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Buffalo Zoo’s Reptile House Closes For Renovation

A new bushmaster exhibit will be one of the highlights of the Donna M. Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center.

Scientists Discover New Species Of Reptile With A Powerful Jaw

Colobops noviportensis was a tiny little reptile with a massive and powerful jaw.

Georgia-based Amphibian Foundation Successfully Breeds Striped Newts

Event marks the first time the foundation had breeding success with the species.

Georgia Town Punked On Fakebook With Bogus Warning About Copperhead Snakes

Pranksters created a fake Facebook page representing the city of Calhoun, Georgia.

Siskiyou Mountains Salamander Needs Endangered Species Act Protection, Petition Says

The Siskiyou Mountains salamander is threatened by federal plans to accelerate logging in its native range.

Texas Is Closer To Banning Commercial Collection Of Turtles On Private Lands

Texas is a step closer to making it illegal to commercially collect chelonians on private lands.

Pollution In India Deforming Native Frogs

Researchers with Delhi University’s Sri Venkateswara College have discovered ornate narrow-mouthed frogs missing eyes, due to the effects of pollution.

Australian Dwarf-Crowned Snake And Skink Saved From Sticky Tape

These two reptiles got stuck and were saved by WIRES personnel.

Video: Boa Constrictor Born With Two Heads, Two Hearts

Snake breeder in Florida showcased on Nat Geo vet show.

Australian Scientists Field Trial Cane Toad Bait To Save Native Quolls

The cane toad was introduced to Australia to combat agricultural pests but has decimated native populations of quolls.

Cobra Handling Firefighter From Malaysia Dies From Cobra Bite

Abu Zarin Husin, a Malaysian firefighter who captured and released uncounted cobras has died of a cobra bite.

Idaho Officials Euthanize Snapping Turtle Which Was Allegedly Fed Dying Puppy

Threats of violence have been made against the school district, apparently for not firing the teacher.

50 Desert Tortoises Available For Adoption By Arizona Residents

Once in captivity, desert tortoises can no longer be released into the wild due to the potential for them to introduce disease to wild populations of tortoises.

Southern African Python Mothers Stay With Their Babies For About Two Weeks After They Hatch

The mother snakes also warm their bodies and return to the snake nest to warm their babies.

Stolen Red-Footed Tortoise Found Safe

Huck was stolen February 21. He was found in a grassy area March 8.

Two New Frog Species Discovered In Sumatra

The tadpoles of the Sumatran cascade frogs have sucker-like bellies that enable them to stick to rocks in fast flowing streams.

Idaho Science Teacher Under Investigation For Feeding Puppy To Class Snapping Turtle

It is unclear if the dog was dead or alive, or what type of snapping turtle is kept at the school.

Missing San Diego Monitor Lizard Found Safe

Bubbles was found by a Los Angeles man who took the time out to search for him.

The Burmese Python In The United States

The Burmese python has had an interesting existence in the United States.

Minnesota Woman Celebrates 56 Years With Her Gopher Tortoise

George the gopher tortoise and Jeanna Smith have been together more than 50 years.

Two-headed Rat Snake Makes Debut At Cameron Park Zoo In Texas

Pancho and Lefty have been in quarantine for 18 months and are now on display at the Cameron Park Zoo.

9 Days On Shawnee National Forest's Snake Road Of Illinois

Take a ride along this famed Illinois road known for its awesome herp encounters.

Two Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Receive Electrochemotherapy Treatment For Fibropapillomatosis

Reptile Enclosure Maker Vision Products Plus Acquired By Adam’s Specialty Products

The Vision slider rack system is very popular with snake enthusiasts and breeders.

Louisiana Pine Snake Breeding Program Started At Ellen Trout Zoo

The snake is rare in Louisiana and has all but disappeared in Texas.

Video: Thief Walks Out Of Pet Store With 5 Baby Sulcata Tortoises

A thief in Wisconsin stole 5 baby sulcata tortoises from a Pet World.

The Leopard Tortoise Of Africa

Awesome beauty, a calm demeanor and a hefty size— what’s not to love about the leopard tortoise?

Monitor Lizard Wanders Away From San Diego Reptile Store

Bubbles is a 6-year-old black-throated monitor who is also the store's mascot.

Bearded Dragon Is Internet Famous Thanks To Disaster Girl Meme

Petey is the reptile version of Disaster Girl.

Reptilekeeping In Ireland

Reptilekeeping has become more popular in Ireland over the last 10 years.

Arizona Family’s Tortoise Escapes Yard, Gets Stolen By Three Men

Sheldon was stolen just outside his home in Glendale, Arizona.

Snake Road In Illinois To Close March 15 For Annual Herp Migration

Snake Road is closed every spring to allow migrating reptiles and amphibians to safely cross without getting hit by vehicles.

Herpetologists Stumped By Faceless Toad Discovered In 2016

Herpetologist Jill Fleming is unsure what happened to the face of this toad she happened upon back in 2016. She Tweeted the photo February 28 asking for opinions. What do you think?

Venomous Cat Snake Spotted In UAE For First Time In Nearly 10 Years

The first documented instance of a cat snake in the UAE occurred in 2007

The Biggest Success In Herpetology

Hobbyists have embraced sulcata tortoises and made their reproduction the biggest herpetocultural success story of recent times.

Researchers Study Green Anoles And How Stem Cells Promote Regrowth

The researchers hope to find out why the lizard has the capability to regenerate its tail.

Pet Turtle Helped Sandy Hook Elementary Students Heal

Shelley had been a mainstay since well before the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Educational Lectures At Reptile Shows

The herp industry wants its constituents to be successful raising and breeding the animals they acquire in order to grow the hobby.

How To Use The Herpetofauna Disease Alert System (HDAS)

The Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation formed the Disease Task Team to guide communication and collaboration on herpetofaunal diseases among PARC regions.

Cobra Snakes Of The Congo

A professor and his colleagues seek to expand cobra research in Central Africa.

Florida High School Student Brings Coral Snake To School And Gets Bit

The snake was later destroyed.

Women Who Tried To Save Snapping Turtle But Ran It Over May Face Charges

Two women in Alabama posted a video to social media of them running over a snapping turtle.

Newquay Zoo First To Breed Long-Nosed Vine Snakes In UK Zoological Collection

The breeding pair gave birth to 11 snakes.

Bill To Make Red Salamander Virginia’s State Amphibian Awaits Governor’s Signature

The red salamander may become the official salamander of Virginia.

USFWS Sued For Failing To Protect Cedar Key Mole Skink

The USFWS was petitioned by the Center in 2012 to protect the reptile under the Endangered Species Act.

5 Great Beginner Pet Lizards

Ideal Heating For Your Reptiles

Heat for reptiles isn’t just for comfort — it’s for survival.

Researchers Discover Ancient Relative Of Red-Eared Slider

Trachemys haugrudi is closely related to modern turtles of the Trachemys genus.

Police In Australia Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Save Lizard Stuck In Red Bull Can

Police officer removes lizard's head that got stuck in Red Bull can.

Gopher Tortoises Hatchlings To Be Released In South Carolina

Close to 100 gopher tortoise hatchlings will be released in South Carolina to bolster wild populations.

Gopher Tortoises Are Comprised Of 5 Genetically Diverse Groups, Study Says

More than 300 species rely on the network of tunnels the gopher tortoise creates.

Reptile Tracks: Can You Tell What Species Made Them?

Generalizations could be made based on the width of crawl tracks and the undulation pattern

Sand Boa Substrate: Soil Or Sand?

Sand boas are most comfortable on a loamy, slightly moist soil mixture.

Michigan Biologists In Need Of Volunteer Frog Counters

Help Michigan count frogs and toads this spring.

Texas Conservation Plan For The Dunes Sagebrush Lizard To Be Rewritten

The plan was controversial when it was released because oil and gas industry lobbyists formed the makeup of foundation that was supposed to implement the plan.

Electric Blue Gecko Care And Breeding Information

In the wild, Lygodactylus williamsi inhabits a very restricted habitat within a limited range. It is critically endangered.

Road Cruising For Herps And Impact Of Weather

Road herping is a favorite way for many to see a lot of reptiles.

Popular Red-Footed Tortoise Stolen From Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World In Scotland

The 8-year-old tortoise was stolen right out of his enclosure on February 21.

Captive-Bred Northern Corroboree Frogs To Be Released In Semi-Wild Enclosures

They are the result of new breeding techniques and their release is a new approach to locating wild reintroduction sites.

Northern California Tortoise And Turtle Sanctuary Opens Adoption Center

The more popular species available for adoption include Russian, leopard, and sulcata tortoises, are well as box turtles.

Honolulu Zoo Now Home To Three Japanese Giant Salamanders

The Japanese giant salamander is listed as near threatened by the IUCN due to pollution and habitat loss.

Chinese Water Dragon Care And Information

With this article, I introduce the rigors and techniques that have worked as a successful water dragon keeper and breeder for more than a decade.

Critically Endangered Cambodian Royal Turtle Nest Discovered

Conservationists with the Fisheries Administration (FiA), WCS in the Southeast Asian country found 16 eggs in a nest of the critically endangered Royal Turtle.

Actress Elsa Pataky Handles A Snake In Her Bathroom Like A Pro

The Snakes On A Plane Star had no problem subduing the reptile and getting it safely in a box.

Video: Aussie Snake Catcher Removes Venomous Tiger Snake Stuck In Beer Can

Tiger snakes are highly venomous, large elapids from Australia.

Kingman, Arizona Unveils A Chuckwalla Sculpture

This sculpture is certain to generate discussion, like the Running Hare of Kingman.

The International Herpetological Symposium: Ideal For Teens

The presentations at IHS range from those meant for amateur herpers to pros, and you can learn about many topics, from herpetoculture to pure science and taxonomy.

Help For A Budding Herpetologist

Advice for those who wish to pursue a career with reptiles.

Bearded Leaf Chameleon

For such tiny animals, bearded leaf Chameleon are remarkably durable and hardy.

Rhode Island Police Looking For Man Who Allegedly Left Turtle Frozen In Enclosure

A red-eared slider was found frozen in its enclosure. Luckily it survived.

Toad Eats Beetle Then Pukes It Out After Beetle Lets Loose Chemical Defense

The bombardier beetle has a novel defense when ingested, it lets loose a toxic chemical spray from its abdomen.

Gopher Snake Care And Breeding Information

With more captive-bred color mutations, the gopher snake enjoys newfound popularity.

Connecticut Needs Folks To Count Frogs

Can you distinguish the call of a spring peeper? If so, the Connecticut chapters of FrogWatch USA needs you to help them count.

Research Says Some Lizards Ran On Hind Legs 110 Million Years Ago

The findings detail the oldest known group of lizard trackways, and they show that lizards were already using bipedal locomotion.

Tiger Snake Crawling On A Wire Garners More Than 2 Million Views

Tiger snakes are one of three venomous snake species on Tasmania.

50 Duvaucel’s Geckos Released On Island They Once Roamed

The Dvaucel's geckos were devastated by introduced mammals such as rats, cats and ferrets.

Keeping The Boa Constrictor

This article will focus on how to keep B. c. imperator.

Chrissy Teigen Introduces Her Daughter To A Bearded Dragon

Time will tell if Teigen's daughter becomes a reptile lover.

Iranian Military Adviser Says The West Is Using Lizards To Spy On Its Nuclear Ambitions

Could reptiles be used to spy for the West?

Ball Python Saved From St. Louis Housefire

A St. Louis Fire Department firefighter saved a ball python from a house fire.

Romeo, The Last Frog Of His Species Seeks Mate Through Match.com

Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog (Telmatobius yuracare) is looking for a mate.

Expert Tips On Planting A Lush Vivarium

Choose plants that will go well with your reptile when setting up a vivarium.

Nuevo Leon Kingsnake

Most of the available captive bred Nuevo Leon kingsnakes are many generations removed from the wild due to the laws protecting their importation into the US.

Snakes Spread Plant Seeds Via The Rodents They Eat

Researchers say the role of snakes as ecosystem servicers should be further studied.

Backyard Wilderness, A Film About Critters Around A Suburban Home To Open March 2018

Film details the intricacies of wildlife surrounding a suburban home as the seasons come and go.

The Solution For Keeping Monitor Lizards From Raiding Sea Turtle Nests? Cane Toads

Researchers have found that dead cane toads placed on top of sea turtle nests deter monitor lizards from pilfering the eggs.

Reptile Rescue In Devon, United Kingdom Closes After 10 Years Helping Herps

The facility could not remain open without funding.

Utah Reptile Rescuer Denies Animal Cruelty Charge as 60 Animals Confiscated

Reptile Rescue Service says James Dix had a heart attack and has been in the hospital.

Florida Gopher Tortoise Day Is April 10

Gopher Tortoise Day is a fun informational day for the entire family.

Are Snakes Venomous Or Poisonous?

Venomous reptiles inject or chew to deliver venom, while poisonous frogs have to be touched or eaten to deliver their toxins.

Painted Turtle And Common Snapping Turtle In Same Enclosure?

It’s not advisable to keep these two turtle species together.

Poison Frogs: How Dangerous?

Wild poison frogs are poisonous due to the insects they eat.

Scientists Speculate Ancient Crocs Fed On Aldabra Tortoises On Aldabra Atoll

Scientists speculate that ancient crocodiles ate giant tortoises of the Aldabra Atoll.

Man Who Smuggled Turtles From Vietnam Sentenced To Three Years Probation

Turtle smuggler sent endangered reptiles via mail.

Photo Shows King Cobra And Reticulated Python Caught In Deadly Embrace

The king cobra wanted to eat, but both died in the fight for survival.

Salt Shown To Clear Chytrid Fungus From Frogs

Translocated Australian green and golden bell frogs bred in captivity and released into habitats where salt was added to the water resulted in a 70 percent increased survival rate.

Can A Retic With Inclusion Body Disease Still Strike?

Inclusion body disease is known to strike pythons and boas.

Bad Idea: Putting A Horned Lizard In Same Enclosure As Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons will eat a variety of things, including other lizards.

What Tortoise Can I Keep Indoors?

The Russian tortoise can be kept indoors.
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