kingsnakes lets copperhead populations grow.

Reticulated Python Care Tips

This is not your father's retic

Python Eats Crocodile in Australia's Lake Moondarra

Python struggles with crocodile more than four hours until croc succumbs.

Woma Python Care and Breeding

Captive care for the forever fascinating woma python.

False Coral Snake Found in Galapagos Islands

Resident ran over the snake and turned it over to Galapagos National Park staff.

Nat Geo's Snake Salvation Star Dead From Rattlesnake Bite

Preacher Jamie Coots had been bitten nine previous times by rattlesnakes.

University of Michigan Museum of Natural History To Open Snake That Ate the Dinosaur Exhibit

The fossil shows a snake in the midst of preying on a titanosaur before sediment covers the nest.

Breeding Emerald Tree Boas

Tips and secrets for breeding Corallus caninus.

SoCal Herp Community Comes Together to Aid Rescued Snakes

California herp rescue teams up with area reptile vendors to help rescued ball pythons.

Conservation Efforts Brings Eastern Indigo Snake Back to Georgia

The Eastern indigo snake has been listed as a threatened species in the state since 1978.

USARK's Q & A for Lacey Act/Constrictor Rule Challenge

USARK Lacey Act Update to December 2013 complaint.

Officials Request Removal of Two Snakes from List of Threatened Species

County officials in Kansas say the snake mitigation efforts are too costly.

18-Foot Burmese Python Captured Near Florida's Everglades National Park

Water district workers in South Florida capture and kill a 17-foot, 8 inch Burmese python.

You Can Now Keep 25 Snakes in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Vague ordinance led council to rewrite the code.

Stimson’s Python Born in Captivity Against the Odds

The Stimson's python is a popular pet snake native to Australia

USARK Wisconsin Assembly Bill 703 Action Alert

First public hearing is February 4, 2014

How Flying Snakes Fly

The paradise flying snake's body is flattened as it glides through the air.

IBD Blood Test Developed for Pythons and Boas

IBD Blood Test Developed for Pythons and Boas

California Python Breeder Arrested After 100s of Dead Pythons Found in Home

More than 300 pythons found in California man's home.

18 Lawmakers Urge USFWS to Ban Boas, Retics, and Anacondas

Lawmakers want five more constricting snakes added to ban.

Utah Snake Collector Leaves City Before City Council Votes on Exotic Pet Permit Limit

Thomas Cobb, who last year was fighting for the right to keep his collection of more than 25 boa constrictors, has left Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Florida Pizzeria Offers Up Python-Topped Pizza

Fort Myers pizza parlor offers up an exotic pizza with python, alligator, and froglegs.

How to Breed Gray-banded Kingsnakes

Expert breeding tips for the gray-banded kingsnake.

Michigan Woman Finds Boa Constrictor in Her Couch

Boa constrictor lives two months in woman's couch.

Coon Rapids Snake Breeder Appeal Rejected by Minnesota Supreme Court

Coon Rapids snake breeder's appeal not heard by Minnesoty Supreme Court.

Snake Fungal Disease Now Present in South Carolina

SFD is now present in 10 states in the eastern and midwestern United States

Python Kills Security Guard at Indonesian Resort

Guard was attempting to remove the snake when he was killed.

USARK Sues Over Large Snake Ban

USARK Sues USFWS on Listing of Four Constricting Snakes

USARK files suit against the U.S. Department of the Interior

Georgia's Whigham Community Club Urged to End Rattlesnake Roundups

Center for Biological Diversity presented club with 48,000 signature petition to end practice of killing rattlesnakes.

How to Incubate Python Eggs

Reptile eggs have certain requirements, and once they are met, a good, viable egg will hatch.

Venomous Snakes in Iraq

Of all the hazards of living and serving in Iraq, dealing with venomous snakes may be the least discussed.

Tips for Breeding Boa Constrictors

Seasonal temperature fluctuations are the key to success with Boa constrictor imperator.

The World's Deadliest Snakes

What are the world's most deadly venomous snakes?

Conquer the Challenge of Breeding Green Tree Pythons

Morelia viridis presents some challenges when it comes to breeding. Follow these instructions for success.

How to breed the popular corn snake

Pantherophis guttatus (formerly classified as Elaphe guttata) is easy to breed if you provide the right temperature and photoperiod triggers.

Breed the Laid Back Annulated Tree Boa

Tips on breeding the annulated tree boa.

Breeding Trans-Pecos Rat Snakes

Breeding Bogertophis subocularis, a popular North American rat snake.

Passengers on Qantas Air Flight Screen Own Version of Snakes on a Plane

Scrub python spotted trying to survive on wing of plane bound for Papua New Guinea.

A Look at Ball Python Morph History

The ball python has become the most popular pet snake in herptoculture.

Breeding Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Rat Snakes

Expert Breeding Tips For Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Rat Snakes

Man Saves Turtle, Gets Bitten by Rattlesnake

Florida man had just helped a turtle cross Interstate 75 in Florida when he was bitten.

Motorist Runs Over 5ft. Boa Constrictor on Oahu's Pali Highway in Hawaii

There are no native land snakes in Hawaii and keeping them is illegal.

USDA Testing New Burmese Python Trap in Everglades

The department has patented the snake trap design and is placing them in the Florida Everglades.

18-foot Invasive Burmese Python Killed in Florida

Largest Florida Burmese python on record weighed 128 pounds.

U.S. Bans Importation and Transportation of Burmese Pythons, Three Other Snakes

Northern and southern African rock pythons, and the yellow anaconda to be banned, others considered.

Mandarin Rat Snake Grounds Qantas 747 in Sydney Australia

Elaphe mandarina was found after the jet landed from a Singapore flight.

New York Animal Control Officer Charged With Running Snake Breeding Business Out of His Home

Man also cited for keeping two Burmese pythons, which are illegal to keep in Shirley, NY.

Asian Rat Snake

See amazing Snake Photos

See amazing photos from around the reptile world.

San Francisco Bay Area Residents Beware of Snake Scam Burglar

Several Bay area homes burglarized by snakes of the human kind.

Florida FWC Seeks Help in Sighting Certain Snakes

Tracking website launched for the southern hognose snake, short-tailed snake, and the Florida pine snake.

Python Suspected in Deaths of Two Boys

Snake was housed in enclosure where children were visiting friends.

Snakebite Treatment in a Nasal Spray? It Could Happen

UC San Francisco medical doctor researching portable neostigmine nasal spray for snakebites.

USARK Working Hard in D.C.

President Phil Goss meets with House and Senate congressional members to express opposition to USFWS efforts on Lacey Act

Two Southwestern Garter Snakes Proposed for Endangered Species Protections

USFWS will render a decision on the narrow headed garter snake and the northern Mexican garter snake in fiscal year 2014.

Car Dealer Mechanic Removes Pet Boa Constrictor From Mini Cooper

A South Florida woman left her snake in the car, which which required a trip to the dealership.

Long Thought Extirpated Northern Mexican Garter Snake Discovered in New Mexico

Herpetologists with the ABQ BioPark Zoo Discover three Thamnophis eques on the Gila River

Connecticut's DEEP to Hold

DEEP and Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation will hold interactive program July 24 at Stratton Brook State Park.

Ground Snake Morphs and Coral Snake Mimicry

Why hasn't evolution eliminated ground snakes that look nothing like coral snakes?

Gopher Snake Versus Squirrel

Woman calls 911 to break up fight between gopher snake and squirrel.

Serpentine Exhibit Opens at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia

Photographer Mark Laita captures some of the world's most beautiful snakes in striking poses.

Nicaragua Canal Project Could Bring Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes into Caribbean

Waterway would open up the potential for non native species entering Lake Nicaragua as well.

Snake Expert William Lamar Pleads Guilty to Smuggling 7 Snakes Into the U.S.

Co-author of The Venomous Reptiles of Latin America caught with five Peruvian pit vipers and two Colubrid snakes.

Cat Rescued From Jaws of Boa Constrictor

Man grabs the snake and removed the cat's hind legs from the snake's jaws.

Black Rat Snake From Delaware Makes Trip to Montana and Back

Educators unknowingly transfer Elaphe obsoleta to their new Montana home.

Cottonwood Hts. Council Grants Permits For Resident's Boa Constrictor Collection

Residents demanded that the council revoke any exotic animal permits granted to Thomas Cobb.

Man Finds Antique Gold Pendant During Florida Python Hunt

Mark Rubinstein finds gold pendant at site of Eastern Airlines and ValueJet plane crashes in Florida Everglades.

Live Ball Python Found in San Diego, Calif. Dumpster

If owner doesn't claim the snake, it will be put up for adoption.

New Species of Palm Pit Viper From Honduras Discovered and Described

Bothriechis guifarroi was named after slain Honduran environmentalist Mario Guifarro.

NFL Football Player Patrick Willis' Shooting of a Snake Causes Uproar

Willis killed what appears to be a gopher snake that was in his house.

Rapid City, SD Reptile Gardens Hosts Mother's Day With 12-Foot Edible Burmese Python Snake Cake

Area restaurant and bakery Dakota Thyme Builds a 12-foot, 70 pound Burmese python snake cake

Utah Snake Hobbyist Told to Get Rid of 28 of 29 Boa Constrictors

Cottonwood Heights limits snake ownership to just one.

Fire Destroys Colorado Home of Boa and Ball Python Breeders Lynn and Ken Kubic

More than 1,000 reptiles were saved.

Reward Offered For Information on Connecticut Library Snake Killer

Peaches was killed in March after someone poured cleaning solvent in her enclosure.

Library Visitor Kills Shelton Connecticut Library's Pet Snake

Peaches died five days after someone poured cleaning solvent in snake's enclosure.

Indigo Snake Populations Up in Martin County, Fla.

Florida Gulf Coast University study estimates population in hundreds on 60,000 acres of land.

A 42-inch Rattlesnake Found in Backpack at Texas School Bus Stop

Snakes of all types come out with the arrival of warm weather in many parts of the United States.

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Develop Snake Robot That Wraps Around Objects

U.S. Army Research Lab funds the use of accelerometers to enable snake robot to wrap around an object on contact.

Texas Woman Douses Snake With Gas and Sets it on Fire, Burns Her House Down

Burning snake crawls under brush pile which ignites and spreads to her home.

Slender-Necked Sea Snake Evolved to Hunt Snake Eels

Two species of sea snake that are identical genetically but not physically evolved from a single species.

Puma Releases SNAKE COM.A Sneakers to Celebrate Year of the Snake

Shoes include a snakeskin-like print on the stripe and snake character on insole.

Gucci Fashion Execs Attend CITES Conference to Drum Up Support for Python Skin Tracking

Gucci is working on a system to track python skins from "marsh to market."

Butler's Garter Snake to be Removed From Wisconsin's List of Endangered or Threatened Species

First listed in 1997, DNR says that Thamnophis butleri has sufficient population numbers to warrant removal.

Golf Pro Boo Weekley Rescues Water Moccasin During Honda Classic

Two-time tour winner is no stranger to reptiles.

Madagascar Big-Eyed Snake and Chameleon Encounter Turns Deadly

Video captured of Mimophis mahfalensis eating a chameleon in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park.

USDA to Mice Bomb Guam in Effort to Reduce Invasive Brown Tree Snake Population

Boiga irregularis first arrived on Guam during World War II.

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