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Snapping Turtle At Southern Vermont Natural History Museum In Need Of Bigger Enclosure

A GoFundMe has been launched for Basil the snapping turtle.

More Than 6,000 Indian Star Tortoises Seized From Wildlife Traffickers in 2017

Even though Indian star tortoises are widely captive bred for the pet trade, wild caught specimens are still illegally collected.

When Will My Russian Tortoise Learn How To Mate?

Do you have any advice to share about a good way to tell if a successful mating has occurred?

Who's Who In Reptiles: John Mack Of Reptiles By Mack

“Nowadays, captive-breeding is the name of the game, representing a huge shift in philosophy and resulting in not only quality reptiles being bred as pets, but also new color patterns and varieties."

The Vet Report: Contrary To Popular Belief, Snakes Can Hear

“Well, Mr. Jones, I have to disagree with you. Snakes do have internal ears, and they can hear.”

Keeping And Breeding Black-Headed Pythons

The black-headed python is costly, but its fans consider this majestic snake more than worth the investment.

Mom Offers $500 For Safe Return Of Little Girl’s Stolen Pet Lizard

10-year-old Skyla just wants her pet lizard back.

Spotted Turtle At Risk Of Disappearing In Rhode Island

A three year study turned up just 50 spotted turtles out of 2,000 turtles caught.

Mixed Species Vivaria: Can It Be Done? And If So, How?

Mixing species is by no means easy, and it is probably best left to the most experienced herpkeepers.

Calabar Burrowing Python Has Thickest Skin Of Any Snake Species

The small python feeds on baby rodents and its skin may have evolved to resist bites from angry mothers.

Texas Tortoise From Houston Makes Its Way To Abilene

A Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist needed to rehome a Texas tortoise and was successful in doing so.

Crested Gecko Care And Information

Find out why some people consider the crested gecko a living work of art.

Pet Reptile Product Sales Reach $383 Million In 2016

Has the reptile hobby gone mainstream?

Giant Scrub Python Takes Its Time Crossing The Road

Queensland Police escorted the giant scrub python off the road.

Asian Water Monitor Rescued From Canada House Fire

The Asian water monitor was bleeding from running around the house, suffers from smoke inhalation and was expoised to cold weather.

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Gets 3D Printed Shell Brace

The loggerhead turtle had a gaping hole in its shell. 3D printer technology was used to create a brace to cover it.

The Vet Report: Puka, The Sea Turtle With A Hole

When Puka came to the Turtle Hospital, the director at first wanted to euthanize her. My first thought was that I had to agree. A hole in a sea turtle —not good.

Care For The Pygmy Dead-Leaf Chameleon

All pygmy chameleons are CITES protected and regulated. Captive breeding has been successful in a number of species.

How To Raise Your Own Fruit Flies

You can raise your own fruit flies from a store bought culture of flies.

Northern Mexican Gartersnake Found In Its Native Range After 100 Year Absence

The snake was found at Beal Lake in Mohave County, Ariz., a place where no northern Mexican gartersnake has been documented in 100 years.

Aussie Snake Wrangler Rescues Copperhead Stuck In Soda Can

This Australian copperhead (Austrelaps sp.) got its head stuck in a soda can discarded on the road.

Dozens Of Turtles And Tortoises Evacuated From Behler Chelonian Center Due To California Fires

Ploughshare tortoises, a Galapagos tortoise, baby pig-nosed turtles, radiated tortoises and golden coin turtles were just a few of the species evacuated due to the California fires.

Three Australian Lizards Declared Extinct In The Wild

The Lister's gecko, the blue-tailed skink and the Christmas Island forest-skink are now extinct in the wild.

Once Thought Extinct In The Wild, The Wyoming Toad Makes A Comeback

Breeding efforts around the nation have helped the Wyoming toad to make a comeback in the wild.

Hunter Captures 17-foot Burmese Python In Florida

The Burmese python is one of many invasive species in the state of Florida.

Common Musk Turtle Care And Information

These highly aquatic turtles are found in both slow-flowing sections of stream and river habitats, as well as lakes and ponds. They move clumsily on land.

Is A Tegu Right For You?

How to provide the best care for the intelligent and engaging Argentine tegu.

Genetically Female Bearded Dragons Grow A Hemipenes Then Lose Them Prior To Hatching

Genetically female Pogona vitticeps temporarily grow a hemipenes in the development stage and then lose it prior to hatching.

Anole Annals Announces Photo Contest Winners

Winners appear in the 2018 Anole Annals Calendar.

Year Round Frog Hunting May Become Reality In Michigan

Currently, the state bans the hunting of frogs between mid-November and late spring.

Researchers Discover Two New Anole Lizards In Southern Ecuador

Anolis hyacinthogularis ,has a blue dewlap, while Anolis lososi is named after famed anole researcher Jonathan Losos.

Caiman Lizard Care And Information

Care for the caiman lizard, denizen of the Amazon River.

Keeping The Kwangtung Turtle

The Kwangtung turtle is critically endangered and in need of conservation efforts.

Two California Men Admit Guilt, Pay $750 Each For Harassing Sea Turtle In Hawaii

Officials say that the $750 fine each individual incurred is nothing compared to the penalties for a severe violation the Endangered Species Act.

Paleontologists In China Discover Pterosaur Nest Of Ancient Reptile Eggs

More than 200 eggs were found, including 16 that have detailed embryos of Hamipterus tianshanensis.

Indian Star Tortoise Care And Breeding Tips

Tips for keeping one of the world’s most attractive tortoises—the Indian star tortoise.

Reptile Roadkill

Very few studies on herp road kill numbers exist, however, and they don’t exist for the U.S. as a whole.

California Kingsnake Care, Breeding and Morphs

Captive breeding and new morphs keep this favorite pet snake fresh and exciting.

Database Of 74 Percent Of All Snake Species From 27 Countries Released

Researchers studied distribution patterns, collection records and frequency of occurrence from 147,515 contributions for a total of 886 snake species.

Honolulu Zoo Opens Newly Renovated Ectotherm Complex

The new reptile facility is three years in the making at a cost of $3 million.

Man Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Box Turtles

Byron Paul Pitre was convicted, sentenced to three years probation, and fined $2,500.

Texas Biologist Hopes To Move Endangered Texas Tortoises To Abilene Zoo

The Texas tortoise is the only native tortoise in Texas.

Can A Reptile Be Partially Albino?

Gulf Coast box turtles and alligator snapping turtles are two turtles in which males sometimes lose pigment on their heads when fully mature.

Carpet Python In Seattle Missing Its Owner

Hopefully this python will find its way back to its owner.

Stranded Olive Ridley Turtle Found On Oregon Beach

The stranded olive ridley sea turtle had a body temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit is considered normal.

Green Iguana Rescued By Kayak Fisherman Four Miles Off Key West, Florida

The lizard saw the kayak and made a beeline toward it and was saved.

White Crocodile Spotted In Australia’s Adelaide River

Metabolic Bone Disease In Reptiles

MBD is not actually a single disease entity, it is a collection of medical disorders affecting the integrity and function of bones.

Photographing Reptiles Behind Glass Enclosures

When photographing reptiles behind glass, let the flash strike it from an angle of 15 degrees off the perpendicular or greater.

Herp Queries: Reptile Shows And Germs

Have young ones wash their hands after touching herps, or any animals for that matter. Most all tables at the shows have antibacterial disinfectant for use.

Is There A Snake That Does Not Bite?

People entering the herp hobby via a pet retailer often assume that if it’s for sale to the public, then it must be tame. Don’t assume that any animal will never bite.

Dog Gets Stuck In Sulcata Tortoise Burrow

It took firefighters about four hours to safely remove the dog from the burrow.

New Treefrog Species Discovered Near Brazil’s Abandoned Trans-Amazonian Highway

The jaguar snouted tree frog is so named because jaguars were also spotted in the area which the amphibian was discovered.

Global Warming May Have Negative Effects On Bearded Dragon Intelligence

Bearded dragons that were incubated at cooler temperatures were quicker to open door to access food than those incubated at warmer temperatures.

Snake Hunter Teams Up With VolAero Drone Start Up To Hunt Pythons In Everglades

2016 Python Challenge Champion Bill Booth conducted successful trial run in locating pythons via a thermal imaging-equipped drone.

Snake Wranglers In Thailand Get A Surprise After Capturing Reticulated Python

After, the snake was captured, it proceeded to regurgitate its meal, a very large monitor lizard.

Researchers Find Peruvian Frog That Is Resistant To Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis

Gastrotheca excubitor employs bacterial defenses to fight off Bd and the chytrid fungus.

Are Gila Monsters And Chuckwallas Look-Alike Lizards?

Chuckwallas (Sauromalus ater) resemble Gila monsters (Heloderma suspectum) in appearance, although to what degree depends largely on your prior exposure to seeing both in real life.

Bearded Dragon Won’t Drink

Bearded dragons prefer to lick droplets off the walls of their enclosure rather than drink from a bowl.

2017 Green Sea Turtle Nestings In Florida Break Record

Florida recorded 39,000 green sea turtle nests during the 2017 nesting season.

Rainforest Trust Conducts Successful Survey Of Critically Endangered Geometric Tortoise

The survey documented 72 mature tortoises in four hours.

Former NHL Hockey Player Jeremy Roenick Removes Rattlesnake From His Arizona Home

But then he hurls the snake over his wall, which couldn’t have been good for the reptile.

Aussie Reptile Lover Recovers From Inland Taipan Snake Bite

Even though Nathan Chetcuti got bit, he plans to keep his inland Taipan snake.

Herp Queries: Photo Critique Concerns When Shooting Reptiles

If you post pictures in a public forum, I’m afraid you’re stuck accepting (not necessarily cheerfully) whatever comments accrue.

Herp Queries: Something About Skinks

Most skinks native to the United States are small (under 6 inches in total length) and tend to be of the long, slender body conformation.

Herp Queries: Use Good Judgment With Children And Reptiles

It’s necessary for kids to learn such things “gently” in order to dodge more serious ones that will surely come along later in life.

Reptile Medicine Behind Bars At The Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm

The Monroe County Jail in Florida is home to a variety of animals, cared for by inmates.

Sea Turtle Caught In Fishing Line After Hurricane Irma Is Released

Drifter was found entangled in fishing line that was attached to a buoy in the Florida Keys.

Tokay Gecko In Mexican Standoff With Golden Treesnake In Thailand

The treesnake may have bit more than it could chew with the large lizard.

Map Turtle Care And Information

Map turtles are as remarkable in their diversity as they are in their behavior.

Bd Infected Peruvian Frogs Still Haven’t Recovered From 10-Year-Old Die Off

Scientists speculate that Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is keeping frog populations low in Peru's Manu National Park.

California Seeks Information On Cascades Frog To Determine Potential Protection Status

The Cascades frog may be listed as threatened or endangered under the California Endangered Species Act.

Texas Agrees To Proposed Rule To Ban Unlimited Commercial Trapping Of Wild Turtles

It is hoped the unlimited collection of wild turtles is stopped or curtailed in Texas.

Scientists Hope To Populate Guam’s Forest Canopy With Drug-Laden Dead Mice To Kill Invasive Brown Tree Snakes

Researchers want to expand the drop zones of drug-laced mice to further control the brown tree snake population on Guam.

Ball Python Found In Lake Dallas, Texas Looking For Its Owner

Someone in Lake Dallas, Texas is missing a ball python.

Workers In The UK Discover A Fairly Healthy Looking Corn Snake In Sewer

The corn snake was discovered in a sewer in the town of Gwynedd, North West Wales.

Alligator Snapping Turtles Not Seen In Illinois in 30 Years Reappear In The Wild

The last time an alligator snapping turtle was seen in the wild in the state of Illinois was back in 1984.

Stranger Things Season 2’s The Pollywog Has Frog Genus Date Error

Dustin thinks Dart was of the Indirana genus, but the genus wasn't formally described until 1986 and frogs develop rear legs first.

Researchers Identify Gene That Gives Colombian Dart Frogs Their Black Coloration

More than 300 poison dart frogs in the jungles of Colombia's Chocó province were photographed and classified, with DNA collected from 90 individual frogs.

Corn Snake Lost In Rental Van For 5 Months Finally Reunited With Owner

Gavin Burnett was moving to a new city when Mushu escaped inside the moving van.

Rules and Regulations For Box Turtles In Ohio?

Consult directly with your local authorities before making a reptile purchase of which you’re uncertain.

The Vet Report: Reptile Vomiting and Regurgitation

The two most common causes of vomiting or regurgitation in snakes are low-environmental temperature and handling the animal too soon after eating.

Herp Queries: The 4-Inch Turtle Law

The law is aimed at curtailing commercial sales of small turtles, which often end up as pets of small children.

Field Herping For Snakes: Driving Or On Foot?

Walking through a herp’s habitat to find it offers the added pleasure of communing with nature up close.

Penn State Researchers Use Glow Sticks To Capture Amphibians For Study

Research funding for herps is often limited, so the use of these lighting devices speeds up the research.

New FrogID App Helps Aussies Record And Catalog Frog Calls

FrogID will help Australia catalog the country's more than 230 frog species.

Man In Germany Locked Up To Sober Up After Police Find A Snake In His Pants

Police noticed a significant bulge in his trousers, which turned out to be a ball python.

Snake Catcher In Australia Scoops Up Venomous Snake In Heels and Her Melbourne Cup Dress

Lisa Harrap was at a Melbourne Cup party, where she had just won an award when she got the call to remove a snake.

Aussie Snake Catcher Captures Crazy Footage Of Carpet Python Trying To Eat A Bat

The bat's wings proved to be too big for the carpet python.

Asian Water Monitor In Florida That Escaped His Enclosure Returned To Owner

Poseidon was out enjoying the Florida sun for more than three weeks.

Aussie Reptile Enthusiast Bitten By Inland Taipan Snake

Nathan Chetcuti, 19, was bit as he tried to put the snake back into its enclosure.

Trump Administration Sued For Denying Protections To Florida Keys Mole Skink

The little skink can only be found on a few islands in the Florida Keys.

Spanish Ribbed Newt Care Information

Pleurodeles waltl is a large species with interesting behaviors.

Red-Eyed Crocodile Skink Care And Information

Of the 8 known species, Tribolonotus gracilis and T. novaeguineae are the only two species commonly found in the pet hobby.

Hundreds Of Dead Sea Turtles Found Floating Off El Salvador

The dead turtles were already in a state of decomposition.

Python Hunter Pulls 16-Foot, 11-Inch Snake Out Of Everglades

The nearly 17-foot Burmese python is a personal best for hunter Dustin Crum.

The Vet Report: Don’t Diagnose Your Herps Via The Internet. Find A Good Reptile Vet

Long-distance medicine is a reality, but it requires trained individuals on both ends of the cyber connection to collect all the data and formulate a diagnosis and plan.

The Scoop On Reptile Poop

Most herps’ droppings don’t last long out in the rigors of nature.

Herp Queries: Photographing A Venomous Snake

Never allow any part of your body to come within striking range.
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