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The Vet Report: Inclusion Body Disease

My Leopard Gecko is Not Eating

My leopard gecko ran away and now that I found her again, she won't eat. Why is this?

White Tortoise Feces

Why is my tortoise’s feces white?

Bearded Dragon Will Not Eat

My bearded dragon recently stopped eating and I was wondering what would cause this?

Snake Winter Anorexia

Do ball pythons typically go through a hibernation state during the winter?

Leopard Gecko Heating and Care

Can I heat my leopard gecko with just an undertank heat strip?

Leopard Gecko Eye Problem

My leopard gecko can’t open his eye.

Can we give medication to our reptiles by putting the meds inside feeders, such as a pinky mouse?

Chinese Water Dragon With Mouth Lump

My female Chinese water dragon has a strange whitish lump on the outside of her mouth.


An injured crocodile was taken to surgery, and about four hours, four plates and 41 stainless steel screws later, “RoboCroc,” was reborn.

Anorexic Leopard Gecko

I was told my lizards have worms and was prescribed Panacur, which I’ve administered now for a week without any change in condition. What else can I do?

Why is my African fat-tailed gecko lethargic and eating less?

Why is my African fat-tailed gecko lethargic and eating less?

How can you tell the difference between a herp injury and a disease?

My lizard has not eaten since I got her, and she also has a bottlejaw, which I think is from hypoproteinemia due to parasites. Can you help?

I cannot find any information on the Snake Virus Paramyxovirus. Can you help?

Basilisk Belly Irritation

What is the red irritation on my basilisk's belly?

How do I clip my monitor lizard’s nails?

Can a lizard get cancer in its leg? If so, should the leg be amputated?

Turtle With Worms: I have noticed a very thin, white-clear, stringlike material coming out of my reptile's cloaca. What is this?

Hypocalcemic Herp

My lizard has many problems after a fall. What is wrong with it?

Reptile Calcium Deficiency

My reptile has been diagnosed with a swollen mouth and throat, and a calcium deficiency.

Tortoise Personal Health Issue

I am concerned because my reptile has been dragging his privates all day.

My map turtle is sneezing and breathing through its mouth. What Should I do?

Can reptiles get colds?

Lizard Limb Injury

My herp was bleeding from his right back leg like he scraped it and he has humps in his back kind of like he fell. What should I do?

Lizard Foot Lump

My grandson's reptile has a lump on his foot and wants to know what it might be?

Lizard With Swollen Jaw and Leg, Losing Weight

My reptile looks like it has renal failure. Is there anything that i can do to help him get better?

Garter Snake Won't Drink

Young albino garter snake won't drink and spits clear fluid.

Leopard Gecko Everted Hemipenis

I noticed my lizard has a large bump on his underside near where the tail connects to his body.

Preventing Herp Breeding

Is it possible to castrate a reptile?

Ball Python Refusing to Eat

Why is my ball python snake refusing to eat?

Lizard With Soft Stool

My reptile's stool is sort of soft. Is this a problem? And if so, what can I do about it?

Ball Python Won't Eat

How can I get my ball python to eat?

I bought a baby turtle a month ago. She has been doing fine until today when I noticed that her eyes are not shining as usual. Her eyelids are somehow swollen. What's wrong?

I bought a baby turtle a month ago. She has been doing fine until today when I noticed that her eyes are not shining as usual. Her eyelids are somehow swollen. What's wrong?

Donating Herps For Research

My daughter's lizard recently died. She is storing it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Can we donate it for research and to whom?

Do Snakes Fart?

Do snakes pass gas?

What causes, and how do you treat, a dried out turtle shell?

Constipated Lizard...What Should I do?

My leopard gecko is sick. After taking him to a local vet, we are now warm-water soaking him, force feeding him, and providing a laxative. He still, however, has not defecated. Also, the skin behind his anal slit is very swollen. What should I do?

It looks like my turtle is stretching out her neck and trying to swallow like she has something stuck in her throat. What could this be?

Swollen Chameleon Eye

I take good care of my lizard. Any ideas on what causes his eye to be swollen?

Painted turtle with soggy, white feet. How do I treat the condition?

Ball Python Blister Disease

My ball python's belly appears to have blisters and orange dots. Is this blister disease?

Do Reptiles Get Hemorrhoids?

Do reptiles get hemorrhoids?

Circling Iguana

Why is my iguana walking around in circles?

Screaming Lizard

Today I picked up my reptile and she started screaming and when I put her down she kept screaming and running around and twisting her body. What could be wrong?

Breeding Bearded Dragons

What's involved with breeding bearded dragon lizards?

Are There Other Ways To Identify Your Reptile Without Microchips?

Learning to identify reptiles without the use of microchips.

Why won't my reptile eat? Is it because of the new surroundings?

Margaret A. Wissman explains why an albino leopard gecko might not be feeding regularly.

Baby Gecko Lizard Not Eating

Should you force-feed a reptile that won't eat?

Diseases Passed From Reptiles to Humans

Can coccidia be passed to humans from a bearded dragon?

My corn snake has soft lumps on either side of his body just before the vent. What is this?

The rat I fed my snake left a small scratch wound. How can I treat this?

Reptile Cloacal Prolapse

My lizard looks like her insides are hanging out.

Reptile Shedding Problems

What do you do when your reptile doesn't fully shed or has shedding problems?

Reptile Not Growing

Why is my lizard not eating or growing any larger?

What are the proper steps in diagnosing and getting rid of worms and red leg in frogs?

How do you prevent internal parasites in lizards?

I have a red-eared slider that I might have to euthanize, and I was wondering how exactly is that done on reptiles?

Is Distilled Water bad for herps?

Never use distilled water for pet herps.

There are small bumps on the underside of my bearded dragon’s rear. Could you tell me what you think this could be?

The right side of my reptile's mouth, under the chin, has become swollen. His mouth is seeping pus that is slightly pink. What is it?

Bearded Dragons Sick

Can beetles that come in with the crickets harm my reptiles?

Lizard Mouth Sores

My fat-tailed gecko lizard has had sores around his mouth, and they have been creeping up toward his nose for several months now. What is wrong?

Reptile Vomiting and Regurgitating

I have noticed one of my female lizards coughing and regurgitating her food, roughly five to 10 minutes after feeding. What could be the problem?

Ball Python Snake Underbelly Redness

I have noticed recently that the underside of my ball python at about halfway down (from the middle of her body to her tail) has a reddish tint to it.

Lizards Not Eating

Why have my geckos and iguanas stopped eating as much?

Sungazer Lizard With Metabolic Bone Disease

Our lizard seems to have lost the ability to move his back legs and tail. What's wrong?

Snake Egg Binding or Dystocia

If a snake has been egg-bound and surgically helped through the problem the first time, what are the chances of the snake becoming egg bound again?

Neutering an Aggressive Iguana Lizard

The only time my iguana becomes aggressive is around breeding season. I've read conflicting opinions about whether neutering will help this problem. What is your opinion?

Chameleon With Blood-filled Sacs Around Eyes

What could blood-filled lumps under my chameleon's eyes be?

Lizard Prolapse

My reptile appears to have a prolapse. Is there anything I can do to keep him comfortable before his vet appointment?

Green Anole Lizard Color Changes

I have a large male green anole that won’t turn green.

Reptile Wound Care

Is it dangerous if the feeder nips the reptile?

Lizard Toe and Claw Injury

Should I be worried about my chameleon's abnormal claw?

Lizard Mouth Abscess and Swelling With Fluid

There is a lot of fluid around my lizard's neck and lower jaw. What could this be? I have looked at pictures of mouth rot and this looks nothing like that at all.

Ivermectin Treatment for Snake With Mites

Can the liquid Ivermectin be used to rid my snake of mites?

My Corn Snake is Regurgitating its Food

Green Anole With Lumps Around Ears

Another case of a green anole lizard with lumps around the ears.

Lizard Seizures and Spinal Bumps

Why does my Mali uromastyx have bumps on his spine and shake?

Snake Blister Disease

My carpet python might have a type of blister disease. How can I treat it?

Gecko Lizard Diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis

Is there a cure for my reptile's ailment? I'd like a second opinion.

Lizard with Swollen Leg and Red Dots

My reptile has little pinkish dots on his ankle and his rear leg was swollen. What is wrong with him?

Lizard With Swollen Toe

I have a bearded dragon with a swollen toe.

Lizard Leg Injury and Calcium Deficiency

I just bought a lizard, and it jumped off my sofa last night. This morning I noticed it has a swollen knee and cannot bend it!

Sluggish Mali Uromastyx Lizard

My reptile has sand clumped around his nostrils, kind of like a runny nose. What could this be?

Symptoms for Inclusion Body Disease in Snakes

My snake won't eat and seems lethargic, what's wrong with him?

Lizard Rear Legs Appear Paralyzed

Our iguana has stopped walking and his back legs seem useless. What is wrong with him?

Snake Yawning or Gaping

My reptile seems to gape for air. What could be wrong with it?

Lizard With Lumps Behind Ears

My lizard has lumps or bulges right behind his ears. The right side lump is larger then the left. What is it?

My terrapin turtle won't take food. He is suffering from edema and was given a vitamin A injection yesterday. What should I do?

Snake Eye Problem With Inflammation

Does my snake have a retained eye cap?

Monitor Not Eating and Having Diarrhea

Why does my savannah monitor lizard shake and have loose stool?

Lizard Eye Problems With Swelling

My reptiles eyelids are closing up. What should I do?

Lizard With Lump or Abscess Over Eye

My reptile isn't eating and has a bump over his eye. What should I do?

How do you treat a turtle or tortoise prolapse?

Iguana Coloration

Should you be able to see through the dewlap of a green iguana?

Lizard With Large Lump on Head

I noticed a very large lump by my lizard's ear. It goes from the bottom of the ear to the top of her head. Could this be a calcium problem? Will this go away on its own?

Lizard Prolapse From Cloaca

I was wondering what I should do about this thing sticking out of my lizard’s cloaca? Is it a prolapse?

Snake Skin Peel and Vitamin C Deficiency

My reptile had scale rot and now the skin peels off to the muscle. What is wrong?

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