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Annual Reptiles USAIn the Beginning

Let there be enlightenment. Discover which beginner herps are right for you.
By Walter and Gerold Merker 

Red-Eared Slider
Key care tips for Trachemys scripta elegans.
By Devin Edmonds

Your Go-To Gecko
Crested geckos went from near-extinction to the height of popularity. Find out how to care for this New Caledonian gem.
By Derek Dunlop

Green Iguana
Key care tips for Iguana iguana.

Petite, but Packed with Personality
Captive care for the charming, and surprisingly speedy, Russian tortoise.
By Andrew Hermes 

Pac-Man Frog
Key care tips for Ceratophrys ornata.

Optimal Tortoise Care
Captive husbandry and breeding of the Asian painted bullfrog.
By Robert Krause

Ball Python
Key care tips for Python regius.

Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Herp’s Health
Common-sense advice for reptile owners.
By Orlando Diaz-Figueroa, DVM 

A King Among Snakes

The natural history and captive care of kingsnakes.
By Leo Spinner

Top 5 Amphibians
These amphibians swim to the head of the pack when it comes to being good pets.
By Devin Edmonds

Top 7 Turtle Health Issues
Proper husbandry will help you avoid these problems.
By Ivan Alfonso, DVM

Hog Wild
Western hognose snakes have never been so colorful.
By John Berry

A Black and White Beauty
Care tips for the Argentine black and white tegu.
By Johnny larocca

All About Anoles
Care for one of the world’s most popular lizard species.
By Phil Purser, Ph.D.

Breeder’s Choice
A showcase of exciting breeding projects.


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