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Breeding Snakes

Eastern Indigo Snakes Breeding On Their Own In Alabama

Researchers with Auburn University captured a young, 27-inch eastern indigo snake believed to be the offspring of captive bred specimens.

Trademark Exotics and Piebald Ball Pythons

Video: Boa Constrictor Born With Two Heads, Two Hearts

Snake breeder in Florida showcased on Nat Geo vet show.

Southern African Python Mothers Stay With Their Babies For About Two Weeks After They Hatch

The mother snakes also warm their bodies and return to the snake nest to warm their babies.

Louisiana Pine Snake Breeding Program Started At Ellen Trout Zoo

The snake is rare in Louisiana and has all but disappeared in Texas.

Newquay Zoo First To Breed Long-Nosed Vine Snakes In UK Zoological Collection

The breeding pair gave birth to 11 snakes.

Scientists Release 25 Eastern Indigo Snakes Into Alabama Forest

The Eastern indigo snake has not been seen in the wild in Alabama since the 1950s.

Fire at Virginia Reptile Facility Causes Loss of 50 Snakes

Them Guns Frontman Navarone Garibaldi Shows off His Clutch of Retics

Aussie Snake Breeder Hatches Two-Headed Coastal Carpet Python

The two-headed coastal carpet python share the same body but different necks.

A Crash Course In Reptile Genetics

It pays to know some basic rules if you’re going to breed herps!

Honduran Milksnake History And Care Tips

Found throughout Central America and northwestern South America, Honduran milksnakes are large and powerful constrictors.

Yellow-Bellied Water Snake Gives Birth via Parthenogenesis

The snake succesfully gave birth two a pair 2014. The current offspring did not survive.

Two Critically Endangered Louisiana Pine Snakes Hatched At Florida Zoo

Louisiana pine snakes have very small clutches, usually around three to five eggs per clutch.

Hatching Ringneck Snakes

Ringneck snakes are a common, yet spectacular snake found throughout much of North America

Plains Garter Snake Treated For Skin Cancer in Ohio

Offspring of Lucy the Leucistic Boa Constrictor Sent to Brazil

Breeding the Eastern Indigo Snake

Breeding Carpet Pythons

Slayer’s Kerry King Gives A Glimpse Of His Snake Breeding Facility

Reticulated Python Confirmed To Have Mothered Babies via Parthenogenesis

Iowa Snake Breeder’s Application For Home-Based Business Permit Denied By City

Thompson can double the number of snakes he keeps, but cannot reduce the number by selling them.

Minnesota Snake Breeder Scott Nellis Passes Home Inspection

Scott Nellis can continue to breed certain snakes in his home-based business.

Honduran Milk Snake Breeding Tips

Honduran milksnakes make for an interesting breeding project.

Tables Turned For Woman Who Opposed Connecticut Snake Breeder's Permit

Snake breeder files complaints against woman who filed complaint against him.

Reticulated Python Care Tips

This is not your father's retic

Woma Python Care And Breeding

Captive care for the forever fascinating woma python.

Breeding Emerald Tree Boas

Tips and secrets for breeding Corallus caninus.

Stimson’s Python Born In Captivity Against The Odds

The Stimson's python is a popular pet snake native to Australia

Captive Breeding Of Gray-Banded Kingsnakes

Expert breeding tips for the gray-banded kingsnake.

Coon Rapids Snake Breeder Appeal Rejected By Minnesota Supreme Court

Coon Rapids snake breeder's appeal not heard by Minnesoty Supreme Court.

How to Incubate Python Eggs

Reptile eggs have certain requirements, and once they are met, a good, viable egg will hatch.

Tips for Breeding Boa Constrictors

Seasonal temperature fluctuations are the key to success with Boa constrictor imperator.

Conquer the Challenge of Breeding Green Tree Pythons

Morelia viridis presents some challenges when it comes to breeding. Follow these instructions for success.

How To Breed The Popular Corn Snake

Pantherophis guttatus (formerly classified as Elaphe guttata) is easy to breed if you provide the right temperature and photoperiod triggers.

Breed the Laid Back Annulated Tree Boa

Tips on breeding the annulated tree boa.

Breeding Trans-Pecos Rat Snakes

Breeding Bogertophis subocularis, a popular North American rat snake.

A Look at Ball Python Morph History

The ball python has become the most popular pet snake in herptoculture.

Breeding Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Rat Snakes

Expert Breeding Tips For Oreocryptophis porphyraceus Rat Snakes

Fire Destroys Colorado Home of Boa and Ball Python Breeders Lynn and Ken Kubic

More than 1,000 reptiles were saved.

Rico Walder Relief Effort

World-renowned breeder of green tree pythons is battling brain cancer.

Garter Snake Breeding

Bonus content from the May 2010 REPTILES magazine article "Familiar Favorite."

Eight Tentacled Snakes Born at National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Zoo had been trying to breed Erpeton tentaculatum for the last four years.

Connecticut Homeowner Can Continue Home-Based Snake Breeding Business

City issues cease and desist order, later issues home business permit for breeder of ball pythons and boa constrictors.

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo Releases 18 Smooth Green Snakes Into the Wild

Opheodrys vernalis were hatched as part of breeding program in conjunction with Lake County Forest Preserve District.

Largest Burmese Python Captured in Florida Carried 87 Eggs

The female Python molurus bivittatus measured 17-feet-7-inches and weighed 164.5 pounds.

How to Breed Beautiful Rainbow Boas

Bonus content from the August 2012 REPTILES magazine article " Colorful Captive."

Heat Seeker

Supplement to the February 2008 REPTILES magazine article "Heat Seeker."

Successfully Reproducing Mexican Kingsnakes in Captivity

Brumation is key to breeding.

Care and Breeding the Western Hog-nosed Snake

Captive breeding and new mutations have boosted the demand for western hog-nosed snakes.

Scent and Snake Matings of the Red-sided Garter Snake

Estrogen hormone plays a critical role in communicating reproductive status of Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis

Breeding Rosy Boa Snakes

Lichanura trivirgata is sometimes challenging to breed.

Breeder's Choice

Russo Clown Ball Python (python regius)

Breeding the Kenyan Sand Boa

Expert tips on breeding the Kenyan sand boa.

Care, Breeding and Caudal Luring of the Rough-scaled Sand Boa

The rough-scaled sand boa is a good choice for the beginner or advanced herpetoculturist.

Dumeril's Boa Breeding

Expert tips on breeding the Dumeril's Boa

Corn Snake Morph Chart

Bonus content from the November 2010 REPTILES magazine article "Artist's Palette."

Ex-NFL Star's Snake Breeding Business Damaged in Fire

Former Pro Chad Brown loses all but seven snakes

Breeding the Black Milk Snake

The black milk snake is gaining popularity among the colubrid crowd

Breeding The Savu Python

The Savu python from the island of Sawu in the Indonesian archipelago is easy to maintain yet tricky to breed

Breeding Green Anacondas

Expert tips on breeding the green anaconda.

Black-Headed Python Snake Breeding

Achieve success breeding the beautiful black-headed python snake.

Corn Snake Egg Duration

What is the average duration for a corn snake egg to hatch?

Piebald Snake Confusion

What’s the difference between piebald, pied and pied-sided when describing snakes?

Preventing Herp Breeding

Is it possible to castrate a reptile?

Breeding Solomon Islands Tree Boas

Solomon Islands tree boa breeding tips.

Breeding the Dumeril's Ground Boa

Dumeril's ground boa breeding tips.

Breeding Green Tree Pythons (Morelia viridis)

How to breed the green tree python.

Reptile Egg Retention

My snake had her prelay shed and I can see four eggs in her. She started having contraction, but later stopped. What should I do?

Sexing Snakes

Sexing snakes by probing makes me nervous. Is there another way to determine snake sex?

Visually Sexing Snakes

Can you tell the gender of a snake just by looking at its tail?

Breeding Emerald Tree Boas

Emerald tree boa breeding tips.

Whipsnake, Coachwhip and Racer Snake Breeding

Information for breeding the whipsnake, coachwhip and racer snake.

Blunt-Headed Tree Snake Breeding Information

Learn more about breeding these snakes.

Breeding Kingsnakes

Expert tips on breeding snakes of the genus Lampropeltis.
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