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Arkansas To No Longer Issue Permits To Breed, Sell And Import Five Python Species

You are still able to possess these snakes in the state, per local regulation.

Watch As Coachwhip Attacks Rattlesnake

Coachwhips are known to eat other snakes.

Who Flinches First In Frog And Snake Predator Prey Relationship?

It is a game of patience between predator and prey.

Nature Conservancy In Florida Releases 22 Eastern Indigo Snakes

The Drymarchon couperi were captive bred in Florida

Two-Headed Wolf Snake Caught On Video, Released Back Into Forest

The non-venomous wolf snake looks like the venomous common krait.

Pet Corn Snake Mistakenly Released In Canada’s Pittock Conservation Area

The corn snake morph was inadvertently released into the wild.

Narrow-headed And Northern Mexican Garter Snakes To Receive Critical Habitat

The Trump Administration was sued last winter for failing to protect the two snake species.

New Species Of Wood Snake Discovered In India

Researchers Sandeep Das and K.P. Rajkumar discovered the Anamalai wood snake while surveying India’s Kerala Eravikulam National Park.

New Green Pit Viper Species Discovered In India’s Western Arunachal Pradesh

Trimeresurus salazar was discovered in July 2019 in an evergreen forest environment in the Pakke tiger reserve

Colorful New Egg-Eating Snake Species Discovered In Sri Lanka

Dryocalamus chithrasekarai, or Chithrasekara’s bridle snake, is black or brown and white in coloration.

Snake Venom Evolved To Subdue Prey Rather Than For Protection, Study Says

Spitting cobras seem to be the only exception and use venom as a defense mechanism.

Warming Mountaintops May Cause Greek Meadow Viper To Become Extinct

The Greek meadow viper is a cold weather species found on alpine mountains.

“Snake Road” In Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest To Close Week Of March 15

Now is the time to herp Snake Road.

Man In Ireland Treated For Venomous Snake Bite

The puff adder is found in nearly all of sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, and on the Arabian Peninsula into Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Snake Saved By Veterinarian After It Ate Beach Towel

The 18-year-old jungle carpet python went home the same day, a little hungry but otherwise healthy.

USFWS Seeks Comment On Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Draft Recovery Plan

The venomous reptile is one of the smallest rattlesnakes in the United States

The Black Pine Snake Is Now Protected In Mississippi And Alabama

The black pine snake is a subspecies of pine snake that isn't seen too often in the wild.

Pittsburgh Councilman Aims To Change Recently Passed Reptile Ordinance

The ordinance should be more humane with regard to enclosure requirements.

Rainbow Snake Seen In Florida’s Ocala National Forest For First Time Since 1969

The non-venomous colubrid is also known as the eel moccasin.

Another 16 Snakes Found Abandoned Behind Fire Station in Sunderland, England

The corn snake morphs are beautiful and can be adopted, not abandoned.

First Ever San Luis Obispo Reptile Expo Coming March 14-15

Don’t be SLO - it’s nearly time to go!

13 Ball Python Morphs Abandoned In Buzz Lightyear Pillowcases

A total of 13 ball pythons were abandoned. One has since died.

Chytrid Fungus That’s Killing Off Amphibians Causing Tropical Snake Species Collapse

The loss of amphibians is having a negative cascade effect up and down the food web.

Aussie Snake Catcher Photographs Green Tree Frog Eating Coastal Taipan Snake

The green treefrog, despite being bitten by the coastal taipan snake, is apparently healthy and will be released February 7.

Kansas Firefighters Rescue Boa Constrictor Found In Sofa

The boa constrictor has not yet found its owner.

2020 Florida Python Bowl Nets 80 Invasive Snakes

The longest python was 12-foot, 7.3-inch, the heaviest python was 62-pounds, and the most pythons captured by an individual was 8.

Were Snakes The Source Of The New Coronavirus Sickening And Killing Chinese?

Researchers say that snakes were the likely cause of transmission to human, but others dispute that notion.

Eastern Indigo Snakes Breeding On Their Own In Alabama

Researchers with Auburn University captured a young, 27-inch eastern indigo snake believed to be the offspring of captive bred specimens.

Indian Cobra Swallows And Then Regurgitates Plastic Bottle

Hopefully the snake makes a full recovery after the ordeal, and people learn to manage their trash effectively.

Georgia’s 2019 Indigo Snake Count Finds Them At 60 Percent Of Sites Assessed

The species is listed as federally endangered in the states of Georgia and Florida.

Two-headed Monocled Cobra Found In India

Two-headed snakes are rare, but not uncommon.

New Ordinance In Pittsburgh For Venomous Reptiles, Alligator and Crocodile Owners

The ordinance should make it safer for residents and the reptiles.

Florida’s 2020 Burmese Python Challenge Dates Announced

The Burmese python is well established in the Florida Everglades.

Australians Develop Roadmap To Stop Decline Of Its Reptiles

It is hoped that a plan will help to protect the country's native lizards and snakes.

100 Million Year Old Snake With Legs Was Bigger Than Previously Thought

A very well preserved fossil of Najash rionegrina, enabled paleontologists to reassess the timeline of limbs on snakes.

First Case Of Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In California

The California kingsnake infected with snake fungal disease was euthanized.

Florida FWC, SFWMD Have Removed More Than 3,600 Burmese Pythons From Everglades

Tom Rahill and the Swamp Apes Team removed the SFWMD's 1,000 snake, a 9 feet, five inch specimen.

Greater Sea Snake Populations Larger Than Thought, Thanks To Citizen Scientist Snorkeling Grandmas

Seven snorkeling grandmothers helped researchers discovered a healthy population of greater sea snakes near a popular swimming beach.

Congolese Giant Toad Mimics Gaboon Viper, New Study Says

The amphibian is known to live in 11 locations that are also home to the venomous snake, and the coloration and patterns they share are uncanny.

University Of Florida Provost Records Coral Snake Getting Stung While Trying To Eat Rat Snake

The coral snake was trying to eat the rat snake when a wasp decided to disrupt it.

Habitat Protections For Black Pine Snake Under Review

The habitat of the black pine snake has been under consideration for protections for years.

Several Hundred Reptiles And Amphibians Removed From California Reptile Rescue

The county received complaints of a foul odor emanating from the facility.

Want to sell REPTILES magazine in your store?

This Is Why You Shouldn't Taunt A Snake

The snake gets his revenge for being mistreated.

Think Twice Before Using Glue Or Sticky Traps, You Might Catch A Reptile

If you use glue traps and an animal such as a snake or lizard gets stuck in it, you can use nearly any oil used for cooking to help free the animal.

Corn Snake Stuck In Hide Freed By Firefighters

It took some doing, but this corn snake was freed by firefighters.

University Of Northern Colorado Snake Expert Helps Convict Man Who Injected Venom Into Child

The 51-year-old man awaits sentencing.

Two-Headed Timber Rattlesnake Neonate Found In New Jersey

It is hoped the baby snake will feed and has a normal digestive system.

Secretive Ringneck Snake Photographed At Copper Breaks State Park In Texas

The ringneck snake can be found throughout much of North America.

Bindi Irwin Shares Video With Her Late Dad On Father’s Day

Bindi was just 7-years-old when her dad died.

YouTube Star Tana Mongeau, Musician H.E.R. Bring Snakes To MTV Video Music Awards

These celebrities donned snakes at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards but received some backlash.

Shawnee National Forest's Snake Road To Close In Illinois September 1

35 snake species can be found on Snake Road in the Shawnee National Forest.

Kim Kardashian Letting Her 6-year-old Daughter Hold A Corn Snake Sparks Backlash

Kim Kardashian posted a video of her daughter holding a snake on Instagram.

Ringneck Snake Doesn’t Get Past TSA At Newark Airport

The ringneck snake was found slithering around the TSA checkpoint at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

Woman Bitten By Pit Viper In Thailand Treated With Antivenin From Toronto Zoo

The woman received initial treatment in Thailand but her symptoms re-emerged.

Snake Stowaway Lands In Hawaii Where Snakes Are Illegal

The hatchling snake was confirmed to be a southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus).

15 Eastern Indigo Snakes Released In Florida’s Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve

The release is part of a 10 year effort to reintroduce the species into the wild.

New Rat Snake Species Discovered In Eurasia

The blotched rat snake is a large-bodied snake of the genus Elaphe.

Two Anaconda Born Via Parthenogenesis At New England Aquarium

Parthenogenesis occurs when a female gives birth without having been impregnated by a male.

Fang Facts of Vipers, Elapids, and Colubrids

Fangs developed a series of times to give us some of the most venomous predators of the planet.

New Species Of Rough-Sided Snake Discovered In Sri Lanka

De Silva’s rough-sided snake's coloration resembles the soil in the habitat in which it lives.

New Pit Viper Species Discovered in India

Sea Snakes Recorded Diving To Record 245 Meters

The sea snakes were poking their heads in the sand looking for food.

Reptile Dentition: The Details on Reptile Teeth

Reptile Anatomy and Physiology is an important part of Herpetology and captive care!

Australian Rangers Find Three-Eyed Snake

A three-eyed snake with all eyes fully functioning was found in Australia.

The Last Herp of the Season: In Search of Crotalus horridus

It took years for the author to finally see a timber rattlesnake while out herping.

Asian Parasites Found In Burmese Pythons Killing Native Florida Snakes

The Asian parasite Raillietiella orientalis, has found its way, via the invasive Burmese python, into Florida-native snakes.

Florida Woman Rescues Snake Stuck In Beer Can

After a few minutes, the snake was freed from the beer can.

Kangaroo Rats Use Their Long Legs To Kick Rattlesnakes When Attacked

The kangaroo rats can also reorient their body in mid-air to escape rattlesnake bites.

Surveillance Footage Shows Man Taking Ball Python From Michigan Pet Store

This man is wanted by police in Rockwood, Michigan for allegedly stealing a ball python from I Love My Pets.

Olive Sea Snake Senses Light Through Its Tail, Avoiding Predation, Study Says

The discovery is seen as a defense mechanism against predators.

Researchers Discover New Species Of Stiletto Snake

Branch's stiletto snake has fangs that jut out the side of its mouth, researchers say.

Snake That Ate Ping Pong Ball And Survived Surgery Released Back Into Wild

In addition to eating rodents such as rats, rat snakes also consume eggs.

Reptiles In England’s Hankley Common Receive 110 Hectares of Protected Space

The protected land will total more than 200 hectares by the end of 2019.

Aussie Farmer Records Cane Toads Hitching Ride On Olive Python

Paul Mock was out lowering his dam's spillway when he happened upon the most unusual sight.

Trademark Exotics and Piebald Ball Pythons

Trump Administration Sued For Failing To Protect Two Garter Snake Species

The northern Mexican garter snake and the narrow-headed garter snake were give Endangered Species Act protections in 2014.

New Snake Species Discovered Inside The Stomach Of Another Snake

A Central American coral snake consumed Cenaspis aenigma, a previously undescribed snake species.

18-Foot Burmese Python Removed From Florida Everglades

The snake is the third largest captured in the state.

King Cobra Saved After Being Trapped For 4 Days In Fishing Net

The king cobra is the largest venomous snake of the world.

Reptile Lovers To Open Snake Yoga Studio In Canada

The $60 class will offer the basics of handling a snake and a yoga flow class with a snake partner.

Hognose Snake Doesn't Play Dead Anymore

North American hognose snakes go all out to sell their death act by opening their mouths and rolling their tongues in the dirt.

Night Snake Information

Night snakes are abundant on roads in the southwestern U.S. on warm nights during the rainy season.

Texas Firefighters Save Several Snakes And Lizards From House Fire

It is suspected that a Christmas tree caused the blaze.

Keel-Scaled Boa Down Listed To Vulnerable Thanks To Conservation Efforts

The elimination of rats, goats and rabbits helped the keel-scaled boa's population numbers to rebound.

Man Charged With Keeping Venomous Snakes In Georgia

Child services were notified that venomous snakes were kept in the home.

5 Invertebrate-Eating Snakes

These snakes are all specialists in that they specialize in eating invertebrates.

Rescuing Snakes In India With Wildlife SOS

In Delhi, India, Wildlife SOS is saving reptiles through rescue and education.

Two-Headed Baby Copperhead Snake Found Alive In Virginia Has Died

It is unknown why the snake died, but experts say that chance of survival for two-headed snakes is slim.

Florida FWC Hatch Pine Snakes From Discovered Nests

Biologists with the Florida FWC Commission successfully hatched several Florida pine snakes from two separate clutches found in the wild.

Florida Hunter Captures Record Setting 17.5 foot Burmese Python

The python elimination program has eliminated 1,859 invasive Burmese pythons in just two years.

Four People In Florida Bitten By Coral Snakes

The folks picked up the coral snakes and were then bitten.

Snake Missing Six Months Reunited With Keeper

The boa constrictor hitched a ride to a Texas Goodwill in a sofa.

Snake Road In Illinois To Remain Closed Another Week

The U.S. Forest Service began restricting vehicles on the road more than 40 years ago

Puff Adder Research In Africa

Study reveals unexpected behavior in wild puff adders.

Two-Headed Copperhead Snake To Be Displayed At Kentucky Wildlife Center

The baby venomous snake was donated to the center by a couple who found it in their yard.

Cape Cobras Eat Their Own Kind, But Only Males

Researchers have found that male Cape cobras eat male Cape cobras. They have not yet documented a male eating a female.

Florida Kingsnake In NorCal With Bad Burns On His Body Ready For Adoption

Felix is a Florida kingsnake who was surrendered by his owner in bad shape. He is ready to be adopted.

Two-Headed Baby Copperhead Snake Found Alive In Virginia

It is hoped that the venomous reptile can eventually be put on display at a zoo.
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